obama chomps on gum during d-day memorial



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What-no bubbles?

vote for Obama for POTUS ever again!

May I chuck some stones at your glass house?


At least you're agreeing that Obama has no class--we're making progress.

You're making "progress"?


I'm crushed!

You can tell this is a doctored video. Look at the motions of the others around him. Everyone else is chewing right along with him. The video is obviously looped.

So the amount of times he chomps on his gum makes a difference? How many times of his jaw moving while he chews would be acceptable?

Did you check out the part where you can see the gum rolling around in his mouth?

Here's a thought process:

1. Obama knows he will be attending a solemn remembrance of an event where 9,000 Allied soldiers died (actually, Obama probably didn't bother to learn about that)

2. Obama thinks, "I'm going to chew some gum during this. I don't care how it looks--I'm cool--and the media love me."

3. Obama's ego didn't take into account that there were people from throughout the world watching. Here are some responses: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/06/06/16-French-Tweets-Reac...

It might not even be gum. He may have just moved his mouth and they looped it. Don't believe everything you are told without questioning. It's his tongue you see, not gum.
Is the lady in back chewing gum too?


Don't forget about the silent farts.

Obama could wake up one day, go to Walter Reed, lay hands on all the patients and heal them, then go to all the food banks and homeless shelters in the DC area and perform the miracle of the loaves and fishes, walk into the Capitol and turn all the water in the water jugs in the House and Senate into wine, and then take a stroll on down the Mall, walking the Reflecting Pool, then part the Potomac to walk over to Arlington National whereby he magically determines the identities of the Unknown Soldiers, walk back through the gap in the Potomac and to the White House, there to chow down on a salad, ALL ON LIVE TV.

The entire time during that, FOX News Channel would be going on about how his health care violated the free market, how he gives out welfare and hurts the free market, he encourages alcoholism and tried to poison/kill the Brave Republicans in Congress, how he can't swim, how he disrespects honored veterans and the dead, and finally about how he is too snooty to eat "American" food like hotdogs and hamburgers.

DTOM and company would be furiously reposting the official GOP talking points and conspiracy theories from HerpDerpOutHouse.com and so forth until the server melted down.

And MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, BET, Al Jazeera, BBC America, Huffington Post, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Daily Kos, Media Matters, Mother Jones, Salon, NPR, The Daily Show, Bill Maher, Boston Globe, and Daily Beast would have reported the same if you change the name from "Obama" to "Bush."

Although there have been posts claiming Obama wasn't chewing gum, that Bush is bad, and that Fox news is unfair to Obama, but I haven't read any comments stating or implying that it was okay for Obama to be chewing gum during the D-Day ceremony.

Was he actually chewing gum? The looped video proves nothing. If he had actually been chewing gum, they would not have had to loop the video. Is this bullshit video the only evidence?

a POTUS was chewing gum at a less than appropriate time? Are you bereft of serious issues about which you could legitimately attack the POTUS?
This entire thread is just plain silly. Who really cares about chewing gum?

Now, if the POTUS were holding up a sign like, "Down with America," then you'd HAVE something! After all, isn't he really a Muslim born in Kenya who hates all Christians, and loves Al Qaeda and the Taliban? He was so nice to Osama Bin Laden, after all!

I hear that African Americans have a new expression. Racist intents toward African Americans for insignificant issues is called being "Obamarized"

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