Corporate move

I don't know why they're searching. They should just call the Blade, ask it to identify their new location, then start packing. After all, the Blade knows what's best for everyone in virtually every situation.

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I believe The Blade could sell them a wonderful building on N. Superior.

"I don't know why they're searching."

Yes, you do. This is all part of a strategy to leverage tax breaks.

This is what many businesses do. They move to where they can get the best deal from whichever government entity is in the region where they are looking, and either local government services suffer from a lack of sufficient local revenue, common folks pay more taxes, or both.

I was being facetious, GZ. I know they'll shop around, then tell Maumee to match the best offer in order for the company to stay. My comment was directed more toward the saps on Superior Street who believe they're blessed with vision. I wouldn't be surprised to see an editorial on The Andersons in Sunday's Toledo "We're Outsourcing" Blade.

Patience is a great virtue.

You're an Empty Glass to him, but he agrees with you. Another one who has to demean. It looks like a common theme with you progressives

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

and doom vision of the future. Just read some of GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass's thoughts about where not only the U.S. economy is headed, but the economy of the world. In this respect, he is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan, who was always optimistic about the future of the nation and the world. I share Reagan's optimism.
Just ask GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass. Unless he's changed his views drastically in the past few weeks, he'll gladly tell you about how the future is bleak for all of us as our fossil fuel sources dry up and we have, in his belief, no good alternatives for energy. Ask him. You'll see for yourself.

refer to you other than DP, no, so because he states his beliefs, he is an empty glass on the subject. Now do you get it? i.e. common theme with progressives.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

You will never find an energy source as cheap and as dense and as practical as just sticking a pipe in the ground and having the fuel gush out under its own pressure.

This isn't an opinion. It's physics, and geology, and economics. Sadly, Americans can't admit that sort of stuff, so we just have to 'slouch towards No-morrah', so to speak. LOL! I love watching a civilization collapse. The primary fuel for the American culture is not petroleum but stupidity.

I love how it's illogical to CONSERVE those fossil fuels and INVEST in other sources, as if we will NEVER have a technological breakthrough.

Too bad your Republican friends did such a thorough job on making nuclear untrustworthy and unpalatable to the public, on top of pushing King Coal to keep all the ignorant hicks in the coal mines in West Virginia and voting for them.

So you're saying we should invest in the cleanest energy source we current have available nuclear power?


I never said it's illogical to conserve. I'm a fairly prudent user of energy. I live my ideals.

But no technological breakthrough can get around the hard facts of physics, geology and particularly economics. Cheap energy is just the American religion and few otherwise rational Americans will accept the realities of petroleum, then natural gas, and to some extent, coal.

Read your Kunstler and don't come back without a new understanding. Technology is not interchangeable with energy. Investing in other sources won't work. Nothing packs the total punch of petroleum, natural gas, and to some extent, coal. Nothing ever found can match the three primary factors that allow petroleum to blow every other energy source away like there's no competition:

1. Dirt cheap. There's about 10 man-years worth of labor energy in a single barrel of oil. And you get that for about a hundred bucks. Can you buy a man's labor for 10 years even in the Third World for a lousy $100? Nope. Not even close. Petroleum is about 10 times cheaper than the cheapest Human labor.

2. Energy dense. The energy density of petroleum is why we use its distillates for nearly everything... gasoline for cars, diesel for trucks and construction equipment, kerosene for airliners, and heavy fuel oil for ocean-going cargo ships.

3. Extremely practical. You can go get a gallon or a thousand gallons of any petroleum-based fuel you'd like. It stores very well. It's easily pipelined. You can drop pallets of equipment in the desert, on the tundra, or in the deep jungle, and with petroleum, you can get any work site up and running and having the workers enjoying coffee and air conditioning in a jiffy. All that is made possible by petroleum, the magic fuel without peer.

AC, have the basic Human decency to retreat in shame once you're presented with the hard facts.

See what I mean?

Hey Dale, you know what else has about the same energy density as diesel?

The human body/metabolism.

They're cheap, easily transported, etc. etc.

How about we take GZarthy here and all his TeaTard buddies and plug them into those huge battery arrays like in the Matrix where they can dream of their perfect Teatard paradise while the rest of us get some actual benefit from their fat, ignorant asses? Sound good to you?

Not as good as Soylent Green sounds to you.

Soylent Green doesn't sound good to me at all. I mean, while your mom's so fat that turning her into Soylent Green would solve all the hunger in Africa, NOBODY would eat that stank-ass bitch even if it was a 100% break-her-down-to-constituent-atoms process. No, just NO.

WOW! Can't you do better than that?

-- which is what everyone said to your dad after his one-night stand with your mom that resulted in you.

Look what the A nal C oward has to say. Remember that stands for ASSHOLE and then COWARD, and you're acting like one again.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

GZ, good summation.

I've noticed in the liberals responses to you they only mock you rather than put forward a solution or a retort. What they don't realize is they are conceding the argument to you.


GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass. We have almost limitless sources of energy available. Be an optimist like Ronald Reagan, not a doom and gloom guy like Mr. Empty Glass.

I don't know about limitless, or what kind you are referring to, but yes, we have a lot, right here in the good ole USA. Has GZ denied that?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Oh yeah!
And my words were, "...almost limitless..."

Dale if you disagree with him you should be able to disprove his theories... unless if you're argument is incorrect.


Two words: Breeder reactors.

There's your "almost limitless".


Once again you didn't disprove a thing. You should post back to GZ, outline why he is wrong and why you are right.

Not reply to me.

Additionally, it's the liberals who've prevented nuclear reactors. So... you are death to your own "solution".


Nuclear fusion.

Most of these are being used now. As just one example, Brazil, the 5th largest nation in the world in population with over 200,000,000 people, became energy independent by investing in ethanol production, and insisting that all motor vehicles have engines designed to operate using an ethanol-gasoline mix. Many vehicles have been developed which use all ethanol.
There are more hybrid electric/gasoline cars on America's roads every day. Many of those who operate hybrids seldom use the backup gas engine for days or weeks at a time! All electric cars are becoming more practical as new types of batteries can store more energy and charge ever faster.

I really do agree with Ronald Reagan. He believed with all of his heart that human beings would never be limited in what they can accomplish with continuous innovation. GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass believes humans must learn to live with less and that the very near future is bleak at best. I couldn't disagree more!
So, Mikey, do you agree with Ronnie and me, or do you agree with Mr. Empty Glass?

I believe almost what Pres. Reagan. But my faith is not in the human heart but rather the human mind.

I believe natural gas and methane pooling can significantly offset petroleum as the major energy source but it will take millions if not billions in infrastructure investment. This is what the President should have done in 2009 instead of the "shovel ready" jobs.

However, GZ is correct when he says nothing beats fossil fuels for efficency. That is just basic chemistry and physics. So, our products need to be run more efficient.

I however will NEVER take liberals seriously about climate change. Solar and Wind farms will not make a dent in the next 100 years. ONLY an investment in nuclear power will significantly curb greenhouse gases. Liberals are content to instead demagogue the issue. Don't believe me? Look no further than Paul's continued bashing of nuclear power and the disinformation he's attempted to spread on this site about it.


Methane is a good idea. We have a Forum member who already runs his car by stuffing one end of a hose in his ass, and the other into his intake manifold!

But enough about your deviant practices.

I support your energy conservation practices.

Additionally, climate change is not the biggest threat to humanity currently. That was proven with their false predictions 8 years ago about what would happen in 2015.

The biggest threat to humanity is lack of availability to fresh water.

There is currently no efficient way to desalinate water. If we could find a solution to that then humanity's survival is almost insured.

Look at the poorest countries in the world. The correlation between availablity of freshwater and economic conditions is pretty stunning. Correlation doesn't equal causation but it gives a definitive place to start for causation.


fresh water. I have been stating for decades now, that the Great Lakes area should market itself as the "Water Belt." Those who labeled the Great Lakes as part of the "Rust Belt" were successful in encouraging movers and shakers to go to the "Sun Belt" and exacerbate the natural shortages of water there. This is particularly a problem in the Southwest, where water shortages are reaching epidemic proportions. But, it is my understanding, that Florida also has a serious problem having enough fresh water. From what I have read, in much of Florida, if one digs deeply enough, one gets to salt water. Even with substantial rain, Florida has an ongoing problem having enough fresh water for irrigation and industrial use, not to mention for drinking water. And Florida's booming population hasn't helped this situation either.

This will become a major problem in the future. Remember this:

As all half-way educated people know, oil is many things: a luxury, a necessity for machinery, and so on. Water, on the other hand has life or death implications. Nobody is going to dig for it, in Florida, or anywhere else. Why should they? Suppose I move to Death Valley. I know full well there isn't any water there. I can either buy it, or demand my fair share of other peoples' water. The World thinks exactly the same about water. In the Old West, blood was shed over water rights, so there's a precedent. Desalinization plants work, but are energy inefficient. IMO the major culprit here is that there are too many people drinking from the trough.

For decades, the Southwest [desert] States have wanted to build a water pipeline from the Great Lakes to the Southwest States. Up to this time, the Great Lakes [water] States, along with our neighbors to the north, have said, emphatically, "No!"

If people want our water, it's really quite simple. All they have to do is move here! We'll be glad to supply their needs. Unless and until that happens, when they inquire about our piping them our water...Just Say, "No!"

(substitute water in place of food)

We have alternatives, we just shouldn't invest in them and neither should the government because DOOOOM.

How's that wind power working for ya. Thousands of those all over the place really reduce our footprint, don't they? How ironic the turbines have to be shut down during high winds. Now that's an investment we all should get behind, NOT. Solar wow, have you seen the costs of those, and guess what, the weather affects those to, and the pollution, whew, not good for business. Hydro Hmmm, Expensive, Droughts, Limited Reservoirs. Now would you like to lean in another direction.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Technology PROGRESSES and that WAS what America was good at until you fucking morons took charge. Now you and your TeaTard friends are destroying the schools any way you can, INCLUDING REPLACING SCIENCE WITH YOUR CREATIONIST "BECAUSE JESUS RODE DINOSAURS" BULLSHIT.

While people like YOU destroy schools just by showing up.

That's right. Makes it hard for people to get their participation awards and inflated grades when they have to re-adjust the grading curve in the OTHER direction so instead of getting 140% on everything I get 100% and you get negative 35%.

Aren't you STRETCHING things a bit?

Who is we? Destroying the schools, the ones destroying the schools are you progressive liberals. You don't allow creationism to be taught. You progressives have controlled the indoctrination of what is taught in schools for some time now. By the way, the dinosaurs became extinct before Jesus walked the earth.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Dale believes that truth is a democratic or opinion process. This is supported by how the government functions today, which Dale is a part of. When the system becomes more and more unjust and dysfunctional, the only thing it does is try to control the narrative. That means rafts of propaganda.

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