Supreme Court rules against unions extracting dues from non-members

The justices said the practice violates the First Amendment rights of nonmembers who disagree with the positions that unions take.
Check it out:

Looks like the Scotus slapped the Pen and Phone out of Obama's hand on these two decisions. Labor Relations, Hobby Lobby

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This was the better of the two decisions as it relates to personal freedom.

Not everyone will start their own corporation but everyone could at one point end up in a situation where a third party entity tries to get your job classified to something they can control through government regulation.


The next thing we'll see, is unions going after our kids allowances!

Once we finally get legal force out of the union fist, we'll see how hard it hits. Prediction: Pillow-like.

Unions should be exterminated like the vermin they really are. They're nothing but organized crime dressed up in government legitimacy.

Yeah, and what's up with all these workplace health and safety rules and regs? Get rid of them. Too expensive. Who's looking out for the corporate shareholder?

Patience is a great virtue.

Liberal Union Propaganda #1: "Unions are the only thing standing between us and the bad old days of child labor and killed workers."

Get over yourself, Don. Worker protection laws are part of American culture. Public unions have gone into steep decline and our business regulations have only grown. Unions could vanish tomorrow and the American people would continue to support worker protections.

You've got almost 6 pounds of brain, Don. Use 'em.

You'd think OSHA doesn't exist or doesn't publish any rules.


Non-union workers can thank organized labor for the creation of the Department of Labor and its offshoots OSHA and MSHA. The first Labor Secretary, by the way, was William Wilson, formerly the secretary-treasurer of the United Mine Workers of America. An argument can be made that labor unions are not as necessary as they were decades ago, but one should never disregard their lead role in improving workplace conditions or attainment of fair wages and benefits that led to that wonderful American phenomenon known as the Middle Class.

Patience is a great virtue.

Well let's see now. You recall that fertilizer plant that went BOOM! and did a good job at levelling some town in Texas last year? Would you like to tell me the last year in which OSHA inspected that plant?

That's right, you wouldn't like to tell me, because it was 1985 and you'd have to own up to OSHA not having the resources to do its job because Republicans like you won't fund OSHA or many other things and instead give tax cuts to businesses and "let them police themselves".

That worked out very well for Toledo Edison with Davis-Besse, didn't it? Good thing you don't live here and pay those exorbitant rates for electricity.

I love how you Republicans want MORE COPS, just so long as they arrest the people you don't like. Since you just love yourselves those rich "job creators", we can't have "cops" to make sure they're not making unsafe products, or make sure they're not making people work in unsafe conditions, or make sure they're not dumping the waste in the ditch out back of the plant, and especially any kind of financial police to investigate their finances and business practices, oh no.

Your implication then is that accidents don't happen in union shops. Is that what you're saying?


I neither said nor implied that and resent the very idea of your pathetic attempt to put words in my mouth.

Yes you did imply it.

It was mentioned that unions are needed to prevent child labor and unhealthy work environments. I proposed that OSHA is there to prevent that. You then proposed that OSHA is inadequate... meaning unions are needed for the the above reasons.

So if unions are there to prevent child labor and unhealthy conditions then it should stand to reason that nothing unsafe happens in union shops.


Just like the TeaTards, you specialize in using logical fallacies to attempt to further your so-called argument.

for ever failed government issue. They don't have the resources, the equipment is old, they don't have any money, its Bush's fault. Those exorbitant rates are coming, but of course your Obama will have nothing to do with that.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Why is he "my" Obama. He's YOUR president too. Respect the office, if not the man. (And if you can't, own up to your hypocrisy for all the shit you gave anyone who didn't like Bush during the Bush years, or shut up and eat the same shit you dished out, I don't care which.)

Why don't you sit on a VW and see if you can make it disappear?

Because your boyfriend did it with a Hummer, your sister did it with a panel van, and your mom did it with all eight of the massively huge oversized-load cranes that were trying to lift her fat ass onto the world's largest railroad car so they could take her down to the welfare office to collect her food stamps.

Guess what I'm thinking about now.

I don't want to know, as I said before, I am uninterested in your fantasies and fetishes and wish you would stop discussing them on this board. Though I would hazard a guess that you're thinking about suing me for slander because I underestimated the size and capacity of your mom, in which case I apologize.

Maybe you're used to pushing others here around, it doesn't work with me. I'm tired of a few things around here myself. Like being called all sorts of filthy names on all my posts. I don't discuss any personal stuff on the net, it' all of a general nature. So, you're going to have to ask me to change, and I mean ask me NICE. That shouldn't be hard(no pun intended).

Well then, for starters we didn't need to know in a general way about what you generally do on a daily basis in your general life. Mind you, I'm fairly confident that most outside observers would take issue with your general remarks as being generally homophobic and/or generally indicating you have a whole host of general mental health issues. I'm sure we're all generally sorry that you generally feel as though this is the proper forum for you to generally discuss and deal with your general issues on, but perhaps you should start by seeking out a general practitioner for a referral to the appropriate doctors and mental health specialists.

It's good that you have done your research, so as soon as you find a place of your own that's far enough from all the schools and all that so you can actually not be in violation of the sex offender laws, you can have your dream home built that looks just like where your head is.

When can I expect my finders fee?


That's like asking me to respect you. How does saying YOUR Obama lacks respect of the office? I didn't vote for him, because I did my homework on him. Also I never defended Bush, but I will say he got plenty of criticism, and it wasn't defended like it is with Obama.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

One can expect that, when 98% of the American Press defends obama, NO MATTER WHAT!

Excuse me, but News Corp is more than 2% of the "American Press", asshole.

Keep parroting those idiotic talking points.

Again, why is he MY Obama? He's YOUR President too.

No, he isn't I didn't vote for him. So THERE!

In other words, you're an America-hating seditious traitor who refuses to recognize the duly elected President of the USA.

Good to know, good to know.

because you're defending one of, if not, possibly the worse President ever, and you voted for him.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

What are you talking about? I neither defended nor voted for Dubya. You know, the guy who ignored his own party with signing statements and executive orders. The war criminal who lied us into Iraq.

6.7% ---WIPE THEM OUT!!

In the public sector, it's 35%! WOW! That's a little over one-third!

You've won GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass! Over 93% of private sector employees are NOT in unions, and nearly 2/3 of public sector employees are NOT in unions. So, if unionism creates all of our economic problems, why are we not thriving like never before?

DEAD HORSE...keep beating away, GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass.

Liberal Union Propaganda #2: "Any complaint about public unions is an attack on all unions regardless of socio-economic sector."

Public unions today are a big part of why our government is grossly expensive. They are bleeding us dry. Any fool can see this. But not hyperfools like yourself, Dale.

Of course you're not actually a fool. You talk your own book. Most loudmouthed Liberals like you have some connection to the government. You're terrified those big checks will stop coming every month. Well, they'll have to stop eventually. The system has already crashed, and what remains to happen now is a mere playing of it out, and the settling of scores. The Silent Generation will probably make it to their graves unscathed. But the Boomer Generation won't. It's gone too far for them now. The latter part will find their pensions canceled, and their homes set to the torch by the same crowds of diversity pets they lauded (while they moved away from them at every opportunity).

All this is so bloody obvious that one wonders why you let yourself get flayed open by people like me on these message boards. You can't stop me from talking, and when you do speak in opposition, your positions are quickly and easily shown to be compromised. What are you really achieving except my own goals? It's like I'm paying you (other than you raping my wallet via taxation, but I digress) to be my agent provocateur. It's a stumper, I've gotta admit.

Maybe you just like pain? Shrug.

the aka I attach to your name.
Still beating the dead horse.
Facts -- Statistics -- 2/3 of all public employees do NOT belong to a union.
Keep beating away!

The Boomer Generation did it to themselves. They had sex, drugs, rock and roll, were against unnecessary wars, marched for civil rights, etc. etc. and gave it all up in the 80s and 90s... made sure their kids and grandkids would inherit the bills they ran up trashing everything their parents and grandparents fought two World Wars for.

Fuck the Boomers. Anyone in their 30s now is going to be fucked as climate change takes hold and the sea level rises as we run out of oil and have no backup plan due to old fucks like you, GZ, shitting all over the idea of even TRYING to do anything as pointless.

Son, the Boomers are the best thing that ever happened to you.

Hope you like El Cheapo Deluxe Retirement Home.

I can survive most everywhere, son. I just adapt, improvise and overcome!

Yep by next year we're supposed to experience a 2 degree Celcius increase and a meter rise in sea level.

6months to go. Better start moving.


Unions are on their way OUT, and you're just making it harder on yourself by not accepting it.

Beat away!
Why don't you look for a different target, besides the dead horse?

Why don't they look for a different target? Well, they do have other targets, but it's generally frowned upon to beat non-white people, women, GLBT people, and living animals in public, particularly these days when many people carry cameras and Internet access around with them. They have another target they beat, but what they do to themselves at home while exchanging violent fantasies on FreeRepublic and other right-wing derp sites isn't the business of anyone else, despite their inherent hypocrisy of trying to interfere with what other people do in their own homes.

With so many celebrations and holidays in America, I'm happy that the observance of Labor Day has had staying power. We're blessed today because of our brave ancestors who took on the often-deadly task of securing basic rights for themselves and their children.

Patience is a great virtue.

But, with ever-shrinking union membership, how long will it be until serious legislation is introduced to eliminate Labor Day as a needless day off which costs businesses and governments too much money? Then, they'll start chipping away at other paid holidays. It's the Walmartization of America: NO UNIONS AT ALL, NO FRINGE BENEFITS AT ALL, FORCED "CLOCK-OUTS" WITHOUT PAY, NO PAID HOLIDAYS AT ALL & FORCED WORK ON HOLIDAYS AT REGULAR HOURLY PAY RATE, NO MINIMUM WAGE, EVERYTHING FOR THE MANAGEMENT, JUST BE HAPPY YOU HAVE A JOB!!

(It is unlikely that the Walton family would be against Medicaid and/or food stamps, because these programs subsidize so many Walmart and Sam's Club workers, and so many Walmart and Sam's Club customers!)

Certain things must change when you have too many people looking for work. The overall protections won't change, but you're going to find out that certain other things previously taken as entitlements are actually benefits which can be rescinded. For example, sick days and vacation days. Why should an employer pay you for not working? It makes no sense inasmuch as rational economics and natural laws are concerned.

Pensions are going away, since they never made any sense. Benefits should evaporate similarly. This doesn't authenticate illegal actions, like 'forcing' workers to work for free, via the clock-outs you mentioned. Workers always had recourse to the law for those.

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