Sylvania School levy story featured on site

The story of the Sylvania School employees inappropriately using school resources to support Issue 3 is the feature of the this morning.

Chris Myers started getting emails about the upcoming Sylvania City Schools levy campaign, but he didn’t think much about it.

Myers signed up for school updates because he has stepchildren in the system. A couple of months ago, those updates began to include solicitations for parents to help with the additional $3.8 million continuous levy, which would appear on the May 6 primary ballot.

Full story:

I want to thank Maggie Thurber for being able to get some more answers to some of the outstanding questions. This issue is not over yet. I plan to file a complaint with the Ohio Auditor and do a public information request to get some more answers on how prevelant this whole thing was. Stay tuned.....

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As a former Sylvania School District resident, I'm curious to see how this plays out.

That's some damn good reporting and writing by Maggie. The only questionable part was her description of Chris as being angry and becoming angrier. I've seen him miffed and even peeved, but never angry. Was Maggie accurate in describing your emotions, Chris?

Patience is a great virtue.

He was like Stainbrook when you tell him you won't break the law.


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