Obama Rules Out Sending American Troops 'Back into Combat' in Iraq

Obama admits that the ISIS could pose a threat to America, but not the 5 terrorists that where recently released. Huh?


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We never should have sent troops into Iraq in the first place.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I will second that.


Well Obama better help in some way besides sending in troops or oil will be 150.00 a barrel. Can you say 6.00 a gallon

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Let's see now. When gas hit like $4.15 a gallon right before Bush crashed the economy, oil was like $140 a barrel.

Gas is hovering around $4 a gallon here and the last I saw it was nearing $110 a barrel.

So with oil $30/barrel less, gas prices are mostly the same.

Someone's making money fucking us over, but you don't care about that because everything from gas prices to the hemorrhoids on your ass and the kids that won't stay off your lawn are solely the fault of OBAMA and LLLLiberals.

Yeah, be a good little Koch-sucker and ignore the men behind the curtain. The same men who throw the big fat heads of Glenn Beck and Bill O'RLY and Rush Limbaugh and so on up on the screen to make you cower in fear.

Remember we went to war for oil


That Darn Bush!


And you were gonna impeach Obama over Libya, and Syria, and all that, but daring to question Bush about Iraq made one a terrorist-loving America-hater that deserved to be sent to Gitmo.

You will never have the balls to recognize what a hypocrite you're being and admit to it.

Are you posting from your cell phone again?

Your first sentence makes no sense. It's just a stream of consciousness.


The economy will collapse before we have $6/gal. gas.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed already. We are getting perilously close.

Just for info - I only hit "save" once this time. Have no idea how this multiple post came about.

I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed already. We are getting perilously close.

I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed already. We are getting perilously close.

I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed already. We are getting perilously close.

I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed already. We are getting perilously close.

I'm surprised it hasn't collapsed already. We are getting perilously close.


I believe gas was 5.99 in Cali and Florida a couple years ago..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

President Obama is putting words into action with his extended weekend in Palm Springs for a little political fundraising and a couple rounds of golf with a few 1percenter buddies. While we may disagree with some of his policies, let it never be said that he isn't a hands-on president. (Cue to AC to Google the number of times Bush visited his ranch).

Patience is a great virtue.

You can look up the vacation statistics yourself.

How about I post the images of what Bush was doing while Katrina was coming for and hitting New Orleans? I'm with the "isolationist" Conservatives in that we should stay the fuck out of foreign pissing matches, myself. If you check the history books, Bush couldn't get off his ass and back to DC even knowing a Category 5 hurricane was bearing down on New Orleans, but he sure could speed his way back to sign the Terry Schiavo bill to get the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT all involved in the health care of one woman because the issue was SOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT to his base.

What was I thinking? Obviously a 2005 hurricane and the 2005 death of a woman are much more important than Obama stroking billionaires for party cash on June 14, 2014, while Iraq's bloody chaos increases the chances of Iranian military intervention. Thanks for putting the thread back on track, AC.

Patience is a great virtue.

Exactly why the hell do you care if Iran intervenes? Are you forgetting that Iran is on the side of the current Iraqi regime?



I didn't think you were that dumb, Don.

It's more of the Sunni vs. Shi'ite religious dick-size wars that, pardon my so-called LLLLiberal ass, I don't fucking think we should fucking be involved in. Why don't you go off with all the "Conservatives" who want to have Yet Another Expensive Desert Adventure and see if you can get the Kochs and Sheldon Adelson and Halliburton and whomever else to pay for it themselves, and make sure they take MikeyA and any "militia" volunteers instead of sending our soldiers to get their asses shot off or blown up for it.

Yes, I know, you're right. Peace-loving Iran seeks only to stabilize the governments of its neighbors. And you're also correct that anyone who mentions Obama's four-day frolic in Palm Springs necessarily wants the U.S. to launch Rolling Thunder II over Iraq. But I'm wondering why you have nothing to say about the president's trip aboard Climate Changer One to his Expensive West Coast Adventure.

Patience is a great virtue.

Because frankly, unlike the vast majority of the Bush Years when Bush either had majorities in both houses of Congress or had plenty of Dems who would compromise, Obama's had about 6 years of the Party of NO! keep him from doing anything, and since Congress is incapable of doing any work and thereby handing any bills to him to deal with on top of the MikeyA Retardican faction telling Obama that if he does anything they'll impeach him and then threatening him with impeachment for NOT doing anything, unless something comes up that is an actual domestic threat or serious domestic issue, I've got no good reason to give a rusty fuck where Obama is. That is particularly more so since you seem hellbent on attacking him for not being in the Oval Office 24/7 right after Bush set the all-time world record on Presidential vacation days.

Last thing I heard about where Obama was was visiting an Indian reservation in the Dakotas, which I thought was a damn good thing given that he's only been the 4th sitting President to do that. Apparently the last two Presidents to do that were Clinton and FDR... guess that's another thing to add onto the list Republicans are too racist to do.

You blame the party of NO but just like when the government shutdown the President has been the President of No Action. You and the Dems just hung your hopes on the American public blaming a shutdown on Republicans that you'd have to offer nothing of substance in order to win back the house. That failed and now the Senate is slipping from your grasp.

You are in panic mode. Everyone can see it. Dems are tired of defending the President's failed policies. Each day that 2016 gets closer and Hillary looks more and more damaged of a candidate and you have a thin stable behind her.

It's ok I understand. I feel your pain. You're not really mad at me you're mad at the situation. If I had to defend this President's antics I would be too.


Who shut down the government again?

Your guys. Rafael Eduardo "Ted" Cruz, the former CANADIAN and current Republican.

Take ownership of that.

Also take ownership of two years of BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! bullshit just because you're so pants-shittingly afraid of Hilary Clinton getting in. Not that there's a single candidate on your side who has a snowball's chance in Hell of winning since nobody is underwear-on-head stupid enough to appeal to you and the rest of the Tea-Tards while also being moderate enough to get enough votes from the rest of America.

I feel your anger. Once again, I understand it. The President's continued failed leadership has caused to to constantly defend him. It will be ok.


I see "failed leadership" is the talking point you were issued by the GOP for this weekend.

Yeah, that's gotta be in response to the FAILED GOP LEADERSHIP CRISIS over Cantor losing his seat, thus leaving the GOP fighting amongst themselves for power. The ol' "whatever we've got going wrong, let's turn it around and use it against the enemy" propaganda tactic.

This just in: President Obama, after an absolutely necessary flight aboard Air Force One that required thousands of gallons of jet fuel and spewed huge quantities of pollutants into the atmosphere, told college graduates in California today to keep up the fight against climate change. Yes, we can! Yes, we will!

Patience is a great virtue.

Actually you're not wrong.

Leaders have a mandate to lead by those who follow them. When they do not fulfill or misread their mandate the only solution is to replace the leader. Cantor did not have the confidence of his people and was replaced. It is my fear that the GOP has made the same mistake in McCarthy. Some lessons need to be retaught and are hard to learn. I believe inter party disagreement is healthy as long as it's done legally and civilly. I do not doubt the GOP will be in a position of strength in the coming years because of the tea party. And I am as establishment GOP as you can get.


to worried about Wall Street

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

You mean "too".

Cantor got in power because of the Tea Party. Funny how he suddenly became too liberal for the Tea Party.

Embrace the Tea Party. Go further to the right. Please, keep on fucking that chicken. Become the party of old white men.

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