Lawsuit Filed in Cochran’s Voter Fraud

Conservative election integrity organization True The Vote filed suit in federal court Tuesday against Mississippi’s Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and the Mississippi Republican Party, asking a judge for an immediate injunction against them so that the election material from the state’s June 24 GOP primary runoff can be inspected.

The lawsuit comes as allegations that Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) campaign and his allies engaged in voter fraud to win last Tuesday’s runoff against conservative state Sen. Chris McDaniel. Cochran bested McDaniel by fewer than 7,000 votes but did so with an overwhelming turnout from liberal Democrats in the black community.

“All we are asking is that the MS State Republican Party follow the law; allow their designated county representatives to inspect the poll books and ballots, give them the review time they are permitted by law, and allow them to uphold their responsibility to MS voters,” True the Vote president Catherine Engelbrecht said in a statement about the suit. “True the Vote has been inundated with reports from voters across Mississippi who are outraged to see the integrity of this election being undermined so that politicos can get back to business as usual. Enough is enough.”

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Dickhead Teabagging Obstinate Moron must be really bored today judging by how he's echoing all the idiot posts from his favorite right-wing circle-jerk sites.

Swampbubbles, the exclusive home of DTOM's idiocy.

Anyone had any good Chinese food lately? I'm sick of Mexican.

It ain't much to look at but the food here is really good. And they have weekly specials for cross-party voters.

Patience is a great virtue.

It's funny how the party that's always complaining about voter fraud( Republican) is the one being accused of voter fraud.

McDaniel needs to give this up.

No one likes a sore loser.

Cochran employed a winning strategy. That strategy actually showed that voter ID laws don't deter minorities from the voting booth.

I could see this if the vote margin were in the low hundreds but McDaniel lost by a couple thousand, there's no way he'll make that up. He can't argue he's just doing it to ensure the final vote tally is just because they're asking for an injunction on the results.

I support the tea party's right to operate and I welcome the debate they bring to the party. I believe a healthy debate within the party makes the party stronger. However we now have a nominee in MS. We all need to get behind that nominee. When tea party candidates do this it hurts the party. Just accept that you lost and prepare for the next election.


In the Old South, almost everyone who voted was a Democrat because, the Republican Party was the party of Lincoln, emancipation, and the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, which most Southern whites viscerally hated. So, to keep African-Americans from voting, Southern whites used intimidation [even murder], and a one-party system to elect "Good Ol' Boys" to office and disenfranchise black voters. They came up with the primary system so that the "Good Ol' Boys" could occasionally work out their differences at the polls in primary elections and run-offs before there would be one of those nasty general elections.

In the New South, nearly all conservative whites are now Republican voters. They want to keep the Republican Primary as their own little club to select Republican candidates without involving African-Americans in the process, since most African-Americans vote for Democratic candidates, who have no chance of winning in most of the New South. McDaniel's position is that, even though Mississippi has an open primary system, where any voter may vote in either primary, and may vote in any runoff election as long as (s)he did not vote in the other party's primary, it was wrong of blacks, who mostly vote for Democrats, even if they followed all of the rules, to vote in the Republican primary. McDaniel wants to effectively disenfranchise black voters in Mississippi. If no blacks voted in the Republican primary, they would have no say in who one of their U.S. Senators would be for the next SIX YEARS, because the Democratic candidate has only a slightly greater chance of winning that election than I do. And, to top it off, McDaniel openly acknowledges that he had supporters at many polling places to "ensure the rules were followed." We've heard THAT ONE before. It's called intimidation and voter suppression. How sad is it, when you can't win an election on your ideas, can't appeal to a broad enough constituency, and turn to intimidation to try to suppress voter participation!
And, yes, Mikey, voter ID laws are a part of voter suppression in these modern times of universal voter registration. You know, I've been voting for 46 years now. I've never once looked in the voter book and had someone else falsely vote in my stead. The box next to my name is always blank before I sign, with a monitor checking my signature as I sign. Anything more IS a form of voter suppression!
My challenge to ALL Republicans, especially the conservatives, is quite simple, really. Win on the issues. Encourage voter participation. Hold rallies to get your supporters to the polls. That way, when you win, you'll know that you truly have a mandate to govern with the ideals and the specific positions you took on the important issues of the day, upon which you campaigned!


If the Republican party was out to disenfrancise black voters then how did Cochran win on black voter support? It would stand to reason that the IF the GOP wanted to suppress black voters would then attempt to prevent them from voting. It did not happen.

Voter ID is not voter suppression. SCOTUS has said so on multiple occasions. Just because you believe it is doesn't make it so.

95% of the time I've voted has been by absentee ballot, even when I lived in the area. Each time I've had to show my ID. My vote has never been suppressed. So the facts do not agree with you.


those who want to suppress the votes among the African-American community. And the Republican Party is being run in more and more states and localities by the more extreme conservatives who are active in local Tea Party and similar movements. McDaniel is the new "poster child" for their beliefs. McDaniel is the one claiming how horrible HE believes it was that black people dared to vote in the Republican Senate run-off election. McDaniel claims that he, not Cochran, should be on the ballot representing the Republican Party in November, since HE, McDaniel, not Cochran, received the majority of "real" Republican votes in the run-off election.
Once again, you're arguing with the wrong person, Mikey. Your argument here is with McDaniel and his vision of the modern Republican Party as opposed to your vision [and, perhaps, that of Rand Paul].
As far as SCOTUS rulings are concerned, this points out the importance of who is POTUS when vacancies occur on the Supreme Court. There is a clear 5-4 conservative majority on almost every issue that is partisan and comes before the court. SCOTUS rulings last as long as the makeup of the current Supreme Court, whenever that is in our history. Future SCOTUS rulings have often overturned previous rulings. Voter suppression is a long-time strategy of conservatives. Conservatives now dominate the Republican Party. Voter ID laws suppress voting. There is virtually no voter fraud in an era of universal registration. It's rational, logical, and really quite simple and transparent.

I shall read the obituaries of Scalia, Alito, and Thomas with great pleasure.

and there are those that feel the same way about some of those you stand with.. You won't get another leftwing justice, sorry. You will lose the Senate, sorry. You may lose the Presidency, sorry, take your cyanide pill now.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Why, because they slapped the Pen and Phone out of your Obama's hands.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

And here sicko DTOM is pulling a FG and making multiple replies to the same comment.

since wen is you the won makin the rools around here about poosting? Jist shet up, four wonce!

Dale, the "swing justice" is a Republican. In fact, it was the Chief Justice who cast the deciding vote that Obamacare was a tax. So there's two "Republicans" who are bipartisan on SCOTUS. Show me an opinion where the "Democrat" Justices have voted with the other side in recent years. Voter ID laws are in place in a majority of states. They work. They are not voter suppression. The Dems have not put forth one instance where an individual was denied the ability to vote who didn't have access to an ID.

McDaniel isn't attempting to suppress votes. Suppressing votes happens when the voting occurs. Once again... that didn't happen. McDaniel is trying to say there were voter irregularities. There always is in every election. He's trying to have those irregularities removed from the vote tally. Even if those irregularities are heavily in favor of Cochran and McDaniel succeeds in getting them all removed he will fall far short of the amount he needs to win.


right here in Ohio who were turned away at the polls in 2010. I'll give you one particularly pernicious example from Texas. Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Jim Wright, was denied the right to vote in 2013. I have a link to one of many articles covering the story at the time. One of the great ironies pointed out in this particular article, is that Speaker Wright was a leader in getting the 24th Amendment added to the U.S. Constitution which outlawed poll taxes. Speaker Wright, as a southern Democrat, spent most of his adult life working to INCREASE voter participation.

Mikey -- You and I have a basic disagreement. Voter fraud is illegal in every state. Since we have universal voter registration, there is virtually no voter fraud. So, the only reason to have a voter ID law is to make voting somewhat harder. I am for easier, LEGAL, voter participation. Voter ID laws make casting a ballot harder. That's the issue.

Dale, Wright wasn't "denied the right." He forfeited his right by failing to adhere to fairly simple election law in Texas. As far as "voter ID," most people call them drivers licenses. They're pretty easy to obtain, even if you're a lousy driver. Short of that, you can get a state-issued ID, complete with photo, a unique number and limited personal data, and conveniently sized to fit in a wallet. I know a lot of people who carry the latter. None of them had any difficulty obtaining them. Some of them didn't get them in order to have a hassle-free voting experience but to have a hassle-free beer-and-smokes-buying experience.

Patience is a great virtue.

DW -- With all due respect. Read the article, please.

I did. Wright didn't keep himself up to date.

Patience is a great virtue.

He had stopped driving. Even though he had a state issued driver's license WITH a photo, AND an ID from the Texas Christian University, he was denied the right to get an official state ID!! Elderly people being denied their right to vote for what purpose? Since we've had universal voter registration, and since voter fraud is a crime in every state, voter ID on election day is an unneeded burden intended to make voting more difficult.

Until very recent times, the history of this nation has been a bipartisan and nonpartisan effort to make voting more inclusive. Why the change by the modern Republican Party? Instead of concentrating their efforts on exciting and energizing their electoral base, the extreme right-wingers go after likely Democratic voters and try to intimidate them. McDaniel supporters made it clear that they would be at polling places to ensure that voters would be properly casting ballots. How many non-African-Americans had their voting challenged by these McDaniel supporters? DW, with all due respect, you may be a little young to remember those halcyon days of the Old South when blacks were intimidated constantly during voter registration days. People died trying to register black voters. Potential black voters died after registering.
Who did this? Conservative whites in the Old South. Yes, they were almost all Democrats, then. But, guess what? They and their progeny are almost all in the GOP today, but they still have the same goal. No matter what the demographics, these extremists want white people to select other white people to govern in the South, and to represent the South in the Congress of the United States. They want to do so by voter suppression, along with other more legitimate political activities. As an example, according to the 2010 census, Mississippi's minority population makes up 42% of the total population of the state. This is up from 39.5% in 2000. Assuming a high percentage of minorities vote for Democratic candidates, how else can extreme conservatives control elections, except by discouraging minority voters?
But let's forget the political argument. Voter ID is purported to be a solution for a problem that does not exist. In this era of universal voter registration and laws against voter fraud, voter fraud is almost as rare as hen's teeth! Why make voting harder?

Dale, universal registration and voter ID were both a part of the Help America Vote Act (2002) It passed with bipartisan support as you note. Yet Voter ID was an essential part of it. Additionally states have to provide other means of proving identity beyond just a driver's license. Most states accomodate this through free state ID's.

According to McDaniel he is trying to remove voter irregularities from the rolls. These occur in every election. They can be as simple as someone moved and their registration paperwork was not updated or never filed, the most common seen voting irregularity. It will fail as these make up less than 1% of the votes cast and generally occur at the same percentages of the final vote tally (meaning if it is 49-51 McDaniel/Cochran we can expect to see roughly a 49-51 voter irregularity against McDaniel) and thus not enough to change the outcome.

Once again you glossed over my example. If Voter ID is suppression then we've been suppressing people who opt to vote by absentee ballots for decades.


MIKEYA, people like this one above, know a lot of folks in the Country are too damned lazy to get up off their asses to register. Or, take a chance their photo could be linked to someone in the criminal justice departments' data base, in the "active warrants" section.

ignore facts that are easily proved. ALL VOTERS MUST BE REGISTERED. NO ONE MAY VOTE WITHOUT BEING REGISTERED! Keep up with the times, G-MAN!!

Voter fraud is REAL!

Unfortunately for the Republitards, it's their people who get busted for it!


"n the midst of his 2012 GOP primary campaign for a Massachusetts state House seat, Jack Villamaino changed the party affiliation of nearly 300 people in his town of East Longmeadow. Days later, the same number of absentee ballot requests were dropped off at the town clerk’s office, a list that was almost a “name-for-name match” for those whose registration information Villamaino had altered.

Earlier this week, Villamaino pleaded guilty to felony charges of stealing ballots and changing the party affiliation of 280 Democrats during his campaign for state representative. A judge sentenced him to a year in jail, only four months of which he'll be forced to serve behind bars."

Wow that guy makes fuckin' Stainy look like a Little League player.

First of all, since there still are, according to you, "voter irregularities," despite the fact there is voter ID, then voter ID does not eliminate "voter irregularities."
Secondly, there is a great difference between voting in person and voting via absentee ballot in an era of universal voter registration. You also imply that universal voter registration did not exist before the recent national law. In fact, almost every state, including Ohio, HAS HAD UNIVERSAL VOTER REGISTRATION for decades WITHOUT VOTER ID! When I vote in person, I am being observed by voting officials as I sign a book NEXT TO an example of my signature. If someone else were to appear at the polling place and try to sign in using my name, THAT would be FRAUD and a crime, and would lead to criminal charges against the attempted FRAUD. In stark contrast, "voting irregularities" are mostly honest mistakes and seldom, if ever, lead to criminal charges.
Finally, it is the McDaniel people who introduced race into the debate by having "observers" try to intimidate mostly, if not exclusively, African-American voters. By doing so, the McDaniel forces raised the specter of the images us old folks remember well, of white conservatives in the South intimidating blacks in their decades-old attempt to keep elections under control of the "good ol' boys."
Mikey, you can rationalize your untenable position on this issue all you like, but it is a certainty that voter ID is a cure for a "disease" that does not exist. In addition, there really is no doubt that the voter ID movement is part of an organized system of voter suppression used repeatedly in every election since the 1950s by one side of the political spectrum only. WHY??

Dale, you've made several claims in this post.

Voting is voting regardless how it happens. There is no difference in voting via absentee vice voting in person, the ballot is the same, they should be held to the same standard and the standard for absentee voting is proving your identity. I submit my signature with my absentee ballot too, it's when I request the absentee ballot that I have to show an ID, not when I vote. And in Ohio your voter registration only lasts for a cycle or two if you don't keep voting, then you must re-register.

You are correct that most voter irregularities are honest mistakes in most cases. That is why they go onto the election boards and eventually a judge when challenged. Most are held up. Only those that cannot be verified are not allowed. It is not voter intimidation as you suggest because the voters have already voted.

My position is not untenable. SCOTUS agrees with me. Voter ID is not illegal provided people have access to multiple forms of ID that meet the requirement. Most people have access to a gas bill, water bill, or driver's license, If not they can obtain a free ID from the state by showing their birth certificate. BTW in Ohio, anyone can get anyone elses birth certificate by paying $20, I found that out in March.


If someone lives in a situation where they have no bills (including the famous TeaTard recluse living in a shack in the backwoods, off the grid), they should have their birth certificate handy, or be able to run and get it?

You do know you have many nutjobs on your TeaTarded side who REFUSE to get ID cards because "MARRRRRRRRK OF SAAATAANNNNNNNNNN" or some insane religious nutjob shit like that. Hell I am about to start the disinformation campaign on how all IDs and bills secretly contain the Mark of the Beast and encode all sorts of data into the account#, codes, etc. on them plus the cameras at government office buildings and polling places can optically read that and log you with the NSA and track you as well as the cops' license plate readers. Good luck trying to tell your crazy Uncle TeaTard that it's all made up and that he really should vote in November! The minute he puts in for absentee or goes to the polling place he gets logged on the FEMA death camp detainee list etc. etc.

It takes 3 weeks (at most, it took a week and a half to get my 2nd copy) to get a new birth certificate mailed to you. You can order it online.

If I am trying to help an elderly person vote I can do it for them, they don't have to be the ones to order it. It costs $21.50 for something that EVERYONE should already have.


Requiring someone to pay for something to vote is a POLL TAX. Those are illegal.

No it's not. One needs a birth certificate for many things in our society.

You should already own one. If it's lost it's easy to obtain a new one.


Yeah? You and your TeaTard Birthers would deny that the new electronic format is invalid and a fake and demand the long-form original. Particularly if the owner is black.

How about you go fuck yourself with your disenfranchisement attempts and racism?

All that and you still couldn't prove disenfranchisement.


I'll bet the box next to your name is blank all the time, after reading your post, Dale.

The Mississippi election reminds me of my days in Southern West Virginia. When politicians wanted to "get out the vote," they had campaign workers distribute small bottles of whiskey to key demographic groups. I hope the crossover black voters in the Magnolia State got a little sumpin sumpin for their efforts.

Patience is a great virtue.

Maybe a pint of "rose"?

How are voter IDs a problem, unless getting off your dead ass to get a picture taken is "work"?

"ALL VOTERS MUST BE REGISTERED. NO ONE MAY VOTE WITHOUT BEING REGISTERED!". So, how is this voter intimidation? I don't have a problem with showing a picture id. A few short years ago, Bill Clinton(d-Ark) proposed a national id card. It was one of the few times I supported him, on anything. It's time that proposal is re-visited.

a flaming heterosexual calling us names. He should take a large chug of mineral oil, and lube things up a bit.

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