Craig Schwartz of says he may sue if I don't remove links to his site


My name is Craig Schwartz and I am duly authorized to act on behalf of The purpose of writing this mail is to get few of the links removed from your website which are pointing to These links are not created by us and we do not have any idea about it.

In addition, Taking Google's latest updates into account, my links on your website will also affect search engine visibility and online reputation of both of us.

Hence, you are requested to remove those links in good faith which are posted on your website without permission/notification of

Below are the links I have referring to -

I would really appreciate your help in removing links mentioned above to safeguard reputation of both of us.

Please let me know in case you have any queries or questions regarding the same.

Below is my contact info -

Name - Craig Schwartz
Email ID -
Skype ID - craig.b.schwartz.

P.S.:- If those links are not removed in good faith within 48 hours, I will be forced to file legal court-case to recover possible cost of copyright infringement.

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Good luck. We both know that you won't win.

The wording seems like the come on you get from Uganda bankers

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Good point fred.

I would go to the site and email the site admin.

Removing the links won't hurt anybody but this could be someone posing as the site admin trying to stop them from directing traffic to their site.


In addition to which, most of the health AND political sites I visit... ENCOURAGE readers to link to their sites. Good for business and free advertising.

But yes - the wording gives this away as a screamingly obvious troll, having fun at Chris's expense.

Even the lowest-info computer user should know that linking to a public site on the internet has no affect on search engines, google, bing, or others.

I was 2 sentences in when I knew this was a troll.

that it is automated because the post they reference is complaining about their first request, but I will reply to the e-mail in 48 hrs and ask them when I can expect the lawsuit. The thing is, they paid spammers to post here and now they are acting all high and mighty that they are a victim. Pretty slimy thing to do.

Mr Schwartz doesn't know about the legality of linking on the web:

If he did, he wouldn't have bothered sending out that notice.

YOU think this so-called "Schwartz" guy is for real? Any legit magazine that feels they are being infringed on by fakers - GETS THE INFRINGING AND/OR FAKE WEBSITE TAKEN DOWN - EASILY AND LEGALLY..

(Oh good grief, I actually have to explain this to anyone). It's like the poster who posts here as "Don Wert" ISN'T THE REAL DON WERT, who is alive and well and living in Pennsylvania. Not only that - how would an agent of a national mag EVEN KNOW that swampbubbles exists - a small local blog????

If he had said his name was Chuck U. Farley, I would have been better clued in. LOL!

I suspect that Don Wert guy tipped them off. A snake in the grass, he is. I'm surprised Chris still allows Wert to use this site as a launching pad for hacking into people's personal accounts. Aiding and abetting, I call it.

Patience is a great virtue.


Don, you are not the real Don Wert. How can you keep posting as Don Wert? Don't you know you cannot put anything on the internets that is not true?


Contact the NSA about this covert attempt of hacking by some of these "crackers".

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

DonWert and this is the same DonWert. You did not lie to me Don did you? Also please stop with the hacking talk. We don't need to open that can of worms again and please stop reporting me. Just because you retired from the diamonds does not mean you can go tattling to t whenever we link there.

There are some entertaining stories of Craig and his threats.

Craig Schwartz is a busy. guy.

Aside from he also runs and with both was spamming blog posts. Now they got called out and threatened by Google and they are in turn threatening to have.

So the woes of and now need to be brought here?

I'd recommend anyone to visit he also runs and consult the admin there to tell you how you feel.

I am in no part affiliated with he also runs and am just a concerned consumer.


Google put them in the black box and since they have a record of every site with a comment post Craig Schwartz of and can go around thinking people will be scared of his letters. Well let's act like many countries in the world act when they get a letter from the UN about bad behavior - ignore it!

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