Why Corporations need religious freedom

I would actually have put it stronger than Jay Sekulow (ACLJ) does in this article, but he's an attorney, I'm not:


I had not been researching the Hobby Lobby case recently, and was completely surprised at how both search engines, google & bing - but especially google are pretty much "front-loaded" with liberal articles. So, I finally typed in "Jay Sekulow Hobby Lobby".

I was specifically looking for plain-fact information on two judges - Roberts & Kennedy. Because I think Roberts is going to try to redeem his image by supporting Hobby Lobby, et al. Kennedy is now the judge the liberals are pressuring, both publicly AND privately. I suspect high-pressure lobbying on the part of Kagan and her (IMHO) puppet master, Laurence Tribe. [That was the behind-the-scenes combo who reportedly got to Roberts on BO-care.] If Laurence Tribe wants to control American public policy, in my opinion, he should run for office... instead of slinking around in the background like the (IMHO) creep he is.

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If you have intentions on giving me some info on Gil Van Dongen, please let me know. I don't want to seem like I am stalking your posts and being annoying! I apologize if I am. It's just that you are my only lead to the personal life of my great Grandfather. If you do not want to give me any info on him, just let me know and I will leave you alone. Thank you!


I don't believe for 5 seconds that you are related to the late Gil VanDongen. I believe you want me to e-mail you, in order to capture one of my e-mail addresses. That isn't going to happen.

But if you recall, I gave you a chance to prove you are who you say. I told you to name the church Gil attended, because everyone who knew him KNEW the name of that church. You, of course did not respond. I knew you wouldn't, because it was (and is) obvious that you had set up this little college frat boy type scam.

How did you not know that your ploy was riddled with screamingly obvious holes?

First of all - what grandchild (great or otherwise) would have NO WAY to gather information from extended family members on a relative? Seriously.

Secondly, how would a Detroit resident have found this little local Toledo blog, and then have known to search backwards something like 2 years (of posts) and "stumble" on the name of his great grandfather? Seriously? You thought I would buy THAT? The only posters who sift through multiple years of blog postings are trolls and hackers - and their motives are to do damage.

So, I will leave this topic as follows:

I will tell you the little basic info I have on Gil VanDongen, here at this blog. If you are really his great grandson, that will be all you are looking for. If you are a fibber-magee faker, then you will be out of luck, because you are NOT getting my e-mail address.

Gil VanDongen attended the same church I did in the 1960's. He was completely dedicated to the Lord, and for several years, & kind of "ran" the Detroit City Rescue Mission (which was supported by various churches in the community). He was particularly interested in his children's program. Several of the teens in our church went there on Saturday to help with the Saturday program. There was food, singing, Bible classes, etc. Adults from our church also came to help. Gil later took over another mission in an even poorer section of town, and after his passing, other members of our church took over that mission.

Other than working with Gil at the missions and attending church with him, and knowing him to be a kind, humble man who was beloved by the inner city kids he worked with... that is the extent of my knowledge about this man. I never met any of his relatives.

And from the sound of your posts - neither did you. I know googling his name didn't give you any info on him, either - and certainly not on me, nor this blog.

So - did you by any chance create some kind of "cover story for how you found Gil's name on this blog? Or did you not think that far ahead when thinking up this sophomoric scam?

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