DTOM is SICK in the head

He's been TOLD to stop his obsession with determining my sexual orientation and projecting his desires or whatever sick thoughts are in his sick brain onto me.


Coupled with the "Anal Cavity" remarks elsewhere I can only conclude that DTOM is really sick in the head and projecting his inner desires for a homosexual encounter or something like that, and his willful denial to acknowledge that "no means no" and "leave me the fuck alone" means harassment is happening,

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I read every post on the thread, and don't 'see where DTOM has been told anything, except by you. And therein might be the problem. Why not try ASKING him not to pick on you?

I tried to be civil with this demeaning hypocrite, and he wants to just keep calling people out, so I will play his game and simply turn it on him until he stops doing it. It doesn't matter how intellectual someone is with him. He will demean the response regardless. He is a child inside, Fred said so.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Submitted by AnonymousCoward on Tue, 2014-07-01 18:51.

Says the guy who masturbates furiously while reading all those pathetic garbage blog posts he then re-posts here as if they have any kind of credibility or truth in them. If you want to make DTOM shoot his load, all you have to do is say "Benghazi!" Mind you, it's a tiny load and he can't fire again for days, even with the boner pills, hence his frustration and why he can't write coherent posts (typing with one hand and being too angry with his dick to take time to read things does that).

I'll ask you again AcAre you GAY? just wondering, in your post here,you talk about a guy that masturbates furiously while reading. You talk about how to make another man shoot their load. You talk about how a man can't fire his load again for days. Now either you are referring to yourself, and you're possibly Gay, or your partner had these problems. Which is it?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I know, DTOM, he starts in on just about everyone on the Forum. Sadly, I've seen this type before. Many times they get so vindictive they actually lose sleep staying up all night, trying to think up new ways to screw with people, trying to come up with new names to call people, and so on. IMHO, professional help is indicated for this "person". It's a tossup I think. Between either a psychiatrist, or someone who specializes in souls that are under control by demons.

He can dish it out all day long, but when its on him he whines like that little inner child Fred was talking about. What's good for the goose B---- is good for the gander, you sniffing little pitiful sissy..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Ok will drop the C for cavity, and keep your last name COWARD. So its like this A for Anal, C for COWARD. Lets say it all together everyone in our reading voices Anal COWARD. Props to Fred, emphases on the COWARD part.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Sounds like you're meeting him half way----and it's up to HIM to stop his bullshit.

drown him in his own demeaning puke, until his head clears, then maybe we can have civil debates regardless of ideology.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

'He's been TOLD to stop his obsession with determining my sexual orientation and projecting his desires or whatever sick thoughts are in his sick brain onto me.


Coupled with the "Anal Cavity" remarks elsewhere I can only conclude that DTOM is really sick in the head and projecting his inner desires for a homosexual encounter or something like that, and his willful denial to acknowledge that "no means no" and "leave me the fuck alone" means harassment is happening,"

All this from a person who trashes almost everyone on the Forum! What I can't believe after reading this drivel, is he just outlined to everyone here, how to get his GOAT!

can't come to the logical conclusion that there is something wrong with this gay oops, I mean guy, then I don't know what to tell them. It's pretty obvious to me, I just asked if he was gay. What normal man talks about what he says in the post. There is something seriously wrong with him, when you respond to his post in kind, as in using the same language his eyes get blood shot. This one really has delusions of grandeur.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

AC wants a place of decorum here on SB but he doesn't want to be the one to follow the rules of decorum.

Maybe every time he uses a profane word, calls someone a "Teabagger", or calls Republican in or who has been in office a name, we should then all in turn ask AC if he is a homosexual.


I asked Ac if he was gay based on his post, not because of his name calling or maybe you did read the post and find nothing wrong with it, you're opinion. After all this is the guy you think is smart and have respect for. Oh, and he wants a place of decorum here. Yeah his posts clearly show that.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

If I am gay, then you guys have systematically engaged in a campaign of homophobic harassment.
If I am not gay, you're still homophobic and harassing, and probably closet cases to boot.

Either way, you all just danced to my tune AGAIN. BWAHAHAHAHHA!

I'm still pretty sure DTOM's obsession with the gay question is because he is struggling with his inner homo that wants to come out and his self-hating Republican personality that says homosexuality is a sin. Why else would he suddenly become obsessed with determining another person's sexuality so doggedly?

Hey, DTOM, stop your projection already.

So, is that your final answer?

Has anyone ever heard the theory that sometimes "no", means "yes"?

should be. We are supposed to be posting informative topics, making comments, and responding to the posts of others. I find these personal attacks to be unnecessary and distracting.

On another note, I am personally offended by questioning one's sexual orientation in such a way as to imply that there is something wrong with being gay; or that being gay would somehow negate the value of one's posts. My son is gay. His life partner and he are legally r?married. They are the parents of two adopted children, two of our four grandchildren. Our daughter is married to a man also. They have two children, our other two grandchildren. Our children and their spouses all get along well together, as do all of our gr andchildren. From personal experience, being gay is NOT a hindrance in living a good productive life. All of our children and their spouses are employed. All work hard. All are devoted parents. All of our grandchildren have no doubt that they are loved. All are well cared for. And, as a parent and grandparent, what more could I ask for?

What more could you ask for? Well, how about the Tea-Tard wing of the GOP to shut up and go away so the few remaining decent people in the GOP can get with the Dems and pass equal rights regardless of sexual orientation, so your son and his partner can have their marriage legally recognized in Ohio, get all the benefits of a legally recognized marriage, etc. etc. without having to fight the system.

Guess which group of people here are the ones that don't want that? They're the ones that vote (R) and are pushing the gay witch hunt right now and have the biggest case of cognitive dissonance known to man.

Spare me your offense.

The stuff AC has said is way worse than questioning his sexuality, of which, the stuff he spews relates directly to.

I could care less about your son or his lifestyle. You have turned a blind eye to AC's behavior because you agree with him politically then you attack those who turn the tables around on him because you're offended.

I don't care if you're offended. You can be offended all you like. Your son can be offended and I still don't care.

I still will publicly wonder if AC is gay every time he posts his fantasies about teabagging and oral sex.

Maybe you're offense should be not that someone questions his sexuality but that he gets offended when it's implied he's homosexual.


The Teabaggers named themselves. Would you like evidence?

Are you gay?


MikeyA -- Why is that germane and/or important?

Because Mikey can't get in trouble for asking such questions and coming out by doing so any more, thanks to Obama's removal of DADT.

Because Dale.

AC likes to use homosexual acts and phrases to bash others. When his sexuality is question he then acts as if a line is crossed. If he doesn't want people to ask him about his sexuality he should then avoid sex acts in his comments.

That is why it is germane.


Yup, here it is, the history of Conservatives calling themselves Teabaggers.


Once again we see Mikey and the other conservatives project their deviant behavior onto others. It's too bad they're too insecure to come out of the closet and thus have to make life miserable for everyone else.

So, ac, since when have you concluded that being gay is a form of deviant behavior?

Some more comic relief from AC, remember what your initials stand for. You take the word Hypocrisy to its highest level of meaning. Lets play your game, its called the spin. I AC project MY deviant behavior onto others, because I CAN, and YOU CAN'T. It's too bad, I AC am to insecure to come out of the closet, while posting my deviant behavior onto others

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

What about the minorities? This is the place where you should tell us all about the ethnic makeup of your friends, too. "some of my best friends are" and so on.

I support the Log Cabin Republicans, And, so does every Conservative I know. Your problem, seems to be related to running out of ex-lax. Once, I was full of "S-word", and it worked for me.

Every conservative you know, eh?


Your pool of acquaintances must be pretty small.

How large is your "pool"?

In fact, they live in Nancy Pelosi's congressional district. For some reason, our son, who was born and raised in the Toledo area, and his partner, who is from the Bronx in NYC, are much more comfortable in San Francisco than they would be living here. Go figure.

Also FYI -- The unemployment rate in the City of San Francisco was 5.5% in May of 2014, the latest month for which local data are available. San Francisco is considered to be one of the most liberal cities in the nation, and dominated by Democratic elected officials. Apparently, Democratic leadership can be quite successful!

Not that they could live here AND have their marriage recognized, of course, thanks to the bigoted conservative types that make up most of the population of this board. The same people who scream about less government in people's lives and less regulation yet VOTE FOR MORE LAWS AND REGULATION FOR "MORAL" REASONS, the fucking hypocrites.

Are you a heterosexual?

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