Republicans vote for new chairman at special meeting

Republicans Vote for New Chairman at Special Meeting
Dave Kissinger elected Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party

MAUMEE – In an unexpected turn of events the Lucas County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC) met for a second time in a week to elect a new Chairman. In a remarkable display of civility and openness the LCRCC gathered at the Maumee Senior Center on Wednesday night to elect party leadership.

Order, civility, vision and leadership were the themes at the special meeting of Lucas County Republicans. “We need to restore order to our party. We need to restore civility to our party. We need to restore vision to our party. We need to restore leadership to our party.” Dave Kissinger said in a speech to the assembled Republicans. “For far too long we have been divided. Tonight is the beginning of a new day for Lucas County and the Lucas County Republican Party.” Kissinger said.

“We are not the Tea Party faction, the Stainbrook faction or any other faction. We are the Lucas County Republican Party and we have a responsibility to our cities, our villages, our townships and our county to lead.” Kissinger continued. “We have an important election year ahead of us and it will take each and every one of us working together. Governor Kasich, and the entire statewide Republican team need our support to bring home a victory in November and with your help Lucas County will lead the way.”

Dave Kissinger
is a Regional Vice President for a healthcare information technology company. He is a Navy veteran and has worked in healthcare for over two decades. Dave has tirelessly supporting Republicans for local, state and national office, having assisted prior Senator Mark Wagoner, Representative Barbara Sears, Toledo Councilman Rob Ludeman, Toledo Councilman Tom Winewski, Maumee Mayor Rich Carr, prior Representative Lynn Olman, and many others. In 2012 he ran to represent the 46th Ohio House District against Matt Szollosi.

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From The Blah:

"Mr. Stainbrook said the group does not meet the requirements of the state law because the meeting can only be called by the outgoing chairman of the central committee, and because the official reorganization meeting was held last Wednesday after legal notices were posted. A notice for tonight’‍s rival meeting was posted at the Lucas County Board of Elections on Friday, but was taken down either Tuesday or today."


My latest theory: Lucas County Republicans own massive stocks in popcorn and other salty snacks makers as well as soda and beer companies and are profiting madly from independents and Democrats sitting back with said foods and munching away as they laugh their asses off at the complete and utter clownshoes antics of the Lucas County Republican Party.

Here comes the lawsuitin' over which LCRP is the actual legal and valid one... AGAIN!!!

I propose that the divide will persist as long as the "Lucas County Republican Party" by name continues to be the "Perrysburg/Maumee Republican Party" by practice.

Those crazy guys still don't seem to understand that we right-leaners and fiscal conservatives are fairly pissed off at being left to fend for ourselves under the yoke or heel of Toledo's Liberal majority. So we won't join them.

My counter-proposal is this: Move back into Toledo and then we'll talk. We have cheap housing, which you'd think a fiscal conservative would want.

Cor, mate, dat's David Tennet, innit?

That's what I thought too! We dumped the sattilite so we're waiting for the Dr. on Netflix.

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