Great article about a newspaper interview session, where reporter writes "blah blah blah..." when FEMALE Republican is answering one of their questions.

Another Republican who spots what is going on - calls out the boot-licking reporter. That Republican gets kicked out of the meeting.

Be sure to cursor down and read what readers of this "rag" have to say. [Not complimentary.]

IT'S THE DEMS WHO ARE CONDUCTING A WAR ON WOMEN. Not to mention their parallel war on babies.

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I wouldn't exactly call it "proof," Farmergal. The newspaper in question is a little 90,000-circulation weekly in metro Portland, Ore. Check out its staff lineup and you'll find an arts and culture editor, a music editor, a movie editor and one (1) news reporter. What has you fired up is a slightly larger West Coast cousin to Toledo's own City Paper, which like the Williamette rag tries to be so-hip-it-hurts. I'm sure the Williamette Week has as much influence in Oregon as the City Paper has on politics in Ohio. That said, of course every newspaper has an agenda and it's evidenced by what stories are covered and by the slant the stories take, whether it's the Washington Post or the Washington Examiner. Familiar newspaper and web site agendas are why you gravitate to instead of, say,

Patience is a great virtue.

The most highly watched news in America is Fox News.
The most widely circulated newspaper in America is USA Today.
The Wall Street Journal is also one of the top 5 in total circulation.

News bias goes all the way back to the beginning of our country [and actually before that]. Since most of those who were wealthy enough to OWN a newspaper in America back around 1800 were Federalists, Jefferson complained often about the "lies" they printed about him!

Get over it FG. Find a new mantra. The entire idea just doesn't make sense. Do you really believe that the extremely wealthy people who dominate the news business are overwhelmingly liberal? REALLY??? And as far as small town papers go, almost all of them are either lean right, or are unapologetically far right. There are some which are left-wing. You keep finding articles from them, FG, and try to convince people that these exceptions are the norm. Please, please, please, don't allow facts to get in the way of your ideology! NEVER!!

It wasn't just the wealthy who had the privilege of owning the few publishing companies. They were owned by political parties as well when our country was founded.


Yeah, News Corp is owned by that noted LLLLLLiberal, Rupert Murdoch.

The only people the so-called "liberal media" serve are THEIR OWNERS AND SHAREHOLDERS, because in America, failing to return maximum value to the owners and shareholders is... well, not yet criminal, but the next closest thing, resulting in lawsuits like crazy. So the best thing a media owner can do is find a market to sell to (be it conservative, liberal, nut-job fringe on either side, young, old, black, white, Hispanic, lizard people, soccer moms, Teabaggers, hipsters, granola-eating hippies, etc.) and exploit it, while simultaneously doing their level best to promote the interests of the owners and shareholders by pushing as much biased crap off as "news" as they can, whether that be "FRACKING IS GOOD FOR YOU!" or "TAKE MORE PILLS!" or "BUY 100% ORGANIC!" or whatever.

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