Obama to Fix Immigration System: ‘On My Own, Without Congress’

Here we go again…
Check it out:

President Barack Obama used a White House Rose Garden press conference Monday to announce plans to use executive action to direct “available and appropriate” resources to the U.S. border to address the “humanitarian crisis” caused by a surge in illegals – especially unaccompanied children at the border.

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Number of immigration bills or proposals put up for a vote or on the table by the GOP: ZERO.

then complain when the POTUS tries to do anything. Heaven forbid there should be some kind of real negotiations to find bipartisan solutions to real problems. Remember, to the extremists, compromise equals surrender. Meanwhile, the children are still abandoned and a real leader, like Barack Obama, does something to address the issue. Is it the best solution? Only time will tell.
But, for Obama's detractors, if your not willing to be part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

The President refuses to put forward a plan. He's the leader of the country.

How do you work a compromise when nothing is offered?

If the President wants to solve the problem he should develop a plan, the GOP then offers the counter proposal. That is how negiotiations work.

The President actually has the upper hand in any negiotiations. He can speak with one voice, solid and resolute. He chooses not to.


He likes "leading from behind", MIKEYA.

Rather than saying "Come follow me and my example" the President is more apt to say "You go on ahead and I'll shout at you when you're doing things wrong."


comprehensive -- BIPARTISAN -- immigration reform bill, supported by the Obama Administration, in June of 2013! Apparently, Obama and the much reviled Harry Reid, had enough leadership ability to attract, not only every one of the 54 Democrats in the U.S. Senate, but ALSO 14 REPUBLICAN SENATORS as well. It is John Boehner who lacks the leadership skills to get this bill enacted into law.
And we all know what group is blocking this legislation. It is the extreme right-wingers, who see compromise as surrender. If they don't get THEIR vision passed, they prefer having no new law at all. John Boehner is a solid, rock-rib conservative. But he understands the importance of compromise in moving the nation forward. However, Boehner's hands are tied because the extremists in his own party threaten every sitting Republican Member of Congress with a bloody, expensive primary battle should they have the nerve to cross swords with the extremists on this issue. Then, Republicans have the temerity to blame Obama for lacking leadership. WHAT A JOKE!!

A leader would submit his own bill to Congress, wouldn't he?

of the Obama Administration. GEESH!

Obama = good leader.
Boehner = running away like Chicken Little. "The Tea Party's coming! The Tea Party's coming!"

you right-wingers say? "Obama's a dictator! He ignores the constitution. He's going to send armed G-men to confiscate our guns and kill us all! HELP!!"
But when it suits your purpose, you say that Obama is a weak leader.
So...which is it?

Typical male Euro tactic toward minorities and women. When women and minorities seek consensus, he or she is labeled as weak. When women and minorities take charge they are labeled as non-team players. When minorities and women are successful Euro males will claim that they were lucky or stole the idea. Minorities and women should understand that it does not matter what they do, Euro males will use their perceived entitlement and demean them regardless.

Dale, it's both. On a Monday, he says something like: I'm going to bypass Congress and do whatever I damn well please. Two days later, he refuses to visit the disaster along our southern flank, because someone might ask him what his plan is to deal with this situation, and of course he has NO IDEA what to do.

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