The Toledo Plan cannot survive in its current form

The Toledo Plan is one of the issues that divides the community. There are those in favor of it and those against it. The Board must weigh many factors and make a decision. We would like to clear the air regarding our stance on the Toledo Plan.

We believe the Toledo Plan cannot survive in its current form. Here are some supporting reasons why the Toledo Plan suffers from a number of flaws:

• TFT leadership control through the intern consulting teachers and the board of review of the firing of intern teachers;
• Additionally, in Toledo an incoming teacher does not have the option of being reassigned to a different consulting teacher as is available in districts like Columbus or Minneapolis;
• The plan as constituted provides no role for principals in the evaluation of intern teachers as it is the evaluation of intern consulting teachers who make the decision to retain or terminate intern teachers;
• The plan fails to separate the roles of evaluating and mentoring intern teachers. The two roles are incompatible and should be separated and performed by different groups; especially since we believe new teachers could benefit from mentoring, and
• The Toledo Plan has now become identified with racial bias and discrimination. There are some serious questions regarding dismissals of certain participants and this has caused much concern in certain communities.

When elected we would first suspend the program. Second, we would consult with the principals’ union, the teachers’ union, and the community to come up with a new program that avoids these flaws above and emphasizes mentoring. Second, we would state our concern with the teacher’s union and tell them we need to develop a new system that emphasizes mentoring new teachers. Finally, we would incorporate the evaluation of new teachers into a comprehensive process that provides for performance evaluations of all district employees.

Thank you for allowing us to clarify our position on the Toledo Plan.


Darlene Fisher
Christopher Myers
Robert Torres

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