Lucas County Central Committee Question--Is this correct?

I was notified by a friend that the Lucas County Republican Party Central Committee is having a meeting this Wednesday night. I looked on the Party's web page and it says:

"Pursuant to Ohio R.C. 3517.04, I, Meghan Gallagher, Lucas County Republican Party (LCRP) Central Committee Chairman...."

Is Gallagher the chairman? I thought that Jon Stainbrook was. Of course, the way these two twist the rules--who's to say how such a switch may have occurred.

This should be an interesting meeting!

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Meghan is the outgoing chairman of the Central Committee and The Stain is the Chairman of the Executive Committee (aka Chairman of the LCRP).

The Stain will almost certainly be running for another term as LCRP Chairman, but he will need to find a new minion to put up for Central Committee Chair since Meghan lost her precinct election and is now ineligible.

is right although I don't know the details of who serves what role right now. She can be chairman of the Central Committee, normally these folks are more forgotten but they were elected at the past organizing committee meeting or filled by the Chair if there is a vacancy.

Thanks--that explains it.

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