Jon Stainbrook re-elected chair through only way possible, not following rules

Why is it that chaos and fighting always follows Jon Stainbrook around? Must be everyone else.

Lucas County Republican Party chairman Jon Stainbrook has managed to hold on to his post despite a challenge by a tea party candidate.

Backers of former bar owner Bill Delaney gave voice to their anger before Wednsday night's vote.

Screaming matches between members of the public and registered Republicans took center stage at Wednesday night's Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee meeting. Armed security and off-duty officers escorted dozens out who refused to be silenced.

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If I'm getting this right, this vote does not only affect Republicans but all of Lucas County voters. I hope all you people laughing at this don't vote in Lucas County because this guy, Stainbrook, will be appointing the next leaders of the BOE the same BOE he was just fired from.

Stainbrook gets fired and all he has to do is get voted back in, really.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Proof that the GOP is a pile of corrupt assholes who are too busy looking out for themselves and their buddies and whomever is backing them than to focus on the people they are supposed to be representing!

You mean the local GOP. The evidence that it's totally dysfunctional is clear and present. The so-called leadership was just slapped down by the state Atty Gen, but he retained his local position. Totally shameful for the local party.

Secretary of State not ag

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