Congressional Candidate Richard May's Campaign Suspends Lucas County Activities After Violent GOP Meeting

The Richard May for Congress campaign has suspended all activities and appearances within Lucas County in reaction to the disturbing events of last Wednesday, June 11. That evening the Republican Party of Lucas County gathered to organize itself after a bitterly contested primary to elect its Chairman and leadership. In the course of that meeting physical confrontations ensued between security controlled by the re-elected Lucas County Republican Chairman Jon Stainbrook and his opponents supporting local liberty activist Bill Delaney for chair.

The resulting pictures and video of hired security removing, pushing and confronting adults almost twice their age and young adults are disturbing. It is clear though that, those opposed to Stainbrook were not totally blameless, which chairman candidate Bill Delaney even admits.

The physical confrontations and acts of uncivility are embarrassing to Toledo, the Republican Party, and the conservative movement as the Toledo media reported. I condemn these thug tactics as the Republican nominee for congress in the ninth district, which includes much of Lucas County, and as a 17-year Republican Party leader in the city of Cleveland.

This campaign will cease all activity in Lucas County until August 15, including fundraising initiatives. I call on the civic leadership of Toledo to become involved to fix this toxic situation that reflects poorly on Toledo. I call on the Ohio Republican Party, our Republican statewide officeholders, and our various statewide conservative issue leaders to become involved to ease tensions between our friends in Lucas County. I call on all people to do their part to demand civil discourse without threats of violence.

The events of June 11th harmed all Republican candidates in the Toledo area. There will be no reward for us after this fiasco. Let it be clear, civility in our party is just even more important than my election to congress. Civility is of the utmost importance to us in our ability to elect Republicans in 2014 and 2016. Civility of the Republican Party in Lucas County is important to the reputation of the Toledo region.

I enjoyed the support of both sides in this conflict in my primary victory last month. Despite that I will not be an enabler to the actions of June 11. I am glad that the Chairman's opponents have been organizing on their own to support, fund and recruit candidates. This is a productive step to both sides competing peacefully.

To end I wanted to clearly point out that this is a major difference between I and my liberal incumbent opponent Marcy Kaptur. When I notice wrong doing by my party or within my party I speak up however Marcy Kaptur just goes along to get along. Marcy Kaptur has jumped ship on auditing the federal reserve as soon as the controllers of her vote Barack Obama and Harry Reid told her to switch. Marcy Kaptur switched her position on education from wanting it at a local level by being against No Child Left Behind then being for Common Core. Finally Marcy claimed to be for the people of the district I wish to represent's healthcare but then showed she was against it as soon as Barack Obama told her to fall in line for his broken healthcare scam.

I promise as congressman of Ohio's 9th district I will not bow down to the president or even leadership of my own party but instead stand up for the people I will represent by doing the right thing.

Richard May.

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There's only one way to fix this.

Get Stainbrook out of the picture.

Until that happens, there's nothing to talk about.

1) Sending this off to all those political lie tracking websites, just in case he goes back on his word, so he can properly be attacked on it. "This campaign will cease all activity in Lucas County until August 15, including fundraising initiatives." (that also obviously means airing any ads in the county, so no TV ads! YES!)


Oh my look at AC, stealing the copywrited material of others.


In with his cartoons, and infringements at these opportunities while failing to see he is on the side of the Most Corrupt President and Administration Ever. What an effing joke. Obama knows nothing about nothing, until he reads it in the newspaper. Now he says he didn't know this insurgency in IRAQ would happen. What a LIAR. This President is either incompetent, or gave the go ahead to every corrupt dept. head in government to do what they have done, i.e. scandals, which still makes him accountable.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I'm sorry but you're wrong. Laughing at the GOP infighting is NOT endorsing or supporting Obama. If you think it is then you are a brainwashed Republican asslicker.

Check the URLs, they are hotlinks not copies. Feel free to apologize or shut up.

Quit trolling or I'll tell Chris on you!


Laughing my ass off or otherwise expressing my amusement at the pathetic state of the local and area GOP isn't trolling. If I wanted to troll I'd pull a DTOM and post unsourced crap from some shitty blog that is blatantly untrue and inflammatory to get a reaction from you.

Stop your reverse trolling.

A URL displayed only in the image source is not citing.

Consult a professor, they will tell you the same thing. So since you did essentially the same thing as DTOM and you called it trolling then you too are guilty of..... trolling.


Prove it.

Also, butthurt much?

You're fucking pathetic. Your party can't get its shit together, your candidate suspends campaign activities because your local Party is corrupt as hell, and all your pathetic butthurt ass can do is hurl stones at and whine about everyone making fun of your predicament because you're completely impotent when it comes to fixing that which YOU HAVE DIRECT CONTROL OVER, namely, the make-up of the local GOP.

Perhaps you should shut the fuck up, soldier boy, and start filing some lawsuits or organize your own Lucas County GOP body or have a strategy meeting or two or ANYTHING other than your pissy bitching about The Stain and your attacks on me for pointing and laughing at you and your ineptitude. Or are you serial Obama-haters unable to outdo him in "community organizing"? ROFL!

You don't even realize how your dude just put up a giant flashing sign pointing at your party dysfunction with his decision to suspend his campaign in Lucas County. I expect some of those LLLLLibby lib libs at MSNBC or The Daily Show to come calling shortly to investigate and point at the LCRP as a case of chronic GOP dysfunction and infighting and how truly fucked your side is. It's great sitting here and watching your little temper tantrums. Keep on fucking that chicken!

Pathetic and butthurt, I'd say those are two words that describe you.

All I've done is followed your tactics to a t and you are spouting profanities at me as I sit here calmly smiling.


Meanwhile, your house is falling down all around you, Mr. Republican.

Also, I don't think you get it, Mikey.

Republican infighting = I win.
Teabaggers take over and cause moderates/independents to dislike the GOP = I win.
GOP schisms into two or more parties = I win.
Republicans keep being hypocrites in the Internet Era where they can be called on it easily = I win.
DTOM and FG keep stinking the place up = I win.

Please keep on being stupid, infighting hypocrites, Conservatives!

No it's not. It's hurting Toledo. I don't live or vote in Toledo.

Plus I rarely get involved in the interworkings of the LCRP. I only am aware of/ follow it because I have relatives and friends who are active in the LCRP.


posting a link is not un- sourced, Knuckle Head.. We all troll in the sense of its meaning, one time or another, or more often. So, WHOEVER doesn't like it, too bad, don't effing respond to it.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

This man's writing is atrocious. I can understand why it's difficult to get professional and articulate people to run against Kaptur (since it's a losing cause), but I think it would be better for Republicans to not even put up a candidate then to have a person who doesn't have a handle on the language (we typically leave that honor to Democrats).

The only hope to get Kaptur out-of-office is to get a minority candidate from Cleveland to run against her in the primary.

Richard May's temporary suspension of fundraising here smells of a publicity stunt, a no-cost attempt to get some ink and name recognition. If he thought he really had a chance of raising serious campaign cash in the heart of Marcyland, not even partisans blowing each other away with shotguns at a local GOP meeting would stop him from begging for donations in Toledo and the suburbs.

Patience is a great virtue.

As I was saying, a play for publicity and increased name recognition. Hope May is happy with the results.

Patience is a great virtue.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

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