He should use the Ted Kennedy apology speech once he gets convicted

Former Illinois State Rep. Keith Farnham was charged Monday with using both personal and state-owned computers to trade hundreds of images and videos depicting child pornography and engage in graphic online chats in which he allegedly bragged about sexually molesting a 6-year-old girl.

The federal criminal complaint alleged that Farnham, 66, a Democrat from Elgin, possessed two videos depicting child pornography on a computer that was seized from his state office in Elgin a week before his abrupt resignation in March. Authorities also linked a Yahoo! email account used by Farnham to a online trading forum in which he chatted with other users about his sexual preferences, according to the charges.

“12 is about as old as i can handle,” Farnham allegedly said in one online chat in November, according to the charges. “i love them at 6 7 8”


By the way it's been 1708 days of sobriety for Ted.

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but you may not have seen & I still think it's interesting for readers/lurkers at this site.

When TK had just passed away, I was sitting in the Walmart parking lot going through some paperwork, with car windows down. I was listening to a radio program, and the talk show host said something like, "I wonder if the Kopechnes will be invited to the funeral." While thinking that that was a good question, a guy about my age instantly stuck his head in my passenger side window and said "Is that Glenn Beck... you listening to Glenn Beck?" He was smiling, but he was mad. I smiled back and said something like... "No, but yeah I get it, we Republicans shouldn't be allowed in Lucas County." His bluster was so 'around the bend', that it completely shocked me.

The radio host, of course was you Fred. The reason I thought it was a good question was that FOR YEARS and YEARS, Americans of all political stripes had to suffer the mainstream media referring to this rich loser as some kind of wise statesman. All the while his behavior publicly deteriorated over the years. A golden moment for me was during the Anita Hill / Clarence Thomas hearings, where one of the Republican Senators pointedly asked Kennedy something like: "You got something to say?" At which point, Kennedy backed down. Golden.

Sorry, I knew this was going to double post, but if I hadn't clicked a second time I would have been sitting here waiting all day. (Don't know why this happens from time to time.)

Another dimecrat pervert busted---Oh my.

Someone posted here recently (Dale the teacher, I think it was) that he believes many conservatives hold the same views on race as does Donald Sterling. There's no easy way to disprove that claim, but at the same it allows me to claim that many liberals are sickos addicted to child porn.

Patience is a great virtue.

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