barbara sears must go

Barbara Sears epitomizes all that is wrong with politicians--all wrapped-up in one person--pretty impressive.

SHE DOESN'T LISTEN TO HER CONSTITUENTS-In November 2011, the anti-Obamacare Ohio Health Care Amendment won EVERY COUNTY and by a statewide margin of 21 percent. As a "representative," one might think that Sears should have surmised that Ohioans didn't want any part of government-run healthcare. Yet, she vigorously pursued one of the most important steps to implementing Obamacare to its fullest extent in Ohio--Medicaid expansion. She and Kasich couldn't get the legislature to vote in favor of this, so they went around the elected representatives and pushed it through via a 7-person Legislative Oversight Panel. In a few years, the federal money for this expansion will run out and Ohioans will be stuck paying for it. Thanks Barb. IF FOR NO OTHER REASON, THIS SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR SEARS TO BE VOTED OUT--but wait--there's more!

SEARS CURRENTLY WORKS IN EMPLOYEE BENEFITS FOR AN INSURANCE FIRM (YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY)-Sears makes $76,000 a year as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives AND IS A SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT AT ROEMER INSURANCE. Which job do you suppose gets the short shrift?

MONEY AND POLITICAL OPPORTUNITIES SPEAK LOUDER THAN HER CONSTITUENTS-What would make a politician risk her safe State position to pursue something that her constituents were strongly against? One reason would be that by aiding Kasich, Sears is in a position to be elevated to bigger and better political opportunities. After all, there's talk of Kasich running for President. Also, campaign finance forms show that Sears receives tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from the healthcare industry.


I'll be voting for Scott Allegrini--Sears' primary opponent. If Sears gets the Republican nomination--I'll be skipping that box on ballot.

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Hey, if the Liberals want to suicide even harder over their flagship... er, flagSHIT legislation, Obamacare, then let them. Liberalism is dying, and it's gonna go violently anyway. You might as well let them take down Obamacare in their death throes. It'll do some good while they're on the way out as an obsolete and ruinous ideology.

LLLLLiberalism isn't dying.

What's dying is the number of idiot CCCConservatives and LLLLLibertarians like yourself, and this is easily proven by looking at the average ages of such groups.

"Liberalism isn't dying."

Of course it is. It has no economic sanity or relevancy. It screeches "racism" at the drop of a hat, any hat. It's hell-bent on disarming responsible folk. And finally it's in an unholy wedding with the most obsolete work model ever: Unions.

Medicaid expansion was a logical next step. Hats off to Kasich and Sears for pushing it through in Ohio. Regarding the ACA itself, there were bound to be problems when the president became too timid to champion a single-payer system. Achieving that is the next logical legislative move.

Patience is a great virtue.

"Logic" and "Government" don't mix.

Name one thing that the Government does that is logical, effective and efficient.

Police dep't.
Fire dep't.
Social Security.
Killed Osama Bin Laden.
Balanced budget, under Clinton 4 TIMES!!
Balanced every state and local budget in Ohio every year.
Tennessee Valley Authority. (So successful, it was sold to private companies.)
Conrail. (Also so successful it was sold to private companies).
Bail out of GM and Chrysler.
Outlasted the Soviet Union.
World War I.
World War II.
First Iraq War (Operation Desert Storm).
Interstate Highway System.
And that's just off the top of my head. I could go on.

Human beings are imperfect. Human beings work both in government and in the private sector. Those working for government often screw up. Those working in the private sector often screw up. Most businesses do well. Most governments do well. Some businesses fail and go bankrupt. Some governments fail and go bankrupt. There is no magic in having things run by private enterprise. There is not magic in having things run by government.

"Most governments do well."

Of all the stunningly ignorant things you've ever said, you've finally come up with one right there that tops them all.

Government is the Number One item that has so greatly increased the overall sorrow of Humanity. Governments are the biggest mass murders in all of Human history. They are also the biggest thieves.

Are you really this dense? Stellar interiors aren't even that dense, and you certainly don't shine.

No evidence.
No credentials.

So Dalepertcheck thinks the government does well in the following areas:

Police and Fire Departments--Have you ever heard about funding issues with these departments? Have you ever heard a city say they have a shortage of police?

Social Security and Medicare--You can't be serious. Yeah, these two entitlements run like well-oiled machines.

Killed Osama Bin Laden--And all this time I thought Navy Seals killed him.

Balanced budget, under Clinton 4 TIMES and balanced every state and local budget in Ohio every year--Every dime that was spent went to effective, efficient, and productive projects.

Tennessee Valley Authority. (So successful, it was sold to private companies)--Really reaching here. Those jobs are still around--aren't they?

Conrail. (Also so successful it was sold to private companies)--The government has to subsidize every ticket in order for it not to go broke.

Bail out of GM and Chrysler--And lost millions in taxpayer dollars,

Outlasted the Soviet Union--What?!

World War I, World War II, First Iraq War--The government won those for us (without any loss of life).

Interstate Highway System--It's in tip-top shape.

Big government sure is the answer!

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