It is almost 48 hrs, I won't remove link, here is my response to Craig at Consumer Health Digest

Hi Craig,

I will not remove the links. It is almost 48 hrs and I want to be sure you can contact me once you file your suit. To be clear, the links you refer to in your e-mail were published by spammers. The person who paid them sounds like a pretty bad person, quite slimy and I am sure that a trial can help find out who really did it through the discovery process.

I was sued before for another reason, so I have experience in the courts and a legal team who are familiar with my site. I will be happy to send you their contact information.

Since I did not post the link, I wanted to make sure that you had a real reason to file suit against me. I decided to make today link to Consumer Health Digest day:

We have had fun informing our users of your content and linking to your two sites t and

Regardless, I am in Lucas County, Ohio and let me know when you do file.


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