Good idea here:
Let the people in this area help. And this time, we butt out!

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Let those in the region take primary responsibility for the good order of that region. The U.S. role should be secondary. Unfortunately, I see no place for moderates here.
Extremists on both sides naturally tend to dominate when the different parties decide that violence is the answer to their problems. IMHO -- Violence begets more violence and sets a tone for even more violence in the future. Nobody wins in these situations.

If the past in this area of the world is any indication of what is to come, maybe in a few more decades...or a few more centuries...real peace? Maybe?

If the last 2500 years is any indication, peace will only happen when they've all killed each other.

The Romans didn't help matters by invading and occupying the Middle East. Christ, they even killed Jesus. I guess the empire was antiquity's foreshadowing of George W.'s administration.

Patience is a great virtue.

"Christ, they even killed Jesus."

Christ is well aware of that incident.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I guess the Russians are joining the coalition.

Good! I say let them suffer like we have. And this time, let the Europeans pony up with THEIR BLOOD and TREASURE as well.

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