what's taking Jon Husted so long?

Is there anything more frustrating than government inertia? Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has made it well-known that the Lucas County Board of Elections has taken up more of his time than all of the other counties combined. He's put together a special investigative committee and has asked for the resignations of election board members and employees (most of whom haven't complied)--and still there's no final resolution.

Interestingly, one of the members of Husted's special committee is the very person who refused to place Jon Stainbrook on the BOE back in early 2010--former Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. Stainbrook's like a bad penny for her.

If you recall, there were two factions of the Republican Party in Lucas County in those days--the Stainbrook faction and the Jeffrey Simpson faction. As seems to be the norm, the Ohio Republican Party couldn't get its act together to decide which of these factions was "official." So each submitted a nominee for the Lucas County BOE and Brunner rejected them both and made her own appointment (Mr. Husted--hint, hint).

Brunner's choice, Ben Marsh, resigned before his 4-year term was up and Husted (who was elected Secretary of State in 2010) approved Stainbrook's nomination to join the BOE.

Stainbrook is a bully. Hopefully, people aren't backing down on confronting him because he's a squeaky wheel.

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Lucas county residents. Do you not understand that most LC residents barely know who Stainbrook is? They are not political junkies like us (who post on political message boards). And most LC residents don't know John Irish is now on the board. And maybe half of them are not aware of his stripper scandal - which speaks volumes about his moral character. See? "Inside baseball".

I'll cut to the chase. First of all, I have to wonder why Brunner is on this so-called "transparency" committee at all. I think it's politics. As in, "Look, see I'm a really fair AG, etc. etc." Brunner HAD her chance when she was AG. I am supremely unimpressed that she is on this panel. She doesn't understand Lucas County, and neither does Husted.

I think Husted is weighing his options, in order to do the least amount of political damage to himself. What he doesn't appear to understand is that Dems in Lucas County will barely notice that Brunner is a Dem. They will not give him brownie points for putting her on this panel. They wouldn't vote for a Republican under any circumstances. It's just dawning on Husted that if the entire Board is fired - or if 3 are fired and the stripper king stays -- it's not going to do much in terms of his getting re-elected, and may hurt him in the long run.

Outside of Lucas County, NOBODY cares about the LC BOE. Therefore, the only way Husted gets any election benefit out of this is if he gains some votes here locally, as opposed to losing a lot of votes. As opposed to making himself look unfair. He may not know that almost everything connected to govt jobs in Lucas County is unfair.

Yes, that's jaded and cynical. But, just off the top of my head, how exactly did Pete Culp get one of the temp jobs at the local temporary Census Office in 2009, after having been let go from another federal job? Hmmm? And then there is Mayor Collins' new "information officer". After running a blog that kissed up to Dems exclusively -- did she get that govt job because she was the best and brightest for that position?

In short, I'm not sure Husted knew what he was getting into when he decided to address all the political poison in Lucas County - BEFORE his re-election bid.

Really you raise some good points but I don't think things are as nefarious as you might believe but the questions should be asked.

The only issue I have is your assertion about Lisa Renee Ward's position. LRW is a highly respected researcher. She did a great job researching when she ran her blog. She did such a good job that she uncovered several things that were picked up by the Toledo Free Press before they ultimately hired her for several stories much to the chagrin of the Bland.


LRW is a class act. She and I have butted heads on some issues, but I have nothing but respect for her fairness and objectivity. She may not agree with FG on...well, almost anything, but LRW would never use that as a reason for being unfair in any way to FG or anyone else with whom she had a disagreement.
As far as her getting her job because she ran, "a blog that kissed up to Dems exclusively," may I remind FG that the current mayor ran both for city council AND mayor as an independent. His director of finance is a Republican, for heaven's sake!

is making the case. Jon has proven the timesink he has become and there is no one who can support keeping him there. It is better when you have evidence to back your case that is the own person's doing. But overall, it has taken so long. He should have dumped Stainbrook years ago - the BOE would have been a more different place.

is still political payback.

See, the question isn't how much Dems "wuv" one another.... smoochedy smooch smooch.

The question is -- how many individuals interviewed for this job? And what were their CREDENTIALS as compared to LW's CREDENTIALS?

Or was anybody else interviewed at all?

And what exactly is the NEED, in a city that can't fix its roads, for a public info person - to BEGIN with? A low-paid SECRETARY can give the Blade the official line for the day. Collins is no different than the previous mayor. (Personally I don't think he is as able...)

Collins will do as most politicos in power do - reward their friends.


FG the Mayor's administration serves at the pleasure of the mayor.

That means he can hire them without competition, they are political appointees. He can also fire them. He can get rid of them without cause. When there's a new mayor she will 9 times out of 10 not keep her job.

So, he didn't have to interview anyone else. If he wanted LRW he could have her even if she weren't qualified. But in this case she's more than qualified.

Your justification for her job not needed is inadequate. He's a mayor of one of the 100 biggest cities in the country. Having someone to directly interact with the major media of the market only makes sense.

It seems you more are trying to just carry on a beef you have/had with LRW and are mad she has received a political appointment.


Mikey -- Your analysis seems accurate from what I know.

My years of working in the government have taught me there are little surprises. Most things operate essentially the same way with variance in the details.

Rarely does gov't impose restrictions that go contrary to if the voters have spoken, when they do it's normally some form of corruption. Even judges disdain having to deems something unconstitutional when the people have voted on it.


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