Lucas County GOP BOE candidates unqualified and part of the problem

This was sent to me via e-mail:

Below is an open letter I have sent to Secretary of State Jon Husted and members of the State wide press core asking for him to deny the proposed unqualified Board of Elections candidates sent to him by recently fired Board of Elections member and Republican Establishment Faction Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook.

Please read the below letter and if you have any questions please contact me via the listed means below.


Dear Secretary of State Jon Husted

Yesterday the mess that is the Jon Stainbrook controlled Lucas County Republican Party selected two completely unqualified candidates to fill in the seats you just fired, Mr.Stainbrook himself from as well as fellow board member Anthony Degido.

Prior to the removal of Mr.Stainbrook and the two other board members you called the Lucas County Board of Elections a “culture of dysfunction” and said it “must come to an end once and for all,”. In addition you said you would appoint no one linked to “the problems of the past” to fill empty Board of Election seats.

With those statements prefaced let me say you were correct, the old B.O.E. had a very obvious “culture of dysfunction” mainly perpetuated by Republican board member Jon Stainbrook as well as his right hand woman Megan Gallagher while she sat as Director of the BOE which you said “must come to an end once and for all,”. The problem with the candidates nominated is they are not just linked to the “the problems of the past” but they helped to create them.

Ben Roberts was Director of the Lucas County Board of Elections for five months in 2011 and in that time logged 66 hours. Ben resigned according to an article in the Toledo Blade because ‘of what he called an inability to change the “caustic environment” of that office.’ It’s hard to imagine why he was unable to change the office but one could only be lead to guess it could have something to do with him coming into work less than 10%of the time. In every single company I’ve ever worked I would have gotten fired before I had the chance to resign with that kind of work attendance. Ben has a clear connection with Stainbrook with his time as a Republican Director of the BOE and as a hired parliamentarian for the Lucas County Republican Party under the Stainbrook regime.

Kelly Bensman has long been a hang around of the party under Jon Stainbrook’s directions and worker at the Board of Elections. She helped file an ethic claim with Meghan Gallagher against Anthony Degido so he could not vote to have Meghan fired and thus prolonging Ms.Gallagher’s widely accepted non-productive time in office. Kelly is clearly connected with Jon Stainbrook by her time within the party and her time within obviously similar circles.

Saying either of Stainbrook’s proposed candidates are not connected to him would be like suggesting a marionette not be connected to its puppet master. For Mr.Stainbrook to suggest these candidates after you expressly told him not to bring you someone connected to the Lucas County BOE’s problems is naïve and downright insulting to all involved’s intelligence. Google is a simple tool to use and it links both proposed candidates to Jon Stainbrook and the mess he has created in my home county’s board of elections.

Mr.Husted I am asking for you to please side on the right side of history and deny these proposed candidates for the Republican Board of Election Member Seats. As a fellow Republican you and I can agree Jon Stainbrook has made a fool out of the Republican Party on the local level, state wide level and every four years on the national level. Mr.Stainbrook has shown himself incompetent to be a board of election member, party chairman and even to follow simple instructions to find qualified candidates. With this being said I am asking you to please forego asking Mr.Stainbrook to find another batch of unfit candidates and please take matters into your own hands and appoint two qualified Republicans from this area yourself.

I thank you in advance for what I am assured will be your actions and thank you on behalf of not just myself and the liberty movement in Toledo but all of Toledo for helping to restore our city’s election process.

In Liberty

-Ron Johns

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reinforces my opinion that YOU should be the Republican alternative to "The Stain." You seem to be so invested in this cause? Why not lead it?
(BTW-- the past tense and past participle of "lead" is "led.")

out of that post? Chris still gets an A. Why do you waste you're time being the language police for Swampbubbles? go get a teaching job.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I only made an editorial comment about what Chris wrote. It was NOT a criticism.
An "A" for Chris's statement to Mr. Husted is more than warranted.

Dale, the letter's sign-off indicates it was written by Ron Johns. Whoever wrote it had different spellings for Gallagher's first name. BTW, don't use a question mark after your declarative sentence regarding Chris' investment in the cause.

Patience is a great virtue.

Sorry for the incorrect usage of the question mark. I never claimed to be "Mr. Grammar."

Ron Johns - I copied and pasted it. Dale, always welcome your comments even if I did not make them :)

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