Planned Parenthood - Murderers AND Liars

And the murders they "perform" are grotesque beyond what the average decent American can imagine.

When someone (anyone) is stupid enough to say "God Bless Planned Parenthood"... well, first of all, that person does NOT speak for God in any way. And secondly, that person is demonstrating the same hardness of heart that the murderers at Planned Parenthood show every day.

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There's this book where they go into the hidden economic effects of things that perhaps you should read, if you are capable of reading it and not screaming "LIBERAL CONSPIRACY!" at actual math.

In that book, they go into how Roe v. Wade's fallout is a much reduced crime rate because a whole pile of unwanted kids weren't born and neglected and left to grow up in poverty etc. etc.

When the right-wing has gone over the top to trying to ban BIRTH CONTROL in addition to abortion, it's clear they WANT a whole pile of poor, unwanted, underprivileged kids to be born so they can deny them welfare/food stamps/SNAP/health care, since the GOP only gives a FUCK from conception to birth, at which point the kid is supposed to go work in a sweatshop or enlist in the Army or something.

Given that I know a lot of Republican ghetto and trailer trash who were raised in similar conditions that blame the big bad government for everything they don't blame the unions for, I can only conclude that the GOP is looking out for its own self-interest by ensuring they have more generations of poorly-educated ignorant people in the pipeline.

If you don't like abortions, birth control, gay marriages, or whatever else, don't fucking get them and shut the fuck up and stop interfering in the lives of others, you hypocritical fucks who bitch about all the interference in your lives you perceive from everyone else.


does it make you feel better to use the f word? If so then do something before you come here and use it. Cheers

Chris, you forget that AC is a graduate of the Dick Cheney School of Effective Dialogue.

Patience is a great virtue.

Yeah Chris, what's the problem with Republican Vice Presidential language used on the Senate floor? I'm being persecuted for language you and Team GOP had no problem with Dick Cheney using on the floor of the Senate! Help help I'm being oppressed! Come and see the violence inherent in the system!

So AC,

Are you in favor of killing other people to lower the crime rate or just unborn children?


Mikey, AC is being perfectly logical. And since adult humans are merely a walking, talking collection of bone and tissue, it might a good idea to eliminate those who aren't sufficiently contributing to our GDP or, worse, causing an increase in our cost of maintaining a legal system.

Patience is a great virtue.

Conservatives refuse to believe in evolution or the Big Bang theory, yet they just love themselves some Social Darwinism so much that they have to mandate the birth of children who weren't wanted (including the products of rape and incest, don't forget all true conservatives do not want exceptions for rape and incest) and those children with physical or mental health issues (no true conservatives want exceptions for medical issues for either the child or mother). Get raped and your kid is going to be defective? Enjoy the bill for the birth and a lifetime of medical care, oh by the way no insurance for you that will cover it because the conservatives will repeal Obamacare and with it goes the coverage for pre-existing conditions, Medicaid, etc. because that's the very definition of the compassionate conservatism they preach.

"Conservatives refuse to believe in evolution ..." Your use of vulgarities (although pleasantly absent in your posts since your recent spanking by Chris) aside, your chronic reliance on ad hominem attacks do nothing but weaken your arguments. Only simple minds depend on attempts to stereotype.

Patience is a great virtue.

"spanking by Chris"

Um..... that was not a spanking and I frankly resent the implication as well as the objection to the use of Vice Presidential Language, because the F-bomb is good enough for Dick Cheney and Joe Biden.

I know Joe Biden, and you're no Joe Biden

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

That Obama Can Juggle Many Foreign Crises.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

To quote Republican VP Dick Cheney, "Go fuck yourself."

But all DECENT Americans have a problem with this:

Murdering babies is not birth control.

That's why the mainstream media HIDES these pictures, Pictures of war atrocities, WWII, Vietnam, etc. - Why, it's "go time". Pictures of torture-murdered babies - people like Norah O'Donnell HIDE those.

For starters, yes I know liberal Dems across the land know what's coming in November, and so y'all throw hissy fits, tell lies, drop the "f" bomb (ooooh I is so intimidated.... NOT), throw feces on walls of public buildings. Yes, we know you love sin and want anyone speaking out against the murders of these helpless little ones to shut up. Had you been posting here for a longer period of time, you would already know THAT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

There are roughly 2 groups of liberals. There are the truly misguided and deceived, for whom there may be hope. And then there are the godless pieces of garbage, filled with hate and murder in their hearts - like you.

"Murdering babies is not birth control."

I'd like to reach a compromise with you folks, but you just won't hear of it. So I must remain insistent that it's the woman's choice of how she treats her body, fetus or not.

Abortion will still always be murder. You didn't view the pictures of the murdered babies, did you? You don't answer to me. But you do answer to God, and should practice a little self-honesty as well.

Ask yourself why you can't view the tortured-baby photos. In the off chance that you viewed them, and still "insist" to yourself that killing helpless infants is a matter of legitimate choice, then you are left with the unanswerable question: Why isn't ALL murder a matter of choice? Because, of course, it is not. And the only answer to why all murder is not legal or "ok" is that God says so. And has planted in our hearts the knowledge that murder is wrong. Atheists, demons and angels ALL know that murder is wrong.

I've posted here previously items about and by Dr. Nathanson (one of the founders of NARAL, who later turned against abortion while he was still an atheist), and items by and about Norma McCorvey - the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade. Who also turned against abortion when she became a Christian. Below is part of her story & I will post other items about her later on. I'd bet good money that you don't know that McCorvey never had an abortion. Why do you think McCorvey has given many interviews, but attorney Sarah Weddington hides from the issue? Weddington will NEVER admit it in this life - but it's called shame, in her case.

In the last analysis, the late Dr. Nathanson knew more than you will ever allow yourself to discover about abortion. And he said it is murder and wrong, and that the pro-abortion lobby KNOWS it is wrong. I heard him tell this on national tv: He said that at an early planning meeting of NARAL, someone around the conference table said that they should use the slogan "It's a woman's choice." Nathanson said that EVERYONE sitting at that table broke out laughing, because they didn't think the American public was stupid enough to fall for that.

Let me put that another way. A founding member of NARAL - years before he turned against abortion and subsequently became a Christian - while he was still an atheist - thought you were stupid.

"Abortion will still always be murder."

In other words, you will never compromise, hence you cannot be bargained with, hence the logical thing is just to ignore you.

You will never "get it", FG. Your position has no ultimate moral authority. You bring up religion, when not everyone follows that stuff; and then you claim authority over women's bodies, which you clearly do not have. And yet... you refuse to compromise. It's the silliest thing I've ever seen.

Tell me, what's the magic threshold between "sperm meets egg" and "human being pops out of vagina" in which we're no longer talking about a cluster of cells and are talking about a baby, possibly with a soul depending on your religious beliefs?

Oh what a nicer world if AC's momma would have held his beliefs on abortion...

on this issue? He abandons the ideology here. Sacrilege?
Would this make Rand Paul a murderer in your eyes, too?

BTW -- Love your link to Fox News, FG, which you claimed you couldn't watch because you had no cable or satellite. Guess there are other ways to access Fox, huh.

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