Net Neutrality & the FCC - Thank you Toledo Talk

Thanks to "Toledo Talk", because I was WAY too tired to start researching this, in order to post an FYI here. I know this proposed FCC baloney is not good for any of us. But I also agree with the TT commenter who says [link below], basically, that this is going to get rammed through, the fix is in, etc.

But having said that, the public should be alerted that if you are interested in commenting to the FCC during the public comment period, the clock, so to speak, is ticking.

I haven't decided yet. And I really do think the "fix is in". I think writing or e-mailing your congress person about this might be more effective. Maybe just to annoy them and let them know that we, the public, are not completely clueless. Frustrated, maybe, but not entirely stupid [as most of them hope we are].

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Good topic.

Everyone should write their congressman and donate to those who support keeping control of the internet out of ISP and FCC hands.

This is an issue that should be supported by everyone.


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