Election Results and General Brouhaha - May, 2014

But mainly general brouhaha. Here's the latest, courtesy of the local bird cage liner:
From The Blade:Primary Election Results Delayed in Lucas County

The primary election results were delayed well past midnight today partially because of the missing cards, but Elections Director Gina Kaczala said "we have other problems."

Yeah, they've got problems alright. Here's the source of the problems.

At the county's Early Vote Center, Mr. Stainbrook and Ms. Kaczala exchanged barbs [had hallway sex - MJ] before board member John Irish stepped in and told Mr. Stainbrook to "shut up."

I think it's likely John told him to 'shut the fuck up', and although I've never met Mr. Irish I'm betting he's large enough to bitch slap Stainbrook's narrow little ass all over the parking lot.

Local leader stopped, cited by police

Police Report (unofficial copy)

Excerpt from the police report:
he [Stainbrook] was padded down for everyone's safety...

In case he slipped and fell or something, so he wouldn't hurt himself. I think this report was written by the UT police, as the TPD would never make an error like this one. Unless they had one of the K-9 officers write it. They don't teach those K-9 officers to read, write or spell worth a tinker's damn.

No votes yet

Mr. Stainbrook called the mishap an “inventory control problem that could have been avoided.”

This Board of Elections is so fucking corrupt. It's right out in the open, but regardless of administration, the State of Ohio refuses to do anything about it.

Again, I'd like to add something but you've covered it all.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

have to do with Gina Kaczala's handling of her job? As I've said before, I don't know either Stainbrook or Megan Gallagher, never set eyes on either of them. But Gallagher is gone. Kaczala, who appears to have been given this Director's job as some sort of consolation prize.... yes, the elephant in the room that never gets mentioned out loud is that over a stumbling political career (that included some regrettable miscalculations on his part) her husband committed suicide. And my sympathies have always been with that family.

But fast forward to 2014, and GK does not appear to even a casual observer to be able to handle her job. And ONE of the many problems is that, at the Lucas County BOE, the inmates (read several, mainly Democrats, in the support staff)... RUN THE ASYLUM. The local governing Board, or whatever they are called has no idea what goes on up there. NONE, NADA, ZILCH. And they CERTAINLY don't know what goes on at the Lucas Co. BOE, way down there in Columbus.

You have every kind of nut case working up there imaginable. An admitted handful of normal folks, but most of the full-time staff appear to be nuts. I worked as a poll worker for many elections over the years, and REALLY got an eye opener when working in a temp capacity during one of the presidential elections up at the BOE.

I could enumerate the person-to-person abuses that I and several other Republicans endured [including physical shoving], but it would take a book. I always liked what another poll worker - a Democrat presiding judge - told me during that presidential election. Her son, a Dem, was unhappy that he had applied to work temp for the presidential election that year, and not been hired. He told his mother that he was sure it was because he had done his temp job the previous election better than the full-time BOE employee, and he figured that was held against him. Having worked up there, I don't doubt for 2 seconds that he was correct.

Counting your posting it above, I have seen the above article posted both here and at Glass City Jungle at least 5 or 6 times.

So, OK - if that is SO important.-- exactly how does that relate to Gina K. doing such a poor job this primary? The buck stops at her desk, right? And again, unless Husted posts somebody AT the BOE as an observer - and it should be done anonymously, like secret shopper -- DURING an election -- like in November this year -- he, Husted, will never GET why the BOE is so dysfunctional. They can hire 5 or 6 more Directors over the next few years, and that individual will hit the same brick wall of major idiot dysfunction that all previous directors have hit. Being a nice person, or an object of sympathy is not going to cut it. They need a Director - maybe a Libertarian - who will go in there and clean house. And that will involve some rear-end kicking.

wherever he goes. He loves causing problems, it enables him to make people think everyone is against him and that he is the solution.

The Blade's close relationship with Stainbrook continues to bewilder me. What's the newspaper's objective? Is there an objective? Maggie's blog speculates that Stainbrook has "incriminating" evidence about something on John Block. Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is that we continue to get very strange descriptions in Blade stories involving Stainbrook, most recently that little Gina Kaczala "stepped menacingly" toward him on Election Night.

Patience is a great virtue.

of the Board is done by Husted in the near future, it may be a good thing. I'm not for OR against Stainbrook, because I don't know him. I think the various political personality-cult wars going on in Lucas County are a goofy waste of everybody's time, in general.

But if moral turpitude is one of the charges that should have kept Stainbrook off the Board of Elections - what exactly is John Irish doing on that same Board???

That's this guy, right?


A clean sweep of the Board may, indeed, be in order here. And the support staff at BOE need to be examined just as closely.

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