could this be the place?


Okay--so this is not an important subject, but I posted a week ago about trying to find out the name of a Toledo-area reception hall (no longer in business) that used to have a gazebo outside with peacocks roaming around.

Someone suggested the name of the hall was Berman's. I think that may be it. Does anyone have memories of where Berman's was? A description of the hall and its surroundings?

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Wish I could help, Galt, but I'm at a loss. I was going to guess Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids but I'm sure that's not it. The only place with roaming peacocks that I remember is the Toledo Zoo from way, way back. You might want to try the Local History Department at Main Library. They'd probably be happy to do a search for you.

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I was there many years ago and it seems to me that it was in Oregon, Ohio. They had great food. Also they had square dancing one night during the week.


Thanks for the information. I think it was in Oregon--I remember there weren't a lot of buildings near it.

I'll try the Library suggestion, too.


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