Americans are Gullible Indeed

This is simply one of the best articles of Massie's I've seen yet:

It's on the general topic of how gullible Americans are. How quick to they are to believe, for instance, tv talking heads who can "read a teleprompter without blinking".

The fact that the general American public, including a lot of those who consider themselves to be political junkies, is GULLIBLE to an extreme is screamingly obvious.

Beyond what Massie points out in this article, I listened to Walid Shoebat (sp?) on the Michael Savage show today. Have heard (& read) Shoebat before, but a lot was explained today, including some of Shoebat's personal bio, that was very informative and helpful. In Shoebat, you have one of the truth tellers out there trying to inform the American public on what is going on behind the scenes.

Toward the end of the program, Savage asked Shoebat what (in WS's opinion) it would take to wake the American public up. Shoebat prefaced by saying that that was an interesting question. But that unfortunately, the American public will not likely wake up until there is another event that involves massive loss of life. I actually disagree with that assessment. Sept 11th didn't really wake the public up. Not really.

I think MM in article above has it closer to the absolute truth. It is more comfortable and much easier for the vast majority of Americans to believe whatever pablum lie the unblinking talking heads feed them on tv on any given day.

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