Huge "Child Abuse" Court Case going on overseas

I'll take a "stab in the dark" and guess that maybe only one other poster at this site even knows about this international case:

I've been reading about this "darkness" on and off, on the internet, for several years. Figuring it would never see the light of day in this country. We have a very tightly controlled mainstream media. But over in Europe, a court system has finally taken this evil head-on.

At any rate, this should provide a little light as to why a sitting roman catholic pope stepped down recently. This story is HUGE, and yet the American mainstream media is very effectively covering it up.

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The fact you and others believe this is crazy, it's also fake, and has been around for like a year now.

Fox News channel is now the most watched cable channel OF ALL, not just of all news channels!

Fox has been the most watched cable NEWS channel for 149 straight months!!

where the only bad guy is Captain Hook.

Who was it? Pontius Pilate, who was famous for not knowing what "truth" was?

Dale - if you can offer anything other than a meaningless snide personal attack - such as any evidence that this case is not being tried, and is not well known in Europe -- I would be glad to read and review your evidence.

If you have no such evidence, shouldn't you just be quiet?
And then there is the human trafficking right here in the U.S.

Thank goodness Congressman Wolf does not reside in Never Never Fairyland with the confirmed DUPES in this country.

Moron, the court you keep citing is not a court. It's a defrocked pastor in Canada's blog... He'll its on snopes too. Did you read the link I posted??? The whole thing is made up by one man

mainstream media" now? If not, please link to a Fox News report on this topic.

In FG's world, conspiracies are EVERYWHERE!!


She is citing Conspiracy Planet. The woman is nuttier than a squirrels fruitcake.


And she's all on Team Republican/Tea Party... you wanted the nuts to come out and vote GOP, take ownership of them.

Actually what we do is we distance from them, and highlight their instability for the authorities. I'd be careful with your lawsuit, if she gets your address she may attack you as she is mentally unstable.


That's right. You create them then you run away like chickens and say you had no role.

Pile of pussies you guys in the right-wing are.

Own up to creating the FGs. And by the way, the next right-wing nut you create and then distance yourself from and try to get in trouble with the authorities -- remember that in doing so you lose the right to shout about "Obama's police state" or any other contrived bullshit, since you created the nut and then couldn't control it and had to call in the cops that you told it to hate and distrust.

Again, no personal responsibility in the GOP. Create the nuts and then rely on the government to deal with them, which is ironic because you hate the government and scream if they'd try to take the guns away from the nuts.

Oh how cute a liberal talking about personal responsibility.

There are functions of the government that are there to serve the people. Law enforcement is one. And yes, when someone is unstable we highlight that behavior to the authorities. I am not law enforcement nor a medical profession so for me to "take responsibility" for an unstable individual is both irresponsible and dangerous.


Another dodge. What kind of idiot assumes I was speaking about you personally? Are you having a FG moment? That's the Royal You as in You Republicans And Conservatives.

I guess you're right, it is a dodge.

We need to start taking personal responsibility for the actions of other persons.

What FG is pushing is not the published agenda or policy of the GOP or the Tea Party. It is the published policy of Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is an idiot and holds no status in either entity I mentioned. I'm sorry if that's not good enough for you but that's all that the GOP can do aside from liberal style harassment.


"But I'm not going to enter into this distinction between the tea party and Republicans, because it's a distinction you're going to have a hard time finding."

"There’s not that big a difference between what you call the tea party and your average conservative Republican," Boehner said.

So the Tea Party and the GOP are 99.44% the same thing according to top Republican SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE JOHN BOEHNER.
Alex Jones says Obama's training YOU, MIKEY, to attack the Tea Party. Goddamn, Obama sure is doing a shitty job of that! (LOOK ACTUAL CRITICISM OF OBAMA FROM ME!)

Sorry dude, Alex Jones is definitely part of the Tea Party... and the Tea Party is the GOP according to Boehner.

Of course, if the Tea Party is actually "grass roots" (AHAHHAHHHAHAH how funny!) it wouldn't have an actual "published agenda" now would it?

I'm sorry to break this to you but :

1) Huffington Post is not a credible new source. I read them daily and they are not an unbiased source

2) crooks and liars is not a credible news source

3) if you expect "Americans against the Tea Party" to be an unbiased source of information on the tea party you are functionally retarded.

Moving on.


Welcome to the right-wing echo chamber with DTOM and FG, Mikey. You will only hear what you want to hear and never take a peek at any other "news" (AHAHAHAH that's funny!) source than Drudge, talk radio, and Fox News, because you've officially been indoctrinated to believe only them and dismiss everything else as completely untrue.

I just watched Eric Cantor get the boot because he lived in the same echo chamber you're in, the one that told him all he wanted to hear and how far up he was in the lovely slanted polls he paid for. I watched your man Mitt Romney do the same thing. You don't want to hear anything that challenges your conceptions so you dismiss it, then hop on there to piss and moan and cry about how you poor baby Republicans are being treated by the unfair world that isn't the way you were told it is from Fox News.

Who is the dumbass here that reads only the side of the news he wants to hear? It's not me, I read the right-wing bullshit. It's you, because you won't even glance at the left-wing bullshit. You're another FG in the making, you're right because you read your select choice of media and anything else that contradicts you or what you were told to believe is a LLLLLIBERAL CONSPIRACY.

Eric Cantor was booted by a tea party candidate. If he was living in a RW media chamber he probably would have seen the writing on the wall.

Your posts lack logic.


His RW media chamber wasn't Teabaggy enough. He heard what he wanted to hear and was told by his RW friends, not the stuff further to the right.

First it was because he was in a RW media chamber now it's his RW media chamber wasn't RW enough.

You do more flips than John Kerry running for office.


Welcome to the left-wing MSNBC echo chamber, with Ac and Mr. Independent, and Pway. Ac, and Pway take their talking point orders from Mr. Indy. But who in their right mind would watch MSNBC more than once? Who are the dumbasses here that read only the side of the news he wants to hear? Who are the dumbasses? Ac, Pway, and Mr. Indy.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Should you really be critizing FG?

You cite Mother Jones for christs sake. They are just barely a step above the Alex Jones' sites like Conspiracy Planet.


You were corrected about Mother Jones by another poster over on that thread. We get it, you're butthurt because Mother Jones is actually a solid source.

Mother Jones it not credible. Hence why no one uses them. The only time the main stream media cites them is when they are the heart of the story.


You were proven wrong, and since you continue to not read the article in question, you have no idea how many sources are cited in said article. (Hint: LOTS.)

Mother Jones is ten thousand times more credible than's bullshit that DTOM spams all over this place, and you damn well know it.

I did not see the article you are citing. You can repost it if you think it proves me wrong.

Doubtful. Like FreedomOutpost, Mother Jones is a hit piece site. RIGHT NOW at this very moment they have 7 Dem talking points posted as the front page article. What is it titled? I quote "7 Talking Points You Need For Discussing the Iraq Crisis
Especially if you're talking to a Republican braying for US military action."
I'm sorry, no, not credible. Just a partisian hack site.


Pull your head out of your ass.

Political slant does not mean articles are shit. What determines if an article is shit is how well-sourced it is and if those sources are credible. Unlike the Drudge hit pieces you admittedly read, that particular happy little article linked to Brat's C.V., academic résumé, published papers, etc. You're the one who touted this guy like the second coming of Economic Jesus, yet you even refused to view an article that cites his background? Who's the ass now? YOU ARE!

You just totally dismissed it because you don't like Mother Jones. And now by doing so you've just put yourself right on in with the dumbfuck whackjobs nuts like FG and DTOM, in that you admitted you wouldn't read it despite the fact it's got more integrity than the shit they and you spew here as sources and citations.

"Brat's website cites under "research" his authorship of a 2005 book titled, The Philosophy of Economics: A History of Science, Method and Ethics. But there is no public record of the book being formally published; it is not listed in the Library of Congress. The electronic version is a mere 81 pages long.

"Referring to a Brat paper on Ayn Rand published online by INFORMS, Barry List, a spokesman for the group, observed, "It's more like a thought piece than a fully-fledged academic paper." Brat's other papers in the journal are similar in that regard; they are not research-oriented works, but essays on topics including the mortgage crisis and education policy."

"It's a bit unusual on an academic CV that a person publishes over and over in one or two fairly obscure places," says Robert Blecker, an economics professor at American University who knew Brat when he was a student at American in the 1990s. Blecker notes that Brat, a professor at a small school, might only be expected to publish in a local market. But Jeffrey Beall, a research librarian and associate professor at the University of Colorado in Denver who keeps tabs on academic journals, says, "I'd expect to see more peer-reviewed publications in top journals from a business department head." Beall adds, "He does seem to get lots of speaking invitations, a positive thing, generally."

BB&T Bank, whose former president now heads the Cato Institute, seems satisfied with Brat's work. The bank is funding a program that Brat runs at Randolph-Macon to help promote the ideas of libertarian icon Ayn Rand."


I get it. You're suffering massive amounts of cognitive dissonance because you were indoctrinated by the right to hate academics since all academics are LLLLiberals (see also the attacks on HistoryMike!) so a) you have no fucking idea how to tell good academics from bad and b) you're stuck trying to defend a guy based off his academics because he's the latest Tea Party darling while c) you're trying to fight your indoctrination that tells you all academics are ivory tower LLLliberal elites.

"You're the one who touted this guy like the second coming of Economic Jesus, " I did no such thing. I merely showed, correctly, that he has been a bipartisan economic adviser to Virginia Governors.

"You just totally dismissed it because you don't like Mother Jones." They are a political hack site and I have already proved it just by what I found at that moment on the front page of their site. Moving on.

I did not defend nor attack Congressman Brat's beliefs or teachings. I merely stated he was an adviser to R and D Governors. You're wasting our time.

"You're suffering massive amounts of cognitive dissonance because you were indoctrinated by the right to hate academics since all academics are LLLLiberals (see also the attacks on HistoryMike!) so a) you have no fucking idea how to tell good academics from bad and b) you're stuck trying to defend a guy based off his academics because he's the latest Tea Party darling while c) you're trying to fight your indoctrination that tells you all academics are ivory tower LLLliberal elites." I have a degree where my fellow students were primarily liberal. My professors were primarily liberal. Yet you claim I'm indoctrinated by right wing media.

Yes I read drugereport, he links to other news sites are rarely gives commentary. I also read Huffington Post. What news do I watch? Primarily CNN but here lately I've been watching Al Jazeera America.

You'll notice primarily when I cite something it comes from a reputable source. You however site from partisan hack sites.


After MSNBC, Mother Jones, and Bill Maher

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

As a former altar boy, I can vouch for the linked story's accuracy. Black Satanic Masses are still held every fourth Sunday in most parish churches, although very few today continue the tradition of bloody baby sacrifices due to lack of available newborns. (We substitute pig's blood in a chalice). If anyone's interested, my parish plans to couple Friends and Family Day with our next BSM. As an apparel suggestion, colors are red and black.

Patience is a great virtue.

Here is a gem from FG's source

According to it we never walked on the moon. It was all faked.

I guess that we should ignore the fact that with the right equipment we can take pictures and see the equipment that was left on the Moon's surface. But nope, that's not enough for FG. She's going to keep spewing her crazy conspiracy theories about this and her imagined papal indictment. Why? Because she hates Catholics, logic, and education.


For someone who derides those who get their information from Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and Drudgereport you'll note AC's "sources" of information.

Mother Jones, Huffington Post, American's Against the Tea Party, Crooks and Liars, Raw Story are all partisian hack sites.

AC like FG is a product of the media he reads. Because he does not read from sources on both sides of the aisle his view is as skewed and derranged as hers.

You'll notice, I'm not attacking him. I'm attacking his source of information. He views it as an affront against him yet he does not provide a unbiased or third party source for his information. Thus his retort is illogical, biased and flawed.


You're the one who ADMITS you won't even read the articles in question.

You're the one who is just like FG. You believe reality to be so, and no amount of persuasion will change that, so why bother reading. Anything you disagree with is automatically a partisan hack and isn't even worth reading to try to tear apart and debate.

I have a track record here of reading the right-wing shit you and others spew and ripping it apart. You have no such track record, Mikey. You just live in that echo chamber hearing the endless voices from the right-wing talking heads saying exactly what you want to hear and buying into that "Liberal media" bullshit that "Fair and Balanced" Fox News touts.

The TRUE indicator of INDEPENDENT THOUGHT is to READ EVERYTHING, THINK ABOUT IT, and FIGURE OUT WHERE THE TRUTH LIES. You just put yourself right smack in the middle of DTOM and FG in my book since you straight up REFUSED to even CONSIDER checking out those links.

There's some teabags for you to stick on your helmet and be a proper Tea-Tard. You'll have to make your own poorly-spelled sign. I'm sure DTOM or FG will tell you when the next "Tea Party Protest" is.

Keep citing partisan hack sites.

Yes I'm trolling you with this post too. Report me to Chris because that's what you do when you've lost an argument.


is to read everything, think about it, and figure out where the truth is, is, an effing joke coming from you. Hypocrite, you spit-out the complete opposite of that statement. Did Mr. Indy give you permission to make a statement like that? You are undermining the Progressive Democratic movement. Mr. Indy should disavow you..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Do you still have that roadside vegetable stand that someone posted a picture of you working? Do you still offer those "special services"?

I like this one better because its true.
Cheney's Halliburton Stock Options Rise 3,281%

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