What is it with Toledo and members of local Boards? First we have the disaster that is the Lucas County Board of Elections--and as if not to be outdone by the dysfunction--the University of Toledo Board of Trustees is at the helm of a slowly sinking ship.

Actions overseen by UT President Lloyd Jacobs prompted representatives from the Ohio Attorney General's office to talk to the Trustees, which resulted in the Board pressuring Jacobs to step down, but not until June 2015! Perhaps the Board has some fascination with the macabre and just wanted to see how much more damage Jacobs could do with one more year.

Now UT Provost Scott Scarborough has been hired as Akron University's new president starting on July 1. Anybody with any sense could have predicted that Scarborough would get the job over Jim Tressel (whose hiring would have put the faculty in a tizzy) and the other candidate from Southeast Slippery Rock's branch campus is Punxsutawney (or something like that). Yet somehow the clueless UT Board didn't see the value in immediately axing Jacobs and appointing a stable interim to get the university through this onslaught of administrative lame ducks (the Chancelor left earlier this year). And that's just the tip of the iceberg of UT problems.

With all of its administrative upheaval, which has been handled by the UT Board with about as much managerial aplomb as Enron, the university is due to be evaluated by its accrediting agency. This is not a good position for UT to be in when it appears that this group of Trustees might struggle with overseeing the church ice cream social.

The members of the Board include high-ranking officials from The Blade, Huntington Bank, and Signature Bank (really makes you want to deposit your money in those two institutions). Maybe directing UT just doesn't warrant their attention.

It's going to take a lot of time and energy to overcome the damage that the UT Board has allowed Jacobs to impart during his tenure as president. Can anyone say "Vik Kapoor"?

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Thanks for posting it.

Akron--oh wow! (Yet if it's true that Scarborough lost his job at DePaul University because of a dalliance with another employee--maybe being in the rubber capital isn't such a bad idea.)

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