Right-wing Pussies like DTOM, Fred, Galt, GZ, and MikeyA To #OccupyDC Starting Today

Yes it's true, tens of millions of Teabaggers are going to magically appear in DC today and take over the government by camping out and demonstrating. You know, like #Occupy but with old fat nutjob armed Teabaggers riding their Rascal scooters around and waving their misspelled, racist signs.


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I don't support this march, and don't believe it will attract more than a few hundred

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

But you could still go take pictures of it and keep us updated like you did with OWS.

Difference between Conservatards and "liberals" right there: Conservatards are all talk and no do. "Liberals" will actually get out from behind their keyboards and go demonstrate and stick with it for a while.

I for one ENCOURAGE all the Tea-tards to keep right on with this crap. Every time they say they're gonna get 30 million people to overthrow the government or whatever their wet dream is and 300 show up, it just makes them look crazier and stupider.

While you're screaming about your favorite domestic enemy combatant, the "teabagger", you Liberals are well on the way to losing the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections. You lost the House in 2010, but none of you learned from that.

The silliest thing about it, was that you Liberals didn't even have to work hard after the horrid Emperor Bush years, to prove that you could govern. All you had to do, was GOVERN. But you opted for leftie extremism. Then your Chocolate Messiah gave all the crooked bankers a pass. Then you all passed that monstrous thing, Obamacare. So you lost it. You lost the moral right to govern.

Blowback's a bitch.

On the side of possibly the most scandalous President and administration in history. Worst of all is the VA issue, but of course Obama knows nothing. I know something; People are disgusted with this scandalous lying ass President and his administration.
Just as a side note: Since 2002 parties that Don’t Trust the Government has significantly decreased among Republicans, and Independents in 2014. For Democrats, their percentage went up from 44% in 2002 to 55% 2014. What's that tell ya!

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Most scandalous President?

How about Nixon and Watergate?
Reagan and Iran-Contra?

"By the end of his term, 138 Reagan administration officials had been convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations. In terms of number of officials involved, the record of his administration was the worst ever."

Fuck you, DTOM, and your lies. Here's some shit for you to eat, let's count the Obama scandals and compare them to your favorite Republican Presidents:

2009–present Obama Administration
Executive Branch

ATF gunwalking scandal – Attorney General Eric Holder was held in Contempt of Congress after refusing to release all documents which the House of Representatives had demanded concerning the Fast and Furious gun walking operation. (2012)[1]
Terence Flynn, an appointee of Barack Obama to the National Labor Relations Board, resigned in May 2012 after being accused of serious ethical violations by leaking information to the National Association of Manufacturers.[2]
Martha N. Johnson, head of the General Services Administration, fired two top GSA officials and then resigned herself after it was revealed that $822,000 had been spent in Las Vegas on a four-day training conference for 300 GSA employees. (2010)[3][4][5][6]
IRS admitted to inappropriate investigation of conservative political groups associated with the Tea Party.[7] President Obama labeled the IRS’s actions "inexcusable."[8] He demanded and accepted the resignation of Steven T. Miller Acting Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. Other retirements arising from the scandal included:

Joseph H. Grant, commissioner of the IRS Tax-exempt and Government entities division, resigned on May 16.[9]
Lois Lerner, head of the IRS Office of Exempt Organizations, stated she had not done anything wrong and then took the Fifth before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.[10] She retired after an internal investigation found that she neglected her duties and was going to call for her ouster.[11]

2001–2009 George W. Bush Administration
Executive Branch

PRISM (surveillance program) was signed into law on Sept. 11, 2007, by President George W. Bush after he signed the Protect America Act allowing the National Security Agency to start a massive domestic surveillance program known as PRISM on Sept. 11, 2007.[32] “I put that program in place to protect the country”, he said.[33]
Felipe Sixto was appointed by President George W. Bush to be his Special Assistant for Intergovernmental Affairs as well as Duty Director at the Office of Public Liaison. He resigned a few weeks later on March 20, 2008 because of his misuse of grant money from the U.S. Agency for International Development when he had worked for the Center for a Free Cuba.[34] He was sentenced to 30 months in prison for stealing almost $600,000 for personal use.[35]
Timothy Goeglein, Special Assistant to President Bush resigned when it was discovered that more than 20 of his columns had been plagiarized from an Indiana newspaper. (2008)[36]
Scott Bloch was appointed by President George W. Bush to head the United States Office of Special Counsel. On April 27, 2010 Bloch pleaded guilty to criminal contempt of Congress for "willfully and unlawfully withholding pertinent information from a House committee investigating his decision to have several government computers wiped ...."[37] On February 2, Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson ruled that Bloch faces a mandatory sentence of at least one month in prison.[38][39]

Lewis Libby, Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney (R). 'Scooter' was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in the Plame Affair on March 6, 2007. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison and fined $250,000. The sentence was commuted by George W. Bush on July 1, 2007. The felony remains on Libby's record, though the jail time and fine were commuted.[40][41]
Alphonso Jackson The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development resigned while under investigation by the Justice Department for alleged cronyism and favoritism [42]
Karl Rove Senior Adviser to President George W. Bush was investigated by the Office of Special Counsel for "improper political influence over government decision-making", as well as for his involvement in several other scandals such as Lawyergate, Bush White House e-mail controversy and Plame affair. He resigned in April 2007. (See Karl Rove in the George W. Bush administration)[43]
Richard J. Griffin Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security appointed by George W. Bush who made key decisions regarding the department's oversight of private security contractor Blackwater USA, resigned in November 2007, after a critical review by the House Oversight Committee found that his office had failed to adequately supervise private contractors during the Blackwater Baghdad shootings protecting U.S. diplomats in Iraq.[44]
Howard Krongard, Republican contributor[45] was appointed Inspector General of the US State Department by President George W. Bush in 2005.[46] After he was accused by the House Oversight Committee of improperly interfering with investigations into private security contractor Blackwater USA, concerning the Blackwater Baghdad shootings. Krongard resigned in December 2007.[47][48]
"Lawyergate"[49] Or the Dismissal of U.S. attorneys controversy refers to President Bush firing, without explanation, eleven Republican federal prosecutors whom he himself had appointed. It is alleged they were fired for prosecuting Republicans and not prosecuting Democrats.[50][51] When Congressional hearings were called, a number of senior Justice Department officials cited executive privilege and refused to testify under oath and instead resigned, including:

Michael A. Battle Director of Executive Office of US Attorneys in the Justice Department.[52]
Bradley Schlozman Director of Executive Office of US Attorneys who replaced Battle[53]
Michael Elston Chief of Staff to Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty[54]
Paul McNulty Deputy Attorney General to William Mercer[55]
William W. Mercer Associate Attorney General to Alberto Gonzales[56]
Kyle Sampson Chief of Staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales[52]
Alberto Gonzales Attorney General of the United States[57]
Monica Goodling Liaison between President Bush and the Justice Department[58]
Joshua Bolten Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush was found in Contempt of Congress[59]
Sara M. Taylor Aide to Presidential Advisor Karl Rove[60]
Karl Rove Advisor to President Bush[61]
Harriet Miers Legal Counsel to President Bush, was found in Contempt of Congress[59]

Bush White House e-mail controversy – During the Lawyergate investigation it was discovered that the Bush administration used Republican National Committee (RNC) web servers for millions of emails which were then destroyed, lost or deleted in possible violation of the Presidential Records Act and the Hatch Act. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Andrew Card, Sara Taylor and Scott Jennings all used RNC webservers for the majority of their emails. Of 88 officials investigated, 51 showed no emails at all.[62] As many as 5 million e-mails requested by Congressional investigators were therefore unavailable, lost, or deleted.[63]
Lurita Alexis Doan Resigned as head of the General Services Administration. She was under scrutiny for conflict of interest and violations of the Hatch Act.[64] Among other things she asked GSA employees how they could "help Republican candidates".[65]
John Korsmo chairman of the Federal Housing Finance Board pled guilty to lying to congress and sentenced to 18 months of unsupervised probation and fined $5,000. (2005)[66]
Darleen A. Druyun was Principal Deputy Undersecretary of the Air Force nominated by George W. Bush.[67] She pled guilty to inflating the price of contracts to favor her future employer, Boeing. In October 2004, she was sentenced to nine months in jail for corruption, fined $5,000, given three years of supervised release and 150 hours of community service. She began her prison term on January 5, 2005.[68] CBS News called it "the biggest Pentagon scandal in 20 years" and said that she pleaded guilty to a felony.[69]
Philip Cooney Bush appointee to chair the Council on Environmental Quality was accused of editing government climate reports to emphasize doubts about global warming.[70] Two days later, Cooney announced his resignation[71] and later conceded his role in altering reports. Stating "My sole loyalty was to the President and advancing the policies of his administration," .[72][73]
Jack Abramoff Scandal in which the prominent lobbyist with close ties to Republican administration officials and legislators offered bribes as part of his lobbying efforts. Abramoff was sentenced to 4 years in prison.[74][75] See Legislative scandals.

David Safavian GSA (General Services Administration) Chief of Staff,[76] found guilty of blocking justice and lying,[77] and sentenced to 18 months[78]
Roger Stillwell Staff in the Department of the Interior under President George W. Bush (R). Pleaded guilty and received two years suspended sentence. [33]
Susan B. Ralston Special Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to Karl Rove, resigned October 6, 2006, after it became known that she accepted gifts and passed information to her former boss Jack Abramoff.[79]
J. Steven Griles former Deputy to the Secretary of the Interior pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and was sentenced to 10 months.[80]
Italia Federici staff to the Secretary of Interior, and President of the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy, pled guilty to tax evasion and obstruction of justice. She was sentenced to four years probation.[81][82][83]
Jared Carpenter Vice-President of the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy, was discovered during the Abramoff investigation and pled guilty to income tax evasion. He got 45 days, plus 4 years probation.[84]
Mark Zachares staff in the Department of Labor, bribed by Abramoff, guilty of conspiracy to defraud.[75]
Robert E. Coughlin Deputy Chief of Staff, Criminal Division of the Justice Department pleaded guilty to conflict of interest after accepting bribes from Jack Abramoff. (2008)[85]

Kyle Foggo Executive director of the CIA was convicted of honest services fraud in the awarding of a government contract and sentenced to 37 months in federal prison at Pine Knot, Kentucky. On September 29, 2008, Foggo pleaded guilty to one count of the indictment, admitting that while he was the CIA executive director, he acted to steer a CIA contract to the firm of his lifelong friend, Brent R. Wilkes.[86]
Julie MacDonald Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Interior, resigned May 1, 2007, after giving government documents to developers (2007)[87]
Claude Allen Appointed as an advisor by President George W. Bush (R) on Domestic Policy, Allen was arrested for a series of felony thefts in retail stores. He was convicted on one count and resigned soon after.[88]
Lester Crawford Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, resigned after 2 months. Pled guilty to conflict of interest and received 3 years suspended sentence and fined $90,000 (2006)[89]
2003 Invasion of Iraq depended on intelligence that Saddam Hussein was developing "weapons of mass destruction" (WMDs) meaning nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons for offensive use. As revealed by The (British) Downing Street memo "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and the facts were being fixed around the policy" The press called this the 'smoking gun."(2005)[90]
Yellowcake forgery: Just before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration presented evidence to the UN that Iraq was seeking material (yellowcake uranium) in Africa for making nuclear weapons. Though presented as true, it was later found to be not only dubious, but outright false.[91]
Coalition Provisional Authority Cash Payment Scandal: On June 20, 2005, the staff of the Committee on Government Reform prepared a report for Congressman Henry Waxman.[92] It was revealed that $12 billion in cash had been delivered to Iraq by C-130 planes, on shrinkwrapped pallets of US $100 bills.[93] The United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, concluded that "Many of the funds appear to have been lost to corruption and waste.... Some of the funds could have enriched both criminals and insurgents...." Henry Waxman, commented, "Who in their right mind would send 363 tons of cash into a war zone?" A single flight to Iraq on December 12, 2003, which contained $1.5 billion in cash is said to be the largest single Federal Reserve payout in US history according to Henry Waxman.[94][95]
Bush administration payment of columnists with federal funds to say nice things about Republican policies. Illegal payments were made to journalists Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher and Michael McManus (2004–2005)[96]
Bernard Kerik nomination in 2004 as Secretary of Homeland Security was derailed by past employment of an illegal alien as a nanny, and other improprieties. On Nov 4, 2009, he pled guilty to two counts of tax fraud and five counts of lying to the federal government and was sentenced to four years in prison.[97]
Plame affair (2004), in which CIA agent Valerie Plame's name was supposedly leaked by Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State, to the press in retaliation for her husband's criticism of the reports used by George W. Bush to legitimize the Iraq war.[98] Armitage admitted he was the leak[99] but no wrongdoing was found.
Thomas A. Scully, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), withheld information from Congress about the projected cost of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, and allegedly threatened to fire Medicare's chief actuary, Richard Foster, if Foster provided the data to Congress. (2003)[100] Scully resigned on December 16, 2003.
NSA warrantless surveillance – Shortly after the September 11 attacks in 2001, President George W. Bush (R) implemented a secret program by the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on domestic telephone calls by American citizens without warrants, thus by-passing the FISA court which must approve all such actions. (2002)[101] In 2010, Federal Judge Vaughn Walker ruled this practice to be illegal.[102]
Janet Rehnquist (daughter of former Chief Justice William Rehnquist) appointed Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services by George W. Bush. In 2002, Governor Jeb Bush's (R-FL) Chief of Staff Kathleen Shanahan asked Rehnquist to delay auditing a $571 million federal overpayment to the State of Florida. Rehnquist ordered her staff to delay the investigation for five months until after the Florida elections. When Congress began an investigation into the matter, Rehnquist resigned in March 2003, saying she wanted to spend more time with her family.[103][104][105][105][106][107]
John Yoo An attorney in the Office of Legal Counsel inside the Justice Department who, working closely with vice president Dick Cheney and The Bush Six,[108] wrote memos stating the right of the president to –

suspend sections of the ABM Treaty without informing Congress[109]
bypass the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act allowing warrentless wiretapping of US Citizens within the United States by the National Security Agency.[109]
state that the First Amendment and Fourth Amendments and the Takings Clause do not apply to the president in time of war as defined in the USA PATRIOT Act[109]
allow Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (torture) because provisions of the War Crimes Act, the Third Geneva Convention, and the Torture convention do not apply.[109]

Many of his memos have since been repudiated and reversed.[109][110] Later review by the Justice Department reported that Yoo and Jay Bybee used "poor judgement" in the memos, but no charges were filed.[111]

Carl Truscott Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms appointed in 2004 but was soon under investigation for his management style and allegations of lavish spending and misuse of resources, including requiring a large number of agents as personal security, allocating hundreds of thousands of dollars of expensive upgrades to the ATF HQ building, adding a new garage to his house, detailing 20 agents to help with his nephew’s high school project and other examples of poor financial judgment. Truscott resigned as the ATF Director on August 4, 2006. [112][113]

1993–2001 Bill Clinton Administration
Executive Branch

Ronald Blackley, Chief of Staff to Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy, was sentenced to 27 months for perjury. Secretary Espy was found innocent on all counts.[139]
Bill Clinton President (D) Impeached by the House of Representatives for perjury and obstruction of justice for allegedly lying under oath about sexual relations with intern Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was acquitted by the Senate and remained in office for the rest of his term. Clinton subsequently was cited for contempt of court and agreed to a five-year suspension of his Arkansas law license (1998).[140] On October 1, 2001, Bill Clinton was barred from practicing law before the Supreme Court of the United States (2001)[141]

1989–1993 George H. W. Bush Administration
Executive Branch

George H. W. Bush (R) President. during his election campaign, Bush denied any knowledge of the Iran Contra Affair by saying he was "out of the loop." But his own diaries of that time stated "I'm one of the few people that know fully the details ..." He repeatedly refused to disclose this to investigators and won the election. (1988)[159]
Catalina Vasquez Villalpando, (R) Treasurer of the United States. Pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and tax evasion. The only US Treasurer ever sent to prison. (1992)[160]
Iran-Contra Affair pardons. On December 24, 1992, George H. W. Bush (R) granted clemency to five convicted government officials and Caspar Weinberger, whose trial had not yet begun. This action prevented any further investigation into the matter.[161]

Caspar Weinberger Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan[162]
Robert C. McFarlane National Security Advisor to Ronald Reagan[162]
Elliott Abrams Assistant Secretary of State to Ronald Reagan[162]
Clair George CIA Chief of Covert Ops[162]
Alan D. Fiers Chief of the CIA's Central American Task Force[162]
Duane Clarridge CIA Operations Officer[162]

1981–1989 Ronald Reagan Administration
Executive Branch

Housing and Urban Development Scandal A scandal concerning bribery by selected contractors for low income housing projects.

Samuel Pierce Secretary of Housing and Urban Development because he made "full and public written acceptance of responsibility" was not charged.[169]
James G. Watt Secretary of Interior, 1981–1983, charged with 25 counts of perjury and obstruction of justice, sentenced to five years probation, fined $5,000 and 500 hours of community service[170]
Deborah Gore Dean (R) Executive Assistant to (Samuel Pierce, Secretary of HUD 1981–1987, and not charged). Dean was convicted of 12 counts of perjury, conspiracy, bribery. Sentenced to 21 months in prison. (1987)[171]
Phillip D. Winn Assistant Secretary of HUD, 1981–1982, pled guilty to bribery in 1994.[171]
Thomas Demery, Assistant Secretary of HUD, pled guilty to bribery and obstruction.[171]
Joseph A. Strauss, Special Assistant to the Secretary of HUD, convicted of accepting payments to favor Puerto Rican land developers in receiving HUD funding.[172]
Silvio D. DeBartolomeis convicted of perjury and bribery.[173]

Wedtech scandal Wedtech Corporation convicted of bribery for Defense Department contracts

Edwin Meese Attorney General, resigned but never convicted.[174]
Lyn Nofziger White House Press Secretary, whose conviction of lobbying was overturned.[175]
Mario Biaggi (D-NY) sentenced to 2½ years.[176]
Robert García (D-NY) sentenced to 2½ years.[177]

Savings and loan scandal in which 747 institutions failed and had to be rescued with $160,000,000,000 of taxpayer monies in connection with the Keating Five. see Legislative scandals.[178]

Iran-Contra Affair (1985–1986); A plan conceived by CIA head William Casey and Oliver North of the National Security Council to sell TOW missiles to Iran for the return of US hostages and then use part of the money received to fund Contra rebels trying to overthrow the left wing government of Nicaragua, which was in direct violation of Congress' Boland Amendment.[179] Ronald Reagan appeared on TV stating there was no "arms for hostages" deal, but was later forced to admit, also on TV, that yes, there indeed had been:

Caspar Weinberger Secretary of Defense, was indicted on two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice on June 16, 1992. [34]. Weinberger received a pardon from George H. W. Bush on December 24, 1992, before he was tried.[180]
William Casey Head of the CIA. Thought to have conceived the plan, was stricken ill hours before he would testify. Reporter Bob Woodward records that Casey knew of and approved the plan.[181]
Robert C. McFarlane National Security Adviser, convicted of withholding evidence, but after aplea bargain was given only 2 years probation. Later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush[182]
Elliott Abrams Asst Sec of State, convicted of withholding evidence, but after a plea bargain was given only 2 years probation. Later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush[183] http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/walsh/summpros.htm.
Alan D. Fiers Chief of the CIA's Central American Task Force, convicted of withholding evidence and sentenced to one year probation. Later pardoned by President George H. W. Bush[179]
Clair George Chief of Covert Ops-CIA, convicted on 2 charges of perjury, but pardoned by President George H. W. Bush before sentencing.[184]
Oliver North convicted of accepting an illegal gratuity, obstruction of a congressional inquiry, and destruction of documents, but the ruling was overturned since he had been granted immunity.[185]
Fawn Hall, Oliver North's secretary was given immunity from prosecution on charges of conspiracy and destroying documents in exchange for her testimony.[186]
John Poindexter National Security Advisor (R) convicted of 5 counts of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury, defrauding the government, and the alteration and destruction of evidence. The Supreme Court overturned this ruling.[187]
Duane Clarridge An ex-CIA senior official, he was indicted in November 1991 on 7 counts of perjury and false statements relating to a November 1985 shipment to Iran. Pardoned before trial by President George H. W. Bush.[188][189]
Richard V. Secord Ex-major general in the Air Force who organized the Iran arms sales and Contra aid. He pleaded guilty in November 1989 to making false statements to Congress. Sentenced to two years of probation.[190][191]
Albert Hakim A businessman, pled guilty in November 1989 to supplementing the salary of Oliver North by buying him a $13,800 fence. Hakim was given two years of probation and a $5,000 fine, while his company, Lake Resources Inc. was ordered to dissolve.[190][192]
Thomas G. Clines Once an intelligence official who became an arms dealer, he was convicted in September 1990 on four income tax counts, including underreporting of income to the IRS and lying about not having foreign accounts. Sentenced to 16 months of prison and fined $40,000.[190][193]
Carl R. Channell A fund-raiser for conservative causes, he pleaded guilty in April 1987 to defrauding the IRS via a tax-exempt organization to fund the Contras.[194] Sentenced to two years probation.[190]
Richard R. Miller Associate to Carl R. Channell, he pleaded guilty in May 1987 to defrauding the IRS via a tax-exempt organization led by Channell. More precisely, he pled guilty to lying to the IRS about the deductibility of donations to the organization. Some of the donations were used to fund the Contras.[195] Sentenced to two years of probation and 120 of community service.[190]
Joseph F. Fernandez CIA Station Chief of Costa Rica. Indicted on five counts in 1988.[196] The case was dismissed when Attorney General Dick Thornburgh refused to declassify information needed for his defense in 1990.[197]

Inslaw Affair (1985–1994+); a protracted legal case that alleged that top-level officials of President Ronald Reagan's (R) Department of Justice were involved in software piracy of the Promis program from Inslaw Inc. forcing it into bankruptcy.[198] Attorney General Edwin Meese (R) and his successor Attorney General Dick Thornburgh (R) were both found to have blocked the investigation of the matter.[199] They were succeeded by Attorney General William P. Barr (R), who also refused to investigate and no charges were ever filed.[198]

D. Lowell Jensen, Deputy Attorney General was held in Contempt of Congress.[200]
C. Madison Brewer A high ranking Justice Department official was held in Contempt of Congress.[200]

Michael Deaver Deputy Chief of Staff to Ronald Reagan 1981–85, pleaded guilty to perjury related to lobbying activities and was sentenced to 3 years probation and fined $100,000[201]
Sewergate A scandal in which funds from the EPA were selectively used for projects which would aid politicians friendly to the Reagan administration.

Anne Gorsuch Burford Head of the EPA. Cut the EPA staff by 22% and refused to turn over documents to Congress citing "Executive Privilege",[202] whereupon she was found in Contempt and resigned with twenty of her top employees.(1980)[203]
Rita Lavelle An EPA Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency misused "superfund" monies and was convicted of perjury. She served six months in prison, was fined $10,000 and given five years probation.[204]

Melvyn R. Paisley, appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navyby Ronald Reagan. As part of the long-running Operation Ill Wind defense procurement investigation, Paisley was to four years in prison without parole.[205]

Try that on for size, asshole.

What you're Obama has been a part of.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Stop trolling.

OMG he's trolling.

How do you know did he "call out" a poster on a front page post?


And you're trolling now too.

I wasn't trolling. I was trying to point out how juvenile your posts are with the hopes that you'd be so ashamed that you conduct the exact behavior you claim of others that you'd refrain from posting.

Trolling is attempting to illicit a response from you. As I pointed out your posts are so ridiculous they are laughable and it'd be better to not respond. Your response is as weak as it is sad.

****This post is not trolling, I'd recommend you not responding to it. You make yourself look stupid when you respond.****


For an administration that is innocent of wrong doing they certainly redact a whole lot when they send it to Congress. When it makes it to a FOIA request there's little redacting and we learn what's hidden isn't redacted for National Security measures but political ones.



This applies to all those Republican administrations you've voted for as well.

Lies, stop listening to MSNBC. Move over to the Fair and Balanced channel, or Freedom outpost, or Patriot Update, or Liberty Alliance, for the REAL TRUTH. None of above compares to what you're Obama has done since he has been in office. Come to grips with it Ac. THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

This from DTOM, ladies and gentlemen, who has repeatedly stated that he does not watch FOX NEWS.


Thank you for busting him on this important topic. For years I've wondered if he'd been watching FOX news, now that I know he is I know what box to put him in. I'll bet he's really embarrassed right about now and won't mention this to any of his friends.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

I don't believe I stated that I watched Fox News Ac. I said turn to their moniker of being "Fair and Balanced". If an admission would confirm in you're mind that I do watch the Fox News channel, well, ok, I do watch Bill O'Reilly. I guess I 'am busted now. I have come out of the closet. So now what?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}


Also, nice use of Chocolate Messiah, how about that racism! STOP GIVING OUR REPUBLICAN PARTY A BAD NAME GZ!

Where do you get off calling people "pussies" in a thread title? Isn't that against the rules, A-C--word?

If you recall you'll note he was against fred "calling out" another poster on a front page post.

What a difference a few days makes.


If YOU recall, our great and almighty site admin did nothing so therefore I'm doing the same thing and waiting for the bias and double standard to emerge, if it does.

Also, if you note, you guys are not being called pussies. I just said pussies LIKE you are Teabagging D.C. Technically correct is the best kind of correct. So quell the faux outrage.

in your mind I did nothing, but apparently you did not read, the "antagonistic" part. You violated that nice and clean and your post is 100% wrong unlike FTE's. It is nice to see that you take things a step further and then tried to portray the two posts as being the same. I think that says more about you than about what happened. It brings up questions of everything else you say and your bias.

Everyone, please note my comment on this threat:

Compare that thread with this one, it is quite clear who is wrong - not FTE or myself.

Thank you AC for making such a clear case on you acting like the victim when you are the one who are pushing the bounds. I am going to keep this up as an example of you being 100% wrong.

DTOM trolls, you do nothing.

Fred is openly antagonistic after being called out about calling out people in his headlines, posts two to antagonize me, you do nothing and see no problem.

Others post openly racist comments, you do nothing.

I use the F-word and you get upset.

I act just like others here, except I'm not a member of your right-wing party, and you take issue.

You're clearly and openly biased and selectively enforce the rules, Chris. I ask for stuff to stop, I flag posts, nothing. If it takes this to get your attention then it's all on your and your attitude towards being an admin of this site. You could have easily asked any one of the others to knock it off and you didn't. But hey when I do something you crawl out of the woodwork.

I don't have to play the victim, it's clear that you'll let your chosen crew of right-wingers have the run of the playground, you'll let GZ go on about the "Chocolate Messiah" and let DTOM's plagiarism and trolling run wild, but the minute I drop to their level (after repeatedly asking for some action to be taken) you suddenly take issue. Fred can call people out AND call them names ("Prunefart") in his headlines and stories but I can't? Yeah, right, show me the slap on Fred's wrist like you just had to write one up for me. You can't. That's evidence enough for the unbiased observer to determine exactly where you stand.


Now just so you understand prunefart, I am not saying blacks and Hispanics are "less successful" -- right there in the front page text. No action from Chris.

Fred can be antagonistic towards purnhart and myself right there on the front page and that gets a complete and utter pass from Chris.
I stoop to Fred's level - INSTANT YELLING AT FROM CHRIS.

You don't see antagonism from Fred? Them's some damn fine blinders you got on. All it would have taken was a "knock it off" or "tone it down" to Fred and the others. But nahhh, easier for me to play the same game so you can look like the high and mighty admin cleaning up the place after the fact. Are you that deathly afraid that they're going to call you a RINO if you're seen to "disagree" by asking/telling them to tone it down? That your precious right-winger userbase will pull up stakes and go elsewhere if you start moderating them?

100% fair and balanced,just like FoxNews says they are....

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Lighten up, Francis. If you read carefully, I didn't call you a pussy, I said the people Teabagging D.C. are pussies. Also go see where Chris thinks mentioning other people in headlines and stories is perfectly okay. He won't do anything when others do it, therefore I'm going to forget this "taking the high road" crap and come down to your level. Tough titty if you don't like it.

Has a nice ring. I'll bet the conventions are fun, too.

Patience is a great virtue.

Oh but everyone knows these upstanding Republicans In Denial are also True Conservatives which means they are automatically Devoted Christians who would never ever do anything other than missionary-position sex for purposes of procreation. Why, whenever one of them is caught with little boys or other men in compromising positions, Fox News automatically sticks the (D) by their name.

You sound like a little girl that can't get your way.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

You forgot to deliberately misuse spelling and grammar in that post.

I fail to see how I am a tea party-er. I am as establishment as they get. According to AC that means I'm trying to change the rules to deny the Tea Party-ers their chance to govern.


I just love seeing my name in headlines.

"Teabaggers"--did you just make that up? Refreshingly original.

....and as reported by Glenn Beck on The Blaze http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/05/16/operation-american-spring-com...

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Thank you for illustrating my point about right-wing pussies: 99% talk, blather, hot air, verbal diarrhea, etc. and 1% getting off their fat asses to even attempt to do something.

After all, it's so much easier for the likes of DTOM to plunk their fat asses in front of the computer and post poorly-spelled racist screeds about Obama and to gin up conspiracy theories based off whatever Fox News and talk radio tell them than it is for them to actually march on Washington (not that they can march per se, just roll their fat asses along on the mobility scooter that the government bought for them). This explains the jealous rage over #Occupy where the protests went on for weeks until The Powers That Be brought in the cops. You won't see these Tea-tard assholes out in the weather for a week despite how hardcore they claim to be. They're good for nothing but a one-shot affair. They're deathly terrified that some rent-a-cop type will give them some mace in the face for blocking a sidewalk with their scooters.

The fact that there's at least a 5:1 ratio of Teabaggers to "liberals" here illustrates perfectly the fact that right-wing pussies have no life outside of trying to out-Internet Tough Guy each other over their hatred for all things non-white and non-Conservative Christian.

I haven't seen anyone on here try to out tough anyone yet. You seem to post much more than anyone else on here frankly and are the only one who consistently uses aggressive language to try to make a point. If anyone is hiding behind the keyboard it would be you, the screen name helps too.
It's not surprising Tea Party members didn't show up for this thing as it wasn't really a Tea Party event, it was thrown by some guy who thought he's be able to overthrow the government. Tea Party members don't want to overthrow the government they want the government to do what it is constitutionally limited to doing.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

AC is merely revealing that his ideal state of protest is chaos, damage and pain.

It's a sad, sad insight into the Liberal mindset.

But cheer up, AC. Maybe next protest, you'll see some blood and screams. In the meantime, pull out your Rammstein CDs and drop back into your dreamy land of violent protest porn. Feuer frei!

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