The real reason the blade is shutting down printing in Toledo?


As I do most Monday nights, I was sitting in the waiting area at the Y waiting for a family member to finish his sports practice. I heard two other people who were also sitting in the waiting area talking about their jobs. From previous conversations, I was aware that one of the guys has an administrative position at The Blade.

As the conversation turned to talk about the layoffs at the newspaper, The Blade employee said that it was sad that so many people would be losing their jobs, but there are places in Ann Arbor and Detroit that have more up-to-date printing facilities. He then added the following: "We've got guys who are making $70,000 a year doing menial jobs."

That really pisses me off! The Blade, which has consistently supported the election of union lackeys like Marcy Kaptur and Pete Gerken--and has aided and abetted the union dominance of Lucas County (to the detriment of new businesses entering the area)--uses the excuse of not being able to afford to upgrade its printing equipment to lop-off highly paid but low-skilled union workers. The Blade helped to make this union bed--it should be forced to lay in it.

Let's hope this albatross of a newspaper dies a quick death.

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One man's "menial job" is another's keeping a massive, complex printing press operating smoothly.

Patience is a great virtue.

That's right--where is the outrage from Pete Gerken and Marcy Kaptur about these union layoffs? Of course, they can't risk the "powerful" Blade getting ticked off and not supporting them and hiding their inactivity and incompetency. I guess that not all union jobs are created equally (i.e. the UAW is king).

Anyone who continues to subscribe to the Blade is perpetuating the damage it has done to this region.

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