Your votes?

Who will you be voting for tomorrow? Lots of primaries and lots of issues.

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Issue 1: "Authorize the state to issue bonds or other obligations to finance or assist in financing public infrastructure capital improvements for local governments and other governmental entities. Capital improvement projects would be limited to roads and bridges, waste water treatment systems, water supply systems, solid waste disposal facilities, storm water and sanitary collection, storage, and treatment facilities."

Ha haa, that's rich. Ah, NO. A solid NO vote. Those purposes are what the state of Ohio should be doing ANYWAY with its revenue stream. We're Taxed Enough Already. Double and triple paying for the same government functions is a clear indication that unionized labor other cronyism costs in the state government are at nearly fatal levels.

The title says it all. Don't forget to vote early and vote often.

Mad Jack
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Ohio Issue 1
To fund public infrastructure capital improvements by permitting the issuance of general obligation bonds in an amount not exceeding $1.875 billion over a 10-year period. Votes
YES 789,367
NO 423,270
100% precincts reporting

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

We're doomed. Ohioans are just too stupid.

And too disconnected. Note well, using Census data, out of 11.6 million Ohioans, of which which 77% are adults, hence 9 million possible voters, only 1.2 million voted on the issue. Thirteen percent.


I can't vote, it was just too difficult to get an ID.


Those damned Republicans!!!


Tough luck, Mikey. I, on the other hand, have three I.D.'s. This will allow me to drive into Sylvania tomorrow morning and vote to raise school taxes for people living there.

Patience is a great virtue.

Vote 'No' on Issue 3, because it isn't for the children, it's for the salaries of people at the public hog trough.

Issue 3

Sylvania City School District Proposed Tax Levy
An additional tax for the benefit of Sylvania City School District for the purpose of current expenses at a rate not exceeding 3.8 mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to $0.38 for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for a continuing period of time, commencing in 2014, first due in calendar year 2015.

I'm voting against this one six times. Seven if I can get to the special ACORN polling location.

Mad Jack
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LOLZ I had my new Republican friends at Diebold and the BOE set up and use the "special" cards in the machines... it's in the bag, fellow Republican!

Thank you for your generous contribution, AnonymousCoward. It's nice to know that we've got another player on the team.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack


I'm not registered with the Democratic party - I tried, but I think Dale Pertcheck put me on the black list. But if I were registered, I'd vote for John Coble to run on the Democratic ticket. John is the closest candidate the Democrats have to a rational human being. He's an erudite man, even handed and not given to fits of intemperate behavior. He also supports the 2A.

Just why John isn't a Republican confounds me, but he isn't.

Seriously, John Coble is a moderate Democrat and would make an excellent judge. I support John in his run for judge.

Mad Jack
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Is it Coble who has on his signs that he's a "Qualified Democrat"? I think that's an oxymoron!

Big time city lawyer Jay Feldstein wins this one, wouldn't you know..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Yeah, it happens. I'm disappointed. I know John personally and I'm convinced he'd make a great judge. Sadly, we needed a few thousand more people like me.

Now I'm going to convince him to keep trying.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

If my church bus shows-up and I'm given a free breakfast and the union hands me a card with the people I should vote for--I'll be at the polls!

Nah, it's better to stay home, watch some judge shows, then claim your vote was suppressed.

Patience is a great virtue.

I miss Oprah.

I'm voting in my first primary ever, on the Republican ballot, for all the Stainbrook toadies and Teabaggers.

I did my part with a "no way" vote on Issue 1. I also decided to vote Democrat so I could vote against FitzGerald.

Patience is a great virtue.

How did you vote without an ID?


Same way you Republicans vote: I cheated the system.

You Republicans?

If you voted in a Republican primary you declared yourself a Republican. Congrats you're a racist now!


'Bout time AC came out of the closet. I look forward to his rants against Harry Reid. Resumption of his use of F-bombs in this case will be acceptable.

Patience is a great virtue.

We should have seen this coming.

He has become more militant than John Ashcroft. AC would have authorized the warrantless wiretaps.


Sorry, no, I was against those and people like you attacked me for hating America and wanting the terrorists to win. But now that the N-word (remember I'm a Republican like you now) is in office, I'm totally against all this warrantless spying on Americans and stuff and if you happen to approve of it then you're a RINO and get the hell out of my party you LLLLiberal scum!

Fuck Reid and Pelosi, the incompetent morons they are. And fuck that N-word in the White House too, he sucks at his job.

Man it's sure great to be a typical Republican and say these things with impunity. Come, fellow Republicans, let's go have a Budweiser at the bar and light up to say fuck the smoking ban and the oppressive nanny state too!

I know, now did that feel, LIBERATING didn't it... and its true what you said about Reid and Pelosi...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Yup, so true! So how about you join me, fellow Republican racist, in a demonstration demanding to see President Ballsack HUSSEIN Obongo's BIRTH CERTIFICATE?! I'll stop in Walmart and get some new sheets on the way.

Add LIAR to his name.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

"Teabaggers"--so refreshingly original.

Congratulations to Madjack on the Sylvania vote outcome. If he has kids or grandkids in the school system, for their sake I hope his identity remains unknown.

Patience is a great virtue.

Thanks, Don. I have no children or grandchildren in the Sylvania school system, but my great-grandchildren are due to graduate high school over the next six years - if they keep their grades up, that is. Even if they don't, this 'no child left behind' business is working out pretty well for them.


Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Looks like a fear campaign must now be waged in Sylvania to get that money from the foolish taxpayers. I hope Maddie is ready for it.

Fear, you say?

Ha-ha. I laugh at fear. I sneer at fear. I'll continue to write and work behind the scenes to expose the Sylvania school board for what it really is, and when they've all been arrested and thrown into the hoosegow then we'll see what's what and who's who.

Meantime, I think I'll freshen my drink and enjoy the recent victory of the common man over the exulted elected officials and their sycophants. I'm using top shelf bourbon for this one. Cheers!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Notice how quiet DalePertcheck is. Where is that simpering little pseudo-intellectual anyway?

Hey Pertcheck! The levy failed 4,864 to 4,357.

I wrote about it here, which you may read or not as your conscience dictates: From Mad Jack's Shack: May 6, 2014 ballot: Victory!.

You lose, Pertcheck. You and your money grubbing friends lost this one. The people have had enough of you and your demands for more of our money.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

School District.

The Sylvania Public Schools, mostly under Ohio Governor Sick, have lost about $4,000,000 per year in state funding. It's called "tax shifting." Governor Sick and the Republican majorities in the Ohio General Assembly cut the progressive income tax, raised the regressive sales tax, cut traditional public school funding, and forced local taxpayers to raise funds for local schools by raising the regressive property tax.

Finally, properly funding schools is patriotic. It's not the faux patriotism of merely flying flags. It's the true patriotism of adequately funding traditional public schools, which properly prepare young Americans for world competition in the global marketplace of the future. By most measures the Sylvania Public Schools are among the best at educating their students. Ask yourself. When was the last time you read about a crisis in funding schools in China? How about India? Germany? Any other industrialized nations in the world? You've never heard of this? Neither have I. Only in America do we mortgage the future of our children in order to give tax breaks that favor the richest among us.

"[P]roperly funding schools is patriotic."

Funding a voracious predator known as unionized labor isn't patriotic. It's really just stupid. But in your view I can see patriotism and stupidity being functionally synonymous.

Proper funding for any government action is the minimum required to get the job done. As unions artificially raise that minimum, and then still don't get the job done, then logically the unions must be disbanded. Public unions should really be outlawed. They are self-serving... driving up costs, often hugely. They victimize taxpayers.

No credentials.
No facts.
Only vacuous opinions.

I know that you hate statistics, but here I go again. As I have pointed out before, teaching is one of the lowest paid occupations among college graduates. Here is a link to an article in that far-left publication/web site, the April 15, 2013, Forbes.

You keep writing that he has no credentials. The fact is he's a taxpayer so he does have a say in what happens in our public education.

I've seen other "educators" make this same argument against those who criticize Common Core. Discussion spurs creativity and hopefully solutions. To suggest that we stop discussing education because someone is not an "expert" or doesn't have "credentials" is serving to actually make our society dumber.


Anyone can say anything, and if that person is a taxpayer, you have no standards by which you judge the value of their statements, Mikey? You place their opinions on an equal footing with yours, for example, if we are discussing military strategy or types of firearms?
Why is it that you can be an expert in your field, and properly criticize others who challenge you in those areas but have no credentials, but you support a person who happens to agree with you when that person comments on issues where he has neither credentials nor experience? You can't have it both ways, Mikey.


First, I am a servant to the public. Their vote is on equal footing as mine and I do realize that.

Second, when I criticize others it is to correct misinformation. I don't attack disagreement just because it ideologically doesn't agree with mine. Likewise, I've never stated that even through misinformation that that individual doesn't have a right to their opinion. I correct them not because I will change that individual's mind but to inform those reading the opinion that it is incorrect and present the other side. Like when Paul posts that the military can survive on an Air Force alone and downsize the Navy, I've instead posted several instances where this thinking has caused more deaths and spends more money and the strategy was widely criticized and abandoned. Sure I call him an idiot but even an idiot has a right to be one.

Now, If you feel I crossed the line you may be correct. Please show me where and I will elaborate further. I am not infallible and I am prone to make mistakes. If I misrepresented myself I will issue an apology and correction.

In this case you made the point that to not vote for a levy is unpatriotic (me paraphrasing) and this is a emotion based statement. A powerful one but no doubt emotion based. GZ's reply was a logic based statement arguing against. Nothing you've presented has showed him as incorrect or his reasoning flawed, just that he his opinion shouldn't hold the same weight as yours.


That's a solid fact. And the main reason those drastic cuts have happened was to pay for the income tax cuts, most of which "helped" the wealthiest Ohioans. That may be emotional, but it is also factual.

Patriotism is not just flying flags. Patriotism sometimes requires sacrifice. The people of the "Greatest Generation" sacrificed when I was young to fund schools at a level high enough so that my generation could compete in a ever-more global marketplace. The same is true of my generation, and the sacrifices we made to pay for the education of those in our children's generation. Now, we can still do this as long as we're around, but it is up to your generation, Mikey and GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass, to decide if you are patriotic enough to provide the education for the young people now so that they can compete in the future global economy.
Oh, wait. I have to exempt GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass from this. In the future world of GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass, all the people of the world will be suffering as the world economy crumbles. That's why GZ IS Mr. Empty Glass. I almost forgot. (GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass hasn't expounded lately on this apocalyptic theme...with no facts, no credentials, only vacuous opinions.)

overseas deployment. You know that despite our differences, I deeply appreciate your service to our country, even though it costs me tax dollars. To me, it's money well spent.


I do not doubt your sincerity.

I am leaving as not part of a military mission but a diplomatic one. For the next year the costs of the added money I will receive, my normal salary, and my benefits to me and my family are being underwritten by the country I will be a guest of. It will cost the US taxpayers nothing.

Additionally, it'll serve to strengthen our ties with a middle eastern country.

I will let you know where I will be once I land. I will still post on here but at off hours.


Mikey -- I wish you nothing but success.

"teaching is one of the lowest paid occupations among college graduates"

So? The issue remains for the TPS that the starting salary (for only 9 months* of work!) is at the median household income for the area, $32K. Household. Income.

The average TPS wage is $48K. And the vets make $60K easy. The administrators are much worse, pulling down $90K easy.

Therefore, all 'principals' (teachers and administrators) in this system are highly overpaid, considering also that their school system sucks ass and is essentially a production line right into Ohio's prisons.

So once again, it's readily apparent that teachers are overpaid, for their salaries, benefits and pensions. Pensions alone should be utterly erased as the huge mistake they always were, and tossed into the dustbin of history.

* Well, let's be honest... with Winter Break, Spring Break, and lots and lots of vacation days and sick days and holidays, teachers likely only work 32 total weeks of the 52-week year. We taxpayers are getting utterly ripped off by these thieves.


GZ, he gave you his reason why teachers are underpaid. It was small so you might have missed it.

They have college degrees.

That's the problem. He's approaching the issue with the biased belief that those with a college degree AUTOMATICALLY should earn higher pay. It speaks nothing of the quality of work they do. Their "credential" alone is justification.

So, if you and I both do the same job. I have a college degree while you do not. If you make a better quality product, I should still receive higher pay. It's really no different than the union approach to seniority. That's how ingrained the union thinking is in the minds of he and many Toledoans.

I am in agreement with you that the natural state of things is Supply/Demand and their social engineered economics will fall apart, in fact as you've noted it already is. Their solution is to attempt to further engineer it more creating a more catastrophic failure.

BTW, I am leaving the country. I will return In June briefly. At that time I will be purchasing at least one military service-type weapon. I would love to start a side discussion on your thoughts on my choice of weapon. It doesn't have to be in a public forum.


I was NOT comparing two people doing the same job. The link I cited WAS comparing different professions, all of which require baccalaureate degrees.

GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass -- You are also comparing those with jobs requiring different credentials. It is a fact, (I know. You HATE facts! Sorry.) that most of those who go to college will earn more over their lifetimes than most of those who do not.
It is also a fact that attending college has become extremely costly, and many who get degrees graduate owing thousands of dollars in student loans.
And GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass, and Mikey, it is also a fact that a higher percentage of Americans are graduating from high school than ever before, so educators are doing a lot of things right, even though per pupil spending for "regular" education students has been stagnant over time.
So...Mikey, have you joined GZ's Empty Glass camp now?

GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass -- As I've stated before...if the field of education demands so little and is so lucrative, why don't you get the credentials to enter the field? Of course, statistically, you would be better off getting a degree in business or engineering. Why not do that? Maybe you wouldn't be so bitter. Maybe?

Dale, you use the word lucrative. GZ used the word overpaid. The two are not mutually inclusive. I feel people who go into teaching do so because they either love it or cannot find a job in their choosen field, not to get rich. I still feel most are overpaid.

Dale I invite you to look at the statistics for teachers for this disparity on pay. Why should they get paid more they know less of their craft than 30 years ago.

Now when we consider that private schools outperform public schools on test scores then add in this that public schools have more teachers with master's degress then it is clear who is overpaid while under-performing.

Also this: Private school teachers get paid less than public school teachers despite better performance. (this means they skew pay metrics for teachers downward)

Now I am not totally putting the blame on teachers for the disparity. I primarily blame the administrators. The discipline is really the key. US public schools have gotten less and less involved in discipline because of parents who are quick to sue and administrators who are less inclined to fight for the student body.

There is no problem in the public schools that can't be wholly or partially solved by giving teachers more power to discipline. Discipline is the sole reason I think private schools can pay less and achieve more. Additionally, I think it's the biggest reason parents choose to send their kids to private school.

I think state funding for schools should be a set amount by student. If a local municipality chooses to pay more in taxes to raise the amount per student so be it but to choose not to is not unpatriotic in my opinion.


between schools which pick and choose their students vs. schools which must, by law, take all students? You are truly an old man in a young man's body.

You are right about one thing. I have long maintained that a high percentage of parents of urban children who send their children to non-public schools, do so because of safety concerns. And in our litigious society, school administrators have reason to fear the cost of lawsuits in ever-more-scarce taxpayers' dollars. Good luck changing this situation!

As far as the state giving a certain level of funding per pupil and allowing citizens in local school districts to provide more per pupil funding, that is an extreme version of what we now have. Wealthier school districts can afford to tax themselves at higher rates, and the children in poorer districts suffer from lower funding. In your example, this would be the case even in those districts which are overloaded with special needs children which, by law, require that more services be given to them -- and rightfully so -- at much higher costs per pupil!

Mikey -- I am so sorry that simple solutions are almost always unworkable, inequitable, or both. This is true with your simple solutions regarding discipline and school funding. Keep trying, Mikey.

You are correct, Dale. Spending is on a downward trend. According to (which I happened upon while Googling), the state spent $10.6 billion on education in 2011, $9.5 billion in 2012, $8.8 billion in 2013, and will spend $8.7 billion this year. But local spending on Ohio public schools has risen only from $23.2 billion in 2011 to $23.7 billion for 2014. You can look at Kasich policy as starving the schools, or you can consider that, when you add up state and local dollars, overall spending is down by $1.4 billion from 2011 to this year, or about a 4 percent decrease. That's manageable except for school district administrators whose only experience has been enjoying ever larger budgets courtesy of the state bringing down the hammer on taxpayers. The slow increase in local spending indicates that voters, including in Sylvania, believe they are already amply contributing to their schools' general budgets. Best of all, in my view, is that regardless of the numbers, people on the local level are enjoying a greater say in how much taxation they will accept to fund schools. If this trend continues, maybe school superintendents, including in Sylvania, won't be so quick to hand out undeserved six-figure salaries to their underlings.

Patience is a great virtue.

taxation. What Governor Sick and the Republican-dominated Ohio General Assembly did, was to lower the PROGRESSIVE state income proportionately. This meant that the wealthiest Ohioans received the largest tax breaks. They then RAISED the REGRESSIVE state sales tax, which takes a bigger percentage of the personal budgets from lower income Ohioans.
In addition, the local taxpayers are most often asked to raise local revenues via the REGRESSIVE property tax, which also takes a bigger percentage of income from lower income homeowners.
The result is NOT tax cutting, it IS tax shifting. It's Robin Hood in reverse!

There is another caveat. School districts in wealthier communities can better afford the increase in local taxes, even regressive taxes, than can poorer communities. When I first was teaching in the Toledo Public Schools in 1976, TPS was the second wealthiest district in Lucas County as measured by the evaluation of property per student. TPS has been the poorest school district in Lucas County by this same measuring device for over 2 decades now. In other words, cutting state funding and pushing local taxpayers to pick up the slack places poorer school districts at an even greater disadvantage compared to their more affluent neighbors.

Let me expound upon one more oft-misinterpreted number. Critics LOVE to point out that large urban school districts have higher per pupil spending than do most rural districts, and many suburban districts. What these critics don't account for, is that urban districts educate a disproportionately high number of students identified with special needs. There are both federal and state regulations which PROPERLY require such students to have smaller class sizes and/or more adults giving them daily services. Many special needs children would have been institutionalized 50 years ago, who are PROPERLY educated in traditional public schools. We had one class of students with severe physical and intellectual challenges where I taught, which had one teacher and two paraprofessionals assigned to a class with a maximum class size of 8-10. In addition, one or two years, there was a student assigned to the class whose needs required having an additional paraprofessional assigned JUST TO THAT ONE STUDENT! Can you imagine what the per pupil costs were for running that one classroom? Now TPS may have only had a few classes like that, but with the additional special needs requirements, per pupil costs skyrocket for urban school districts compared to their suburban and rural counterparts.
There have been studies showing that, while the overall per pupil costs for education have risen faster than inflation over the past 50 years, the per pupil expenditures for the "REGULAR" education students is virtually the same when overall inflation is taken into account.
And yet, with all of these problems and more, the rate of students completing high school in America is at an all-time high!

Dale, I've seen the facilities TPS uses for special-needs students (particularly those with physical as well as mental challenges) so there is no arguing about the astronomical costs the district must bear in serving that subset. I disagree that an increased sales tax is necessarily regressive. The affluent are more likely to purchase BMWs and artisan bread than KIAs and a loaf of Wonder, so in that sense the tax is progressive. As far as TPS becoming an impoverished district, white flight remains the leading cause, and in more recent years African Americans and other minorities with the financial means also have migrated outside Toledo corporate limits. You say you reside in Sylvania. Were you once a resident of Toledo who also sought greener pastures? And of course we have the anomaly of Washington Local, although societal dynamics is making that district less of a Caucasian enclave.

Patience is a great virtue.

Of course he lives in Sylvania. Liberals have White neighbors... while screaming at the rest of us about the need for "diversity".

Rare indeed is the Liberal who lives near Blacks, sends his kids to schools with Blacks, and who works with Blacks.

Therefore by GZ logic no Black are LLLLiberals. And since all Dems are LLLiberals, no Blacks are Dems either.

On average, poorer people spend more of their money on items subject to sales taxes than do wealthier people. Wealthier people have more discretionary income. Wealthier people save and invest a higher proportion of their income as income levels increase. Therefore, as income levels increase, most people pay an ever smaller percentage of their total income as sales taxes.

So what you are saying is wealthier people are smarter with their money.


Families earning $30,000 a year or less don't HAVE money to invest or save. They have to spend what they make in order to pay basic bills! Rich folks have LOTS of choices!


In a word: So?

And when it rains on you, you end up getting wet.

Some things are totally natural consequences. Poor people are hit harder by sales taxes. Here's a clue for the poor: Be more frugal. Stop spending. You don't need to drink alcohol, and you don't need to smoke tobacco. In fact, all you really need is food, and we already provide that via food stamps. Get a used bicycle; stop trying to maintain an automobile. Etc.

You see, Dale, I'm not a exurban little shit like you. I see the poor all the time, which means I see them spending foolishly all the time. You just don't have a leg to stand on for your so-called arguments, Dale. Once the poor re-learn frugality, then I'll go back to having sympathy for them. Until that glorious day, I'm Mr Contempt for their silly financial positions.

My wife was teaching in Michigan at that time, and I was in retail sales. We both grew up in Toledo. Upon our marriage in 1969, we lived in an apartment in Sylvania about 1/2 mile from where we now reside. Then, we lived in an apartment on Lewis Ave. We bought in Sylvania, even though we did not yet have children, because we had witnessed what was happening to urban public schools. Our concern was for the economic stability of the school district only. We wanted our future children to go to schools which could be supported financially.
And, we have not moved. We still support school levies in Sylvania, even though we have no children or grandchildren in the Sylvania Public Schools. We do so because we are patriotic, and want the children living in our community to have the opportunity to compete in the global marketplace with children from countries where education is a top priority, and there are no school funding crises. We also know that better local schools translate into higher property values. Just ask a realtor.
Interestingly enough, the year I started teaching in the Toledo Public Schools (1976-77), the schools had to close early in 1976 because TPS was short of operating revenue. That was also the year our first child was born. We were happy with our choice of the location of our home, but I had trepidations about the district in which I was teaching.
And, for the record, we live in a very modest home, in a very modest neighborhood. And there is one African-American family directly across the street, and another around the corner about 3 houses away. Also for the record, they are much better neighbors than some others we have had over the past 40 years.
Our local grandchildren live in Swanton. The Swanton Public Schools passed their levy Tuesday.

"My wife and I purchased our home in Sylvania in 1974."

Not that long after the Black riots in Toledo. Hmmm. Another one of those fantastic coincidences where Liberals end up avoiding Blacks while claiming that diversity is good (for the rest of us).

Reminds me of HistoryMike's vain protests when it was revealed that he fled Detroit. Now it seems that he'll have to flee again; his area of Toledo is getting darker all the time.

vacuous opinion.

No facts.
No credentials.

Well, Dale, I'm glad you consider yourself a patriot for paying taxes in Sylvania. But wrap me in red, white and blue, play a Sousa march and call me a super-patriot because I live in and pay taxes to Toledo Public Schools, the district you only shed tears for. And no matter how you try to rationalize it, it's obvious that you've always considered Toledo good enough to teach in but not to live in. You and your wife were just two more birds in the great white flight out of town. Diversity for you, it seems, is a good topic to discuss in the abstract but not something you'd actually want to experience in daily life. By the way, why did you feel compelled to mention that the blacks in your neighborhood are nice people? Would you have felt the need to say that if they were white? Do you not think that most black people are nice, wherever they live? I think I detect a little latent racial bias in you, mixed with the condescension so many white liberals have toward minorities. If you feel the urge to tell us you're proud of your black neighbors for keeping their lawn mowed and always bringing in their garbage cans from the curb, please stop yourself.

Patience is a great virtue.

My statements stand for themselves. Are you a psychologist now? What are your credentials for analyzing me? When you question my motives, you say a lot more about yourself than you do about me, DW.

All of our current neighbors are really nice. I've had some in the past who were not. I'm glad those people moved. I'm glad we have the neighbors we have. It's that simple.

No, I'm not a psychologist but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last week, so identifying hypocrites such as yourself is fairly easy. Is it another Pleasant Valley Sunday where you live, where charcoal's burning everywhere? And what's with your fixation on "credentials"? Should we submit our degrees and CE credits to you in order to gain your consideration to replies to your blather? To quote an overblown wannabe elitist, "My statements stand for themselves."

Patience is a great virtue.

about yourself than you do about me. I'm glad that your..."statements stand for themselves." They fit you well.

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