Bush Paid Ransom to Terrorists!

Well now, here we are, Bush paid CASH MONEY for hostages to a State Department Officially Listed Terrorist Organization!


"We turn now to the Philippines, where the Abu Sayyaf terror network—Islamic fundamentalist, al Qaeda-linked, occupant of a slot on the State Department’s official terrorist-organization list since Bill Clinton put it there in 1997—was rampaging around the southern archipelago and taking Westerners hostage. Two such hostages were an American husband-and-wife missionary team, Martin and Gracia Burnham. They were kidnapped in May 2001. Their captivity was a pretty big story for a while, but then came September, and the inferno of Lower Manhattan."

"The Abu Sayyaf M.O. was the normal one—to demand large (or oddly not so large; the original demand for the Burnhams’ safety was $1 million) sums of money for their captives’ safe return. There were talks, and they bled into 2002. In April of that year, Bush gave a speech that included the line: “No nation can negotiate with terrorists, for there is no way to make peace with those whose only goal is death.”

A nice line. But of course, at that exact moment, the United States was negotiating intently with Abu Sayyaf for the Burnhams’ release. And not only that: The Bush administration arranged an indirect payment to Abu Sayyaf of $300,000, as reported a little later by ABC’s John McWethy, the veteran Pentagon correspondent, and even by Fox’s Brent Baier, whose phrasing had it that “the U.S. government facilitated a ransom payment to al Qaeda-linked terrorists.”"

"Oh. I forgot one detail. We “facilitated” the ransom, but even then we still failed: Poor Martin Burnham was killed in a skirmish when the Philippine army stormed the compound to rescue the couple. Gracia lived, and lives on now."

Cue all the Swampbubbles Teabaggers going further into denial and spinning this one away to try to make everything Obama does as bad but evreything Dubya did that was worse be the greatest things since sliced bread.

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Okay--what's worse--paying money for hostages or giving back 5 terrorists?

(By the way, since when do you liberals use Bush as the yardstick for what's right and wrong?)

Is there any chance that you can come up with a new chili recipe or something that would entice the toledotalk.com people to allow you back? A household cure for poison ivy? A firsthand review of a greasy spoon? Something?

Bush let 500 go for nothing, including one who was later implicated in BENGHAZI.

Study it out.

It seems, AC, as if time stopped for you sometime between 2001 and 2008. Bush is no longer the president. Really, he's not. I hate to be that blunt, but it's the truth. He's been painting portraits on the Texas prairie the last six years.

Patience is a great virtue.

This may be true, but you ignore the people here who seem to have been in a coma for most if not all that time, or somehow were off the planet for that time, or have selective amnesia... how else can you explain this sudden fit of bitching from the right-wing over whatever Obama does being bad but Bush's history is perfectly acceptable? Racism?

Many remember his bizarre remark "He tried to kill my dad" as one of his justifications for launching his invasion of Iraq and his stupid joint venture with Ted Kennedy to enact the disastrous NCLB. Most, if they are honest, would agree that Bush was, as Molly Ivins put it, a shrub who never should have given the keys to the White House. But I do not understand why you think that comparing the current president to his pathetic predecessor somehow elevates Obama. That you choose to use Bush as a measuring stick suggests you have low expectations of Mr. O.

Patience is a great virtue.

I'm not saying it elevates Obama. I'm not really out to play defense for Obama. I am, however, out to shut down the hypocrisy and bullshit attacks from the right-wing nuts that keep dragging America, or at least a particular segment of the electorate, further and further towards the Right. You can at least admit Bush sucks and that the shit going on under Obama, while not particularly great, has a long way to go before we reach the level of cronyism, corruption, and stupidity under George W. Shrub. The other people here? Well, here's an example using a completely random name.:

Me: Oh yeah, on what basis? Care to make any citations or offer any evidence?
Gadsden: I don't need no stinkin' evidence, he just is!
Me: Yeah? Is he worse than (list of Reagan scandals) or (list of Bush scandals)?
Gadsden: YES!
Me: Prove it. Let's hear all about all of his scandals. Lay your cards on the table.
Gadsden: I don't have to!
Me: Shit or get off the pot, asshole.
Gadsden: He's the most corrupt ever! BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI!
Me: Okay, you want to go down the Benghazi road? How about all the bombings under Bush? Why didn't your guys demand 5 hearings and investigations into each and every one of those? Were the lives of the people killed less valuable? Could it be that you only give a shit for purely political reasons to have something to attack Obama and Hilary Clinton over?
Me: Then impeach him and be done with it, you mewling quim.
Gadsden: We can't because the DOJ is complicit and covering it all up IT'S A CONSPIRACY WAAAAAAAAAA!
Me: Um, you dumbfuck, first off, impeachment doesn't require jack shit from the DOJ or anyone else, all you need to do is get ONE of your Tea-tarded Congressional buddies to introduce Articles of Impeachment on the floor and away we go. Why hasn't that happened yet? Is it because you've got nothing? After all, you tried it over Clinton "lying" over getting a blowjob.
Gadsden: Um um um.... (spin, denial, deflection as he's now backed into a corner).
Me: Figures. You're full of shit and too dumb to realize it let alone admit it.

Gadsden: I don't need no stinkin' evidence, he just is!> LIE
Me: Yeah? Is he worse than (list of Reagan scandals) or (list of Bush scandals)?
Gadsden: YES!> LIE
Gadsden: I don't have to! > LIE
Gadsden: Um um um.... > LIE
Its not hard for anyone here to go back and check the posts, smart guy that you think you are. Damn, if Ac don't toe the party line with all the lying. You and your Lying King President have been exposed....

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Did I mention your name specifically? OH NOES I DIDN'T. So you're saying this fits you to a tee, then? You're saying the shoe fits and this describes you?

It's okay for Euro's to do anything, even leave semen on the dress of a young woman in the Oval Office.

Clinton wasn't "Euro"--remember Toni Morrison declared him the first black president.


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