If the reports are accurate, Donald Sterling should be forced to sell his NBA franchise.

There is a recording purported to be the voice of Donald Sterling telling his girl friend, [Sterling is married, just not to this very young woman], ordering her, among other things, not to bring African-Americans to "my games." His girl friend is reported to be half African-American and half Mexican.

For a man with such strongly expressed racist views to continue in the ownership of an NBA franchise is a travesty difficult to quantify. Nearly 80% of NBA players are African-American. Sterling epitomizes the stereotype of rich white guys buying minorities to perform for their pleasure. As a child, I remember well being in establishments which employed African-Americans in menial jobs, but which made it known that no African-Americans would be served if they walked in as customers. Apparently, that's the type of society Donald Sterling would like to resurrect.

I think I know what recently retired NBA Commissioner David Stern would do. What will current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver do? It's anyone's guess.


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At the same time, Sterling is open-minded enough to have a non-white lady friend, whom I'm sure he treats very well, and he apparently doesn't cling to that tired, old Republican notion of marital fidelity. I'd say the guy derserves consideration for a minor speaking role at the next Democratic convention. You know, that shindig run by rich white guys who make sure they are surrounded by adoring black and brown people.

Patience is a great virtue.

It is a concocted myth from the far-right propaganda machine.

If you actually attended Democratic Party functions, you should be as impressed, as I have been, about how active, effective, and powerful minority Democrats are in the leadership of the Democratic Party. That is why the overwhelming number of minorities gravitate to the Democratic Party. Minorities are treated with respect by the Democrats, duh! Only a few Democratic leaders on the local level are people of wealth, mainly because most people of wealth are much more comfortable in the Republican Party. Why do you think that is?

In 2016, just look at the leadership of the Republican and Democratic Parties as expressed by the delegates to their respective national Presidential nominating conventions. As the camera scans the floor of the Republican Convention, almost all the delegates will be white and male. The Democratic Party delegates will much better reflect the kaleidoscope of people which make up the American populace.

And I love your assumption about Sterling treating his very young girl friend "very well." If by that, you mean she gets a LOT of material things, I'm sure you're right. As far as having her freedom of expression, I'm sure she has little, if she wants to continue enjoying his largesse.

You're hypersensitive, Dale. I was just yanking your chain. Actually, it's pretty easy to get a rise out of people like you who wake up every day looking for a reason to express feigned indignation. Your next move, I would assume, will be announcing your suspension of support for the Clippers as long as Sterling remains owner. By the way, knowing your career was in education, I was taken aback by your struggle to correctly spell "unverified."

Patience is a great virtue.

Look, a self-admitted troll!

If poking fun at a liberal's faux outrage is trolling, so be it. Hey, AC, what's the definition of a liberal? Someone who goes to a comedy club hoping he'll be offended.

Patience is a great virtue.

Haahhahahahahahha looks like he might have to up the number of tickets he gives away http://deadspin.com/naacp-to-honor-noted-racist-donald-sterling-again-15...

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

It can buy young girl friends and/or wives. And money can buy awards. If the recordings prove to be accurate, it shows that few people who hold racist views and hide them from the public, can hide these views forever. Some die with their dirty little secret. If these recordings are real, Donald Sterling will not.

But, no matter how much money Donald Sterling may have in this life, he'll have to "walk that lonesome valley" by himself.

If the recordings are real are the key.

Look at the way they were released. They were released by the wife after she filed a lawsuit, that means they were released with intent to do harm not the intent to help the NBA. Additionally, the full recordings were not released. That means there is no context. The context could be way different than what is perceived to be the case here.

Until the whole recordings are released and available to the public nothing should be done.


There is much to laugh about here, Dale. Sterling's warped view of the world, for one. Your sanctimonious postings on the topic, for another. And your blatantly sexist assertion that women and girls are easily bought with money.

Patience is a great virtue.

Well, at least Sterling apparently didn't use the n-word--unlike another NAACP honoree, Al Sharpton, who used that term to describe former NYC Mayor Dinkins.

It is hard to imagine a man with the track record that Sterling has had BEFORE these latest alleged miscreant statements, and with his great wealth making him feel immune to criticism, having not used the N-word, at least in private conversations.

Personally, I don't want anyone to use that word. If it is used, the user must stand the scrutiny (s)he deserves. If others believe the context warrants accepting the use of the N-word, those who accept it have different views and feelings than this poster.

"I think I know what recently retired NBA Commissioner David Stern would do."

And you know Stern so well, you know this as a fact?

Is that how you think it should work Dale? People should be forced to divest themselves of their property when they (actually or allegedly) say something stupid and offensive?

Your idiotic idea aside, there is some precedent for handling situations similar to this one. Marge Schott, former owner of the Cincinnati Reds, was banned from day-to-day operations of the team for the 1993 season and fined $250,000 after an investigation into numerous racially-charged comments made by her. This is just purely a guess on my part, but if the recording is verified to be true, I have a feeling we could be looking at a similar type of suspension and substantial fine for Sterling.

What will probably be Sterling's undoing, again if the recording is verified to be true, will be season tickets holders along with player acquisition/management. If people stop buying tickets and if current players/free agents/draft picks refuse to sign contracts, then he may have no other choice than to sell the team.

If the recordings are real b-ballers who get paid millions to play for Sterling should all quit at the end of the season, if not sooner. But that would require a sense of personal worth and self respect. At this point what you have is a possibly racist owner and his paid help. They knew who this guy was when they signed on, he's had charges leveled against him previously. The NAACP actually honored him once already because he gave so many free tickets to underserved kids. Money talks bullshit walks, walk NAACP.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

"If the reports are accurate, Donald Sterling should be forced to sell his NBA franchise."

This pretty much says it all!


What is it with these racist d-d-d-d-democrats?

Has mr. apparatchick reversed his position yet?

Former US Senator,Robert Bird, CFO for the KKK for years, got a pass for his antics, so should Sterling, right?

So, now you're calling me a racist? Your another.

Sez you, and the racist that wrote the profile? I can live with that.

To sell. The pressure will cause HIM to SELL...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Here you go, mr. racism:


Of course, dropping nuclear weapons on non-White people in 1945 is another example of how much Lllllllliberals care about the oppressed.

Truman and the use of the atomic bomb is an entirely different situation. Truman was faced with the terrifying prospect of an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 casualties if the allies invaded Japan rather than using the atomic bombs. Truman was way ahead of his times in race relations, especially as a person, born in the 19th Century and growing up in Missouri.
Truman stood up to the KKK in Missouri before I was born, in a time and at a place where he risked his very life doing so. Truman supported a strong Civil Rights plank in the National Democratic Party platform, which led Strom Thurmond, and virtually all of the other Southern delegates thereto, to storm out of the 1948 Democratic Convention and form the Dixiecrat Party for the 1948 Presidential Election. They ran Thurmond as a third party candidate in order to deny Truman the 1948 election. Truman knew the political risk he was taking, but he wanted to do the right thing. And, indeed, he won in a huge upset victory!
Strom Thurmond finally had enough of this "new" Democratic Party, after the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, and he eagerly joined the GOP. Since then, most conservatives, north and south have felt more comfortable in the GOP. Are all Republicans racists? OF COURSE NOT!! Are all Democrats open and accepting of people from all racial backgrounds? NO!! But the very tone of the posts here and elsewhere on the topic of racism tells a lot about the attitudes toward race relations among conservatives and liberals.

I'm confused. Did Sterling say that African Americans couldn't come to games or couldn't play on the team?

the recording is a true and accurate reflection of Mr. Sterling and what he stated at that time, and was not edited in such a way to portray Sterling in the worst possible light.
If the recording is accurate, Mr. Sterling seems to have no problem employing African-Americans to play on his team, or even work in the executive offices of his team. Just as an interesting aside, when former superstar player, Elgin Baylor, was in the executive offices of the LA Clippers, he was paid less than one-half of what the others in his position at other teams were paid.

If you go to the link I placed in the article, you will see that Mr. Sterling is quoted as stating that he didn't want his girl friend to bring African-Americans to ATTEND "my games." One could easily interpret this as Mr. Sterling wants African-Americans to entertain him. He just doesn't want any of them to sit near him and enjoy the entertainment with him.

So, Mr. Sterling cannot make a personal choice? I guess if Mr. Sterling goes to an ice cream parlor and orders vanilla instead of chocolate, that makes him a racist.

I guess you're right. Not wanting to associate with African-Americans is equivalent to choosing chocolate ice cream.
For the record, I usually get soft serve, chocolate-vanilla twist. Really. I guess that alone proves that I truly embrace in a fully racially integrated society, at least if one uses ZC's analysis.

You need to take a remedial composition course, that stresses rational sentences, and cogent sentence structure.

Ever been paid for your writing? I have!

Based on a majority of your comments/posts, you must have been paid by the exclamation point.

Tell that to your buddy and fellow Teabagger, DTOM, whose textual diarrhea contributes to the perception that all conservatives are ignorant hicks.

Do you blame him for not wanting his girl friend being with Black men. Sooner or later she will drop the panties and experience what a real man feels like.



Zeyad, Ted Nugent has annouced he will headline a concert to raise money for Sterling's legal defense fund. It'll be held next month on some federal land in Nevada somewhere.

Patience is a great virtue.

When I find out where to send my contribution, I will send it immediately.

And a racist billionaire at that! What a joke! Donald Sterling doesn't need your money OR Nugie the Coward's money. The real joke is that Nugie the Coward probably thinks he's rich. Compared to Donald Sterling, he's a pauper!
BTW -- Donald Sterling confirmed that it is his voice on the recording.

Here is a link to the post of the decision by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. He basically delivered the maximum penalty he could under the NBA by-laws. Donald Sterling is banned for life from both the LA Clippers and the NBA. It will be interesting to see what actions the other NBA owners take in addition to those their commissioner took today.

Why don't they just execute people like him? Then, sell the team to magic Johnson.

This is a good example of the racism in professional sports.

Rich,white guys say something and get banned for life.

Black players drag unconscious women out of elevators (with video proof) and they still play.

I do not like Sterling's comments, but let us remember his comments were privàte, not public. His expectations of privacy were violated by his girl friend. His comments did not deny anyone opportunties. I hope he found himself a new girl friend.

This guy is super rich, and likes suing people, including ex girlfriends. They have tried getting rid of him before. Part of his shares in the club are also incorporated in a family trust, as well. I don't like what he said, either. Anyhow, this creep isn't going anywhere, with the high powered lawyers he can afford. Folks, this will be the Summers' "fun trial", and might result with telescreens in every home, just like in "1984"!

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