Fox News Makes People Stupider And Lean Further Right

“Only 12% of Americans who most trust Fox News for information about politics and current events correctly believe deportations have increased.

In contrast, nearly one-quarter (24%) of Americans who most trust broadcast news, one-third (33%) Americans who most trust CNN, and 35% of Americans who most trust public television believe the deportation rate has increased.”

Republican voters who watch Fox are more conservative in their views than Republicans who do not. Examples:

“Among Fox News Republicans, 60% say reducing the budget deficit should be among the highest priorities, compared with 46% of other Republicans.

Fox News Republicans are far more forceful in their opposition to same-sex marriage: 76% are opposed to same-sex marriage, including 47% who say they are strongly opposed. Among non-Fox Republicans, only 57% oppose same-sex marriage, and only 31% strongly oppose it.

And the clincher, proving the naivety of the right-wing:

Among conservatives, unsurprisingly, Fox is huge: 48% trust it most. “By contrast, there is no dominant trusted news source among Democrats or liberals,” according to the study.

So much for that "MSNBC and NPR and other mainstream MSM liberal media" bullshit out of the right-wing nuts.

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"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

MSNBC? I don't have cable. You're the chicken-fucker who previously denied watching Fox News only to recently turn around and go on about how you watch it and how Fair and Balanced it purports to be.

If you don't have cable and presumably cannot tune in to Fox News, are you admitting that your assessment of the channel is not based on first-hand experience but rather is merely the parroting of what others have said and written about it? I try not to use the word ironic, but you seem to be the same spoon-fed, propagandized individual that you accuse DTOM of being.

Patience is a great virtue.

For someone who decries posts that are from FreedomOutpost he certainly quotes rawstory a lot.

Unfortunately for him the study that rawstory is using to make their claims also found FoxNews the most trusted name for news by self described politically moderates and politically declared Independents.

The trust I attribute to Fox talking more on the issues that Americans care about. For instance Jobs and the Economy (currently the two highest ranked issues) whereas MSNBC and NPR are more apt to do more stories on Climate Change and race relations.


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