CA Congressman Dana Rohrabacher: Why Doesn’t Obama have a Valid Social Security Number and Valid IDs?

Attorney Orly Taitz has been advancing the issue of Barack Obama's fraudulent documents, including his birth certificate, selective service form and his use of a bogus Social Security number for several years now. She has also thrown her hat into the ring in the primaries for California Attorney General. On Monday, Taitz said that she had three United States Congressmen, including her own Representative, along with voters who specifically asked questions about Obama's bogus IDs. In that meeting, it was Taitz's own Congressman, according to her, who asked the valid question, "Why doesn't Obama have a valid Social Security number and valid IDs?"

According to Taitz's website, Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher "invited Taitz to attend a meeting of activists and patriots, which was held at his home in Costa Mesa, CA."

At the meeting, she also addressed Texas Congressman Ted Poe and asked him when Congress would address the issue of Obama's fraudulent and fabricated IDs and stolen Social Security number. According to Taitz, Congressman Rohrabacher said that people who question Obama's legitimacy are called names like "birther," but went on to say, "nobody is answering a legitimate question: why doesn't Obama have a valid Social Security number and valid IDs?"

It should be noted that the original birthers were not Republicans, nor were they members of the Tea Party. That's right. The original birthers were Democrats, including Bill and Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama's publishers were also birthers, long before the accusation of wearing tin foil hats and being racists against America's first black (illegitimate) president were tossed about. The Kenyan Parliament and even a Kenyan newspaper were birthers before it was cool to be called "birther." Even a document examiner tied to Obama's defense attorneys says that Obama's birth certificate is 100% fraud.

While Poe said that members of Congress know about the issue and talk about it, he would not give a definitive answer for anything that is being done. Apparently, they all have the same sentiment as spineless Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullins and just "don't give a sh*t."

Rorhrabacher told Taitz following the meeting, "I do feel bad that people are called names, called birthers. I feel this is a legitimate issue, this question should have been raised and answered long time ago, at the very beginning."

From Taitz's perspective, she believes the GOP want to try and win the 2014 elections and with that in mind don't want anything to distract from that. So far, the battle is uphill to take six seats in the Senate. Taitz wrote that she agrees that the issue might be best heard on its merits following the November elections.

I disagree with her on this point. I don't think Congress wants to hear the merits of this issue. Establishment Republicans are scared to death of being called racist over this issue. After all, Sheriff Joe Arpaio took his evidence to the GOP convention in 2012 and where did that go? Nowhere.

Taitz went on to elaborate about what else took place at the meeting:


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Oh look it's more shit from Freederp Outhouse.

More Birther shit, no less.

DTOM's racism continues unabated. Where are the right-wingers to tell him to knock it off, he's making conservatism look bad?

How is it racism?

I agree it's stupid but that doesn't make it racist.


Are you deliberately being dense?

No if anyone is dense it's you. I asked you a simple question and you can't explain it because it doesn't exist.

Just because someone has an opinion you don't like doesn't mean you can slap a label on them that doesn't fit.


We have a birth announcement in the newspaper and Obama's turned over his birth certificate. Any more Birtherism is 100% pure racism, there being no other reason to continue pursuing the subject. Just because you ignore the dogwhistles doesn't mean ORLY Taitz and company aren't blowing them and DTOM isn't howling his thick pointy racist head off at them like a good little Teatarded lapdog.

Ok as I said before it is stupid. Those who believe the President was not born in the US are stupid in my opinion.

However, you're still not answering my question. How is it racism?

You are proving it is stupid and partisan but not proving that it is racism.


Here's some reading for your deliberately thick self, since you think just by asking this question, birtherism stops being racist. There's even video in case some of the words are too big for you.,_birtherism_is_r...


The issue of the "Birtherism' story is stupid, and he believes those who believe in it are stupid, in his opinion. As I have said many times before, the stories I repost are not mine. You believe that because I repost them, I believe them, some of them I do, and some I don't. If I did believe the Birtherism story (and I don't) and Mikey said I was stupid, so what? I' don't post or comment to get approval from Mikey, or anyone else here.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

ChilledClown knows who means what, as soon as the text is printed out. Now, he looks like he's trying to start a fight. IMHO, he's a troll in every sense of the word.

In other words, you posted a story you don't believe in just to spam up Chris's board and to troll people.

You've previously admitted to trolling.

Chris, are you going to address the troll? Are you going to address the spamming up of your site?

site. stupid or otherwise, are allowed. Some think they are BS,others don't.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

How much are you getting paid to repost that garbage?

If you're not getting paid, then you're trolling, or have a huge white-knight complex trying to get the blog admins to take notice and give you some steamy man meat lovin' up the poop chute (not that there's anything wrong with that... unless you're a Conservative and get caught at it after making homophobic remarks, of course).

Doesn't think there is nothing wrong with taking it up the popper.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

So you're a racist AND a homophobe too! Good to know!

I NEVER troll, OR post stories I don't believe in. In addition to you being the number one troll on the Forum, I think I'll add "goddamned liar" to the resume.

Apparently, birtherism isn't the only thing that's stupid. DTOM at least was able to understand what I was saying.


everything on me. I just pass along the stories, stupid or otherwise. Anything said against his Obama is racists. I wonder if he is black guy.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Birtherism is not a story, it's racism plain and simple. Obama produced his birth certificate and any fuckhead like you who keeps touting out these shitty blog posts as "news" is either a fucking troll, a fucking racist, or both. The mere fact that nobody else on the CCCConservative side of this board dared to step up and say "uhhhh, DTOM, knock it off already" just makes them complicit in the racism and trolling.

the site administrator of Freedom outpost. Chumley.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

With the rate you regurgitate their shit here wholesale, Chris ought to rename the site.

what comes of this Bergdahl story. Obama is imploding fast.
And look who they put out there to perpetrate the story Susan Rice , Really. Two paid liars for the Liar In Chief. Susan Rice and Jay Carney. Wow! what legacy's they will have.

أوباما رئيس أسوأ من أي وقت مضى

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I love your deliberate spelling and grammatical errors, troll.

Do I need to cite the right-wingers clamoring for his return earlier this year? Now that he's back, suddenly it's an issue.

Which one are you talking about, DTOM? The prez has a White mother, so he's only part Black. The other one is a tougher call. But I'm gonna go out on a limb, and guess AC is White. He uses the word "racist" every 3-4 words as far as I can tell. And he uses it as a weapon, not just a word. Probably has spent a tremendous amount of time in or near a liberal public school.

Why DOES bobo have more than one social security number?? That's against the law of the land.

He doesn't. You're being a racist TeaTard again.

He does SO! Sez ME!

Racism or trolling?

Why not both?

Let's not forget that Obama started WWII, also.

But a whole lot of other scandals

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

None of which you can list, prove, or otherwise articulate in a rational fashion.
How much is the GOP paying you per post?

You have so much evidence!
I'll never, ever, EVER vote for Barack Obama for POTUS ever again.

We have a Constitutional block that takes care of all the "nevers" you can "ever" come up with.

Yeah, the one y'all were talking about repealing to vote Georgie Dubya in for a third term at one point, before he fucked up big time and tanked his approval ratings in the low twenties?

Well it’s kind of hard getting all of the evidence together when you have a corrupt Justice Dept. You can throw in the media as well, that's why you don't know about the evidence they do have. After that I can see why you don't realize that there is any evidence, because THEY LIE. It’s called the Obama LYING MACHINE.

The independent, Bipartisan Congressional investigation proves it. Search it you will be enlightened.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

vote for Barack Obama for POTUS ever again.

I humbly suggest that you move on to issues which pertain more to the future than to the past. But that's your call, DTOM.

Typical response from you progressives. Lets move on, its old news. It's in the past, because it happened yesterday. I get it.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

The 2008 and 2012 elections are history.
DTOM --You have a choice to keep fighting over those results or to move on AS YOU WISH.

So is 2000.

Bush won fair and square!


I have made zero statements about the 2000 election here. Truth be told, I thought that Gore blew the election and did not deserve to win. He lost his home state of Tennessee, after all.

The point is there are liberals here who do. So stop harping on conservatives for dwelling on 2008 and 12 when the liberals haven't moved on passed 2000.

And I agree with you for the Tennessee reason as well. Had Gore not moved strongly to the left he probably would have won his home state and FL would be a non-issue.


He can't be impeached, either. What did you think about The Clintons' being impeached? Have you gotten over it yet? And the biggie-Gore lost even though he beat Bush by 500.000 votes. I'm told that election still infuriates the democrats party more than their other losses.

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