Jon Husted recommends removing Jon Stainbrook from board of elections

After voters picked Bill Delany over Jon Stainbrook, now the transparency committee recommends that Jon Stainbrook be fired. Looks like everyone is finally coming to senses that Jon is not very good at anything and is a cancer to any organization he associates himself with. It is nice that all of the bad things he has done is now coming back to haunt him.


A transparency committee appointed by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted recommended May 9 that three of the four Lucas County Board of Elections (BOE) members be fired along with the board’s director and deputy director.

Jon Stainbrook was one of the 3 recommended to be fired.

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She may not want to serve, but I'd like to see Margaret Thurber appointed to the BOE. Although she had the unfortunate political relationship with Noe, her service as a county commissioner and muni court clerk were beyond reproach. I have no doubt that, whatever their political-party affiliations, she would ensure that fellow board members and employees do what they're supposed to do. And as her periodic guest-hosting on WSPD showed, she is capable of engaging in conversation without being abrasive or demeaning. It's sad that we need a BOE consisting of mature adults, but that's an added plus that Maggie would bring to the table.

Patience is a great virtue.

Right. Because putting a KNOWN CONVICTED ETHICS VIOLATING CRIMINAL WHO WAS ALSO FINED BY THE FEDERAL ELECTIONS COMMISSION in at the BOE is going to suddenly clean up all the corruption let alone even the mere APPEARANCE of corruption.

Are you fucking serious or just trolling?

I'm fucking serious, dillweed. And go easy on your cap key, willya?

Patience is a great virtue.

... You seriously want a known criminal, whose ethics violations stem from illegal campaign contributions, to be running the show at the Lucas County Board of Elections.


You hereby lose all rights to ever complain about corruption and nepotism by "liberals" or Democrats. Because if it's acceptable to put a known Republican criminal in an office related to her own crimes, then the same goes for Democrats. Thus, you immediately also have to shut down all IRS, "Fast and Furious", and Benghazi investigations too.

Mags done goofed and proved she cannot be trusted. That's what an ethics violation is. Even thinking of putting her in the BOE would be like appointing Ariel Castro as the warden of a women's prison.

Seriously, the mere idea is so brain-hurtingly dumb that I broke out my emergency medicinal whiskey and downed a shot to try to put the brain cells that are still trying to comprehend WHY you even think this is anything remotely like a good idea out of their misery. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

You have the nerve to talk about putting criminals in office, really.. WOULD YOU LIKE A LIST...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Or did these gals think they could get away with it:

Having been found guilty by a "visiting judge", good thing she and the others didn't have to serve actual jail sentences.

And then there is the king of the strippers, John Irish. Brunner is a Dem, and leaving this [what is the phrase Dems use for Republicans who have moral falls?]... "disgraced" individual on the Board would be a mistake on Husted's part. Because it smacks of back-room deal between the political parties in Ohio.

FG I think it's plainly clear what occurred by Lopez' comments.

They put their trust in a friend. They didn't insist that their questions were answered. Their "friend" screwed them. They worked with the prosecutor and took ultimate responsibility for their actions.

I don't see how hiring strippers has anything to do with the internal workings of the Board of Elections. Unless.... are strippers overseeing elections now-a-days? If so, I will be like a Dem and vote early and often!

How does this "smack", whatever that means, of a back-room deal? They virtually are recommending to clean house. The only person who wasn't recommended to be removed has only been in the BOE for three months and thus is not a part of the culture that has been created.


in Toledo politics for somebody claiming to be in the military and living on the west coast for the past several years. And you agree exactly with fake "Don Wert". Wow, what are the odds of that?

For the benefit, again, of readers & lurkers, the real former baseball player named Don Wert, as of last year, still lived in his native state of Pennsylvania, and (my information is) has never heard of "swampbubbles", and doesn't involve himself in on-line arguments about one-horse towns like Toledo. And is completely unaware someone is using his identity on this blog to, among other things, cuss and act like an all around jerk [which the real Don Wert is not].

Now, the way I see it, fake Don Wert would have a problem if he were to try to contact the real Don Wert, because that would involve exposing himself (the faker) to the real Don Wert as somebody who is (by implication & picture posted, etc.) assuming real Don Wert's identity.

I've already addressed my interested in LC politics. I am still a Lucas County voter. I maintain my residency in Lucas County... legally because I am in the military. So since I pay taxes and vote in Lucas County I still have an interest in it. Understand?

Don Wert and I do not always agree. Are you claiming that Don and I are one in the same? I remember you made this same claim of payingmyway and myself as well. According to you I'm pretty busy on this site.

For someone who posts under an anonymous moniker you're awfully interested in who everyone else is on here, what they do, where they live, etc. Why? Are you just curious or are your intentions less pure?

Hey Don, are you friends with Bob Uecker?


Why is it that the BOE has to be political? Can't we find 4 people who have no specific party affiliation, but are devoted to an efficient and honest election process?

Because both parties are absolutely dedicated to do anything and everything they can to lock the political process up so that one has to become a partisan candidate in order to even get on the ballot AND restrict things so the choice of party is either Democrat or Republican.

Where the hell have you and your LLLLLLLLLLibertarian (but actually a legally registered Republican) friend GZ been that you missed out on this: ???

Live up to your blather and fight for that LLLLLibertarian PPPPParty you all talk about so much, or go turn the Tea Party into an actual political party, or something that disrupts the Two Party System, for fuck's sake.

We do fight for the Libertarian Party, and Libertarianism itself: We vote for it.

But we don't need to turn the TEA Party into an "actual party". We merely have to vote for people who espouse those ideals.

If Liberals like you actually followed your ideals, Nader would have won in the 2000 election. I voted for him. You should have voted for him, since he was singularly the best candidate for the ideals you allegedly follow.

"or something that disrupts the Two Party System"

We do disrupt it: We don't vote D or R lines. We vote for candidates who follow Libertarian ideals. Shitting in public won't disrupt it; there's a clue for 'your' Occupy movement. Hey, get it? Shitting, movement. Har har! The entire idea of leftist demonstrations is hilarious.

Because all Husted would have to do is go down to the Source, find 4 individuals with good solid (NON-POLITICAL) administrative experience - who had been laid off of full-time jobs. BUT, up to now, the accepted procedure in Lucas County, for well over 50 years, by my reckoning, has been to dip into the same corrupted political pool for candidates for almost anything.

I want to think better of Husted. But am guessing that he is trying not to make too many enemies of Dems. I think what he maybe doesn't understand about Lucas County is that the rank and file voters of both parties in this region (along with many independents) don't like immorality. It hasn't really sunk down to the average local citizen level yet that John Irish has been recently installed at the BOE. He is entirely unqualified! My opinion is that if they have to keep 1 person and that person has to be a Dem, it should be Rothenbuler. And I base that on info gathered over the years that he doesn't have the stink of corruption sticking to him, like it does to Irish, for one.

Well, we now know why the GOP is out to mess with the rules. They can't maintain control of their monster, the Tea Party.

Well too bad the journalist failed to prove his point in the article. The best "attack" he could muster that is happening on the Tea Party is moving up the convention and the primaries neither of which have to do with the debate rules. His final paragraph would have gotten him a failing grade in my journalism classes for editorializing a news story. He doesn't even attempt to be objective.

Additionally, this is an action taken because many, to include Tea Party supporters, were unhappy with the questions at many of the debates. I recall several times the audience booing or the moderators seemingly trying to start fights between the candidates instead of getting answers on the issues.


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