This from a whistleblower who now lives in Mexico


About the planned-by-Obama influx of illegals into the U.S.:

ALL the details on the immigrants coming up

Last night Mexico did a huge newscast about all the immigrant children coming up, and that put in conjunction with what I have already been told by readers paints the entire picture, and it is UGLY.
First and foremost, there are NONE coming up from the Mexican population. If they are mexicans, they are drug lords, criminals, and adults. The child problem is being intentionally caused by white women working for NGO's (non government organizations) in the countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. These women were planted months ago to integrate into the local populations and get the trust of the children via child only venues that provide recreation, medical care and food.

These women then tell the children they can go to America and no one will stop them. They pump their heads full of dreams about America. THEN, for many of the children, buses are provided directly from these four countries. The worse their condition and attitude, the better, these women are seeking the lowest of the low educational, social, and health categories they can find and are just putting them on buses and sending them up.

Those who are not put on buses are also being brainwashed to just hop trains and come up to America and no one will stop them. There are no such projects running in Mexico, this is all being done exclusively in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. The children coming up are not Mexican, and for good reason - Mexico is actually a high class country in a high wealth category with good law enforcement, which would provide a way for all the mothers to sue and shut these non government organizations down. HOWEVER, THERE IS A FLIP SIDE TO ALL OF THIS WHICH BAFFLES THE MEXICAN MEDIA WHICH IS:

Why are the governments of the aforementioned countries doing nothing to stop this child theft, and WHY IS MEXICO NOT STOPPING THESE BUSES AND TRAINS AT THEIR SOUTHERN BORDER? Certainly they could, so now we get into the behind the scenes extrapolation no one is reporting and no one is mentioning, which HAS TO be:

This is a global conspiracy against America, with a LOT of roots and branches in America proper and HUGE payoffs are being made. The Mexican government has been bought and paid for by someone somewhere, and Mexico would NOT be cheap. This is in excess of a $100 billion dollar project to get the worst Latin America has up into the United States to destroy the nation, and there is simply no other way this can be. All five of these latin American countries HAVE TO be into this at an official level, with enormous payoffs making it all happen.

The target age appears to be all 13 - 16 year olds and WHY would that be? The answer is obvious. That is the perfect age to cause a near immediate disaster in America. These children will be programmed from day one of arriving in America to take all they can, and cast a totally ignorant vote that favors whatever the world elite wants to cause the death of America. And I would also be willing to bet that these children will be told it is OK to attack, rob and pillaige the white population - the real root of America, if they do not get the life they thought they would have in America any other way.

In concert with this, all efforts are being made to get the absolute bottom class up here, that has no education at all while posessing the ultimate entitlement mentality, which will enable whoever is running this scam to put the most incapable failure assured people onto America's streets, and cause a crime wave so huge it amounts to inviting in an enemy army to gut and wage war on the American people. The 13 - 16 age class is perfect because it is highly susceptible to manipulation, and physically large enough to do a great amount of damage now, and be absolutely devastating a few years from now.

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