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If it takes 43 minutes to fly from Pittsburgh to Toledo why wouldn't you just print your Toledo paper in Pittsburgh where your publisher lives?

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The rumors of The Blade no longer being printed in Toledo now make sense, but the shocking part of the article is there is a reference to an out-of-business solar panel company. How can that be? Obama told us that solar power was the energy source of the future. Just about every American was going to be employed in the solar power industry. We gave billions of our tax dollars to these companies. There must be a mistake in the article.

Just about every American was going to be employed in the solar power industry. We gave billions of our tax dollars to these companies.

Problem is that the Chinese government has been subsidizing Chinese solar manufacturers in a way that makes our government look stingy by comparison. You freaked when Solyndra's $500M government funding was disclosed. China averages a Solyndra a fiscal quarter in subsidies to their domestic solar industries. Congress held hearings condemning the loans made to Solyndra when the company went bankrupt, while in China they double down and offer incentives to solar companies if they merge with dying competitors.

Would it be smart to try to outspend the Chinese on the solar industry? Probably not. They have a giant mess to clean up and they're stuck with subsidizing inefficient competitors as their economy teeters on collapse. Also, solar manufacturing will return to the US, albeit without the unbridled expansion witnessed in the past ten years and possibly with some 漢字 in their company names. The important lesson is that we need to be ready to go all in when the Chinese try to take over an industry we aren't willing to part with.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Since we have a global economy, it might be wise not to sink billions of our dollars into an industry that the Chinese have already cornered.

In my job, I have learned that if the only place you can get money to start up your business is the government--you're destined for failure. There are plenty of private investors looking to fund a product/service that has a future.

A little walk down Obama and "green jobs" memory lane. Wow--what that man doesn't know!

(Click on the video link at that site for some real clueless Obama chuckles.)

Fred makes a very perceptive point on this issue over on ToledoTalk, having to do with big blue Blade trucks rolling down Airport Highway. I can't imagine distribution employees would enjoy having to drive out to Swanton every day to report to work.

Patience is a great virtue.

Hey, if this is true, it would be a little like Brian Wilson doing his radio show from another state, all the while acting like he was in Toledo the whole time.
I guess we'll find out for sure if some day the paper doesn't arrive because of a problem with air travel, such as very bad weather or a mechanical failure.

It would be like Wilson so I wonder if MrIgnorant will complain as loudly or as long about it.

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