Republican Mandate For Change: Jon Stainbrook’s final days

The people of Lucas County have spoken and they want change! Earlier this month I ran a successful campaign for District 11’s State Central Committee for the Ohio Republican Party. My opponent was Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook. I defeated Mr. Stainbrook, an incumbent, by 20% with a vote of 60% to 40%. I believe this vote reflects the attitude of Lucas County Republicans who want change in party leadership.

In Lucas County, both Republican victories and fundraising efforts are at an all-time low and party morale is diminishing. Lucas County needs a viable Republican Party and Chairman Stainbrook has proven ineffective in delivering such a party.

I agree with the majority of Republicans in Lucas County that voted Mr. Stainbrook out of office and believe that my election was more than just a State Central Committee race but also a referendum on party leadership. It is time that the Lucas County Republicans take back the party from Mr. Stainbrook, starting by defeating him in the upcoming party reorganization meeting.

The new chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party will have a big job in front of them. This new leader must do everything Mr. Stainbrook neglected during his 6 year term including raising funds, training up candidates and volunteers, selecting a permanent headquarters, unifying the party, and energizing the next generation. It’s a momentous task but whoever does it, and defeats Mr. Stainbrook, will surely win the support of the emerging Republican Party.

In a town when there are great Republicans like former Mayor Donna Owens, elected officials Rob Ludeman and Tom Waniewski, political heroes like Lynn Olman and Mark Waggoner, Finance Director Sarantou, local leaders Doug Haynam and Dave Kissinger and young, emerging political leaders like Ron Johns and Steven Whitlow it is a shame that the party is settling for less than satisfactory leadership.

Whoever is selected as the next party leader will have my full support. And to the people of Lucas County – Republican, Democrat, Independent, or indifferent – I will do my best to raise the rhetoric of political discourse and the competition to create more accountable and more equipped elected officials.

It is not just a party at stake; it is our county and our cities. The time to move is now, Stainbrook’s run must come to an end.

In liberty,

Bill Delaney

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Thank you, Bill, for stepping up and playing an active role in making things better in Lucas County. As we know, Stainbrook is a snake. He won't relinquish his "power" without attempting to put a puppet in his place. My advice would be for the non-Stainbrook committee reps to meet and strategize how to cut-off Stainbrook's minions' attempts to throw a wrench in the works.

stated about Chris Meyer. Otherwise, Mr. Delany's statement is quite good.

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