the blade offers lame and tired "solutions" to Toledo blight

In its series on blight in Toledo, The Blade offered up such solutions as encouraging more downtown residential opportunities--wow, we've never tried that. Clueless.

If The Blade can come up with a list of solutions, we all might as well give it a try. Here are my suggestions:

1. Turn the blighted areas and known gang territories into police states. Assign a cop to every 4 blocks in the deteriorating neighborhoods. Arrest thugs for every reason you can come up with--jaywalking, littering, etc. Blight occurs because either the people who own the houses don't keep them up or the people who would keep them up have moved because they don't want to live among the crime and the losers who commit the crime. You have to make it uncomfortable enough for the thugs to motivate them to move out.

2. How do you afford to employ the needed police suggested in #1? Privatize all city and county services. When government workers' contracts expire, don't renew them. Hire private companies for everything. This eliminates many direct costs like health insurance, vacation/sick time, and retirement benefits.

3. Cut the City sales tax and business taxes in half. This encourages people to make purchases in Toledo and for businesses to set-up within the City.

4. Don't open a City pool or pay for a new mural (and other asinine outflows of cash) until every abandoned house is torn down. It's silly that we even have to mention this.

5. Stop paying a salary to the mayor and city councilmen. Until (if) Toledo starts to bounce back, these officials should be serving in their capacities as their civic duty. Collins is a double-dipper anyways.

Assuming that none of these solutions will ever be implemented, the blight will spread until there won't be a decent or safe neighborhood left within the City limits.

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Pave over everything, make it free parking. Toledo was screwed the day they didn't build that casino downtown, where actual growth may have occurred.

The casino did nothing for the surrounding area it's in now. A friend of mine pointed it out to me, since I just didn't understand: A casino today doesn't want you leaving the premises unless it's to go home. They have everything you'd want under one roof... gambling, entertainment, eating.

So, stop blaming the casino or its placement or the position of Mars in the sky or whatever. There's no possible growth for Toledo's downtown. Growth is over. We no longer have the economy for it, and we'll never ever have the cheap energy sources again that fueled the previous generations of growth. Toledoans will have to do less with less. Anyone who plans for growth will have their heads handed to them. Politicians probably know this, since they use scare tactics to keep us sheep paying the taxes that keep them in their caviar.

That's in part because its in a terrible place, but the casino has done one thing for wood county, large increase in hotel revenues for Rossford.

But in the other areas where the casinos were built actually in areas with actual growth opportunities there's been outlying growth and expansion. The day the city let the casino not be built by the stadium/convention center was the beginning of the end for downtown. There is nothing there, its a ghost town if there isn't a mud hens game or concert. Compare toledo to Akron? Why is Akron's downtown in a million times better shape than Toledo? Akron's economy is just as bad as toledos and they still manage to keep their down town, and other areas from being jokes

OK, I don't know about the hotel revenue. I'll remember that.

As for the rest, all I can clearly say is twofold:

1. The government has no business dictating or influencing which businesses survive and which do not. It also has no business acting like a business. Government doesn't need to show a profit. By leaning on one industry or another, it brings that same lack of care, meaning businesses start running the same way, and that hurts society in the broadest way. Witness GM if you've any doubts.

2. Not everyone can "win". There must always be losers. Toledo is a loser. Accept it. Move on, seeing to your own needs and the needs of your family and friends. Nobody else needs to be supported, and that's how it always should have been. Enlightened self interest with minimal government was always the best way to arrange an industrialized nation.

Did they not look into using a part human cyborg to clean up the streets aka the Robocop Initiative?


Several years ago I tried to buy the house behind me at auction: I had the highest bid they turn me down.Now the house sits with the roof falling on to my property still empty. Recently in a chance meeting with the realtor he offered to sell it to me. I told him I wouldn't give him a dollar for it now.

Realtors and developers and their lackeys, the politicians, would much rather let a large percentage of the housing stock collapse into ruin, instead of letting people make modest 'profits' (or gainful labor) from property-by-property recovery efforts.

Make no mistake, property recovery is a monopoly of the property classes: By generation, the Silent and Boomer generations. By profession, the realtors and developers and by indirection the bankers. By politics, the politicians and bankers. But you're not part of the monopoly. Each year a property sits there, unwinnable via bid, collapsing in on itself, while city rules forbid your sensible but low-order approach to renovation, is yet another example of their power over us all.

So today, you wouldn't even give $1 for the property in question, is because the property mafia let it flip from asset to liability. Soon enough the property will then flip into the hands of the $8000-cost demolition team, which is part of the political faction of the mafia. So you're still going to be charged for the property, which is even more enraging.

I've done the math, sadly and unsurprisingly. The City of Toledo runs an $8000 direct expense per property that's demolished. Assuming 140K households for Toledo, and about 20% that's not paying their share of the property tax since they're under some form of abatement, then the CoT can market the proposal to the public that for a measly $10/yr addition to your tax bill, they can demo 100 more houses in Toledo. That's how they'll get us. It's very easy to scare people that way, to accept the next marginal tax hike. And it's even easier to steal money that way, since as a culture, perhaps biologically, instead of taking the effort of stealing $1 million from one person, you just steal $1 each from a million people. Taxation!

Sadly you are more correct on this in Lucas County than probably anywhere else in the country.


of crooks, trickles down from the top. The Blight didn't just appear overnight. Money mismanaged as usual. Now Ford wants to create a Blight Authority, to get the lack of Blight taken care of . Really? Can you say we need a levy to replace the possible lost of revenue from the Red Light Camera fund. Clean the shit up, you don't need another effing Authority or levy.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Demolish every abandoned house. Haul away the debris. Then declare every remaining empty lot a free-use dog park.

Patience is a great virtue.

If they did just the first two you suggest then the Carty idea of bike paths would make sense for once.

By reducing the supply of homes in Toledo it also would increase the demand, of which there currently is little. When I was home I got to speak to a friend of mine who is a realtor in the area. He said the area is/has recovered form the market but Toledo itself has not.


Can you say Detroit. Oh! Ford wants to have the city's director of inspection fired. Why, so he can get Carty into the position.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

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