GOP appointee to Board of Elections has her own "interesting" past

Is there no end to the questionable characters that Jon Stainbrook knows? Apparently not.

Tonight Jon and his crew of unsavory followers selected Kelly Bensman as one of the two GOP appointees to the Lucas County Board of Elections. She's got a history with the BOE--and it's not exemplary.

Back in 2007 when Stainbrook was plotting his takeover of the Lucas County GOP, his "endorsed" candidate in District 2 was Joe Kidd. Well, reports surfaced that Kidd was living in Detroit (The Blade even featured a photo of Stainbrook visiting Kidd at his Detroit apartment in a 2006 article One might think that would negate his ability to be elected to the GOP Central Committee in Lucas County, but not when you're friends with Stainbrook. It seems that Kidd gave a Fullington Road address, which so happened to be Bensman's home.

It gets even more interesting (see link at end of this post), but does someone who apparently allowed her address to be used to qualify a non-resident as a candidate sound like it's improving the culture of the BOE?

So, we'll be getting more of the same at the BOE.

P.S. As another indication of Stainbrook's incompetence, click on the Lucas County GOP website As of 10 p.m., June 18, the only item on the home page is still a notice about the June 11 Central Committee meeting. I guess it just reinforces that under Stainbrook--there's not much going on at the local GOP.

Link referred to earlier in this posting:

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