Time to leave the losers behind

Jon Stainbrook is a sleazeball. Like Carty Finkbeiner, he's never had a real job in his life, but has oozed his way into political positions that have provided him with something that he had never previously had--a regular paycheck.

So when honest people like John McAvoy attend this week's Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee elections with the hope of seeing a group of representatives whose votes hadn't been procured by Stainbrook with the promise a free beer--the disappointment must have been excruciating.

Stainbrook's opponents gave it their best shot, but when you're working against a guy with the ethical standards of a snake oil salesman--the odds are against you. I think it's time that we lay a wreath on the LCRP and don't spend another minute or dime trying to change it.

For everyone who believes in small government, decreased taxes, and basic freedoms, it's time to leave Stainbrook in the dust and join with like-minded people to take on the solutions to the numerous issues facing Lucas County. A good place to start and get ideas on the actions you can take to get involved is at Toledoteaparty.com.

Stainbrook is a loser in every sense of the word.

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Never mind, people don't actually try anything

Good, good, schism the GOP, form a brand new political party (which the GOP is trying to make legally harder in Ohio to keep the Tea-Tards under control).

Stainbrook is far better than Delaney will ever be. I wouldn't vote for Delaney for dog catcher.


I'm not being facetious--I would be interested in knowing why you don't care for Delaney.

Perhaps because Delaney stands for the right of people to use legal products on private property. Can't have that.

Patience is a great virtue.

LOLZ! But it's too early for eating popcorn!

Exactly. The people voted to make restaurants and bars smoke free and he keeps pushuing it.


not--- To the democracy for which it stands

Look up the difference. You idiots are getting stupid now.

Sherry, let's start a statewide petition to place on the ballot a proposal to ban the sale and/or consumption of alcoholic drinks in bars, restaurants, lounges, backyard barbecues, etc. I'm certain we would win the popular vote. After all, cigarettes and cigars have never been cited as factors in drunk driving fatalities and maimings.

Patience is a great virtue.

Sure right after we start the one to ban all stupid people from the internet and I get to decide who is stupid.

Have you been living under a rock, or what? Stainbrook is better than Delaney at being an incompetent (so called) leader.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

this fact. After viewing several sites, it is a certainty that smoking alone prematurely kills well over 1000 Americans each day! The CDC estimates that about 8% of smoking-related illnesses are the result of second-hand smoke. Just how many servers who never smoked cigarettes suffered from smoking-related illnesses before the smoking bans? I couldn't find that figure, but I'm sure it's a substantial number. The direct medical costs of treating tobacco-related illnesses alone was $133,000,000,000 in 2011! And that costs ALL of us in the form of higher health care costs.

I am a victim of second-hand smoking. I was born in 1947. Very little information about smoking was available to the public then. Both of my parents smoked. Most of their friends smoked. They all smoked EVERYWHERE...in their homes, in their cars, in elevators, in movie theaters, in hospitals...EVERYWHERE! Asthma runs in my mother's family. However, she didn't quit smoking until she was diagnosed with COPD after she had smoked cigarettes for over 50 years! (She had about a 1 1/2 pack a day habit.)
I worked with my father for 15 years. He smoked, mostly cigars by then, EVERY DAY IN HIS STORE! Among our best selling items for wedding gifts, were fancy ashtrays. My wife and I got one when we first got married in 1969! It was really quite attractive.
I have had asthma since I was 5 years old. I now also have COPD. But, that's all right. Smokers' rights to smoke "a legal substance" are much more important than my rights to breathe and live, or the rights of those non-smoking servers who make SO MUCH MONEY SERVING US to breathe and live.
On average, [This is an average. Please don't write about "Uncle Bill" who lived until he was 96, and was still smoking on his death bed. There are ALWAYS exceptions.] smokers die TEN YEARS EARLIER than do non-smokers. Even though I was never a smoker myself, I count myself among those who smoked because I was exposed to so much second-hand smoke during my lifetime.
If Earthlings had never started smoking tobacco, and aliens came to earth trying to get us to dry out a vegetable leaf, roll it up and smoke it, with the knowledge that the smoke from this leaf would lead to premature death for most of those who smoked it on a regular basis, where would we tell those aliens to shove their leaf?
And I didn't even get into the issue of smokeless tobacco use. Tony Gwynn just died after a long fight with cancerous mouth tumors and several surgeries. He was 54 years old.

Not this again.

I'm fine if you're dumb enough to chew or dip and you want to be gross and spit all the time.

I'm not fine with having to suck in second-hand smoke.

I want to see science on e-cig vapor etc.

I'd prefer if pot was legal so we'd actually get some good studies on the effects etc. but obviously no smoking it in the same places one can't smoke tobacco.

Nicotine is a known poison and I haven't heard anything about how smoking or chewing/dipping is any good for you. At least I hear on occasion there are SOME benefits to having an occasional glass of wine or beer.

Alcohol is a known poison and too many people do stupid and deadly things with their fists, guns and automobles when they consume it. How many more college kids must die from binge drinking before we take action? How many thousands of dead bodies must litter our highways because a minority of our population insists on drinking to the point of inebriation? I'm not saying shut down the privately owned bars and lounges, just that we prohibit them from serving alcoholic beverages. It's a matter of public health. Why are the zealots against tobacco so supportive of the carnage and misery caused by alcohol? I've never read about a wrong-way head-on crash being caused by a Marlboro Light.

Patience is a great virtue.

don't convince you, nothing will.
Many studies have shown that one or two adult beverages per day, especially a glass or two of red wine, is good for you. What study shows that one or two cigarettes a day is good for you?
Traffic fatalities have dropped significantly over time. The latest figures I saw were about 100 per day. Of those about 1/3 involve at least one driver being alcohol impaired. This is down from 60% of fatal accidents involving alcohol in the 1960s. This IS a big problem, BUT which is the bigger problem...30+ deaths per day because of driving while drunk, or 1000 deaths per day because of smoking? AND if the estimate of 8% of smoking deaths attributable to those who never smoked themselves, but were assaulted by second hand smoke as I was, that's still about 80 deaths per day of people dying from smoking related causes who NEVER SMOKED THEMSELVES! That's more than double the number per day dying from alcohol related auto deaths.
And I am NOT advocating outlawing smoking. However, I do favor banning smoking in all public facilities, including restaurants and bars. We don't pay servers nearly enough to be exposed to the debilitating, often fatal, effects of breathing in second-hand smoke!
Excuse me. I must finish my one glass per day of red wine. All of my doctors recommend this, including my cardiologist. And, no...I have never been cited for drunk driving. I drink my wine before bed each night. Good night all. Pleasant dreams.

Many experts believe the two glasses/health correlation relate more to social drinking.

Social drinking means you are enjoying yourself with others. The average number of drinks a social drinker has is 2 or 1.7(if I recall the correct statistic). So the benefit to your health is not actually the drinking but the act of having a good time with others. The alcohol still is a negative to your body but the positive effect outweigh the negative.

There are far less number of social smokers, those that do also are generally drinking as well and thus the two tier hit upon the immune system will negate the positive effects of an enjoyable night out.


I find it to be terribly sad that the choice among local Republicans for a leader is between "The Stain," and a one-trick pony, who is on the wrong side of a public health issue.

What the posters here are overlooking is that "The Stain" worked hard to recruit individuals to run for precinct positions, and was very successful at it. Undoing his hard work takes more than just posing an alternative. One must recruit many others to take back those elected positions from supporters of "The Stain." Otherwise, your actions amount to merely bloviating.

The two-party system is part of what's wrong in America, you either have left or right and nobody in the middle, and if one side moves over the other side moves in their direction in order to stay within shouting range. In fact I just read today where the Business Republicans are being abandoned by Big Business because the GOP is being taken over by the Jefferson Populist Teabaggers... so the corporations are thinking that spending their money on a GOP where half of them have it out for their policies and the other half can't do jack shit for them is a dumb move.

The two-party system is part of what's wrong in America. Sure wouldn't no it by the way you spiel about your Great and Wonderful Ozbama.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Delaney is not better than stainbrook. No one with any credentials worth talking about has challenged stainbrook. Dale hit it on the head

way for Jon to be effective (rhetorically speaking) is to have resources. If everyone shuns him and he lacks volunteers and finances, then he will be dead in the water. Now that he is not receiving a paycheck with the Lucas County Board of Elections, it will make things difficult for him and he will have to rely on party funds to survive.

I wasn't sure to whom I should give the credit for this quote, so I looked it up. It seems to have originated with Jesse Unruh, former Speaker of the California State Assembly from 1961-1969. If this is in error, please correct me.

Sorry to disagree with you on one point, Chris. IMHO, you're backing the wrong horse. YOU should be the one to take on "The Stain." You bring so much more gravitas to the table than does the one-trick pony on the wrong side of a public health issue. I understand your reluctance to enter this cesspool, but I cannot respect the person you support for this position, and I don't believe that he can increase the respect of the Lucas County Republican Party among the voters in Lucas County should he ultimately be successful in his quest to unseat "The Stain."
I have made it crystal clear that you and I disagree on most political issues; however, I respect your sincerity and the way you articulate your views, as well as the way you administer this forum. I am desperately searching for a reason to respect the one-trick pony, but I have yet to find one.

Kelly Bensman is one of the people Stain names to the BOE along with Ben Roberts. Bensman is Meghan Gallagher in a dress.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

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