A lesson on what not to do: Some idiot thinks that I don't care about this site


Hi there,

You know who you are; I acknowledge that I received the following e-mail from you:


I understand that USERREDACTED created one or more false accounts on SwampBubbles with the clear intent of harassing USERREDACTED. I also understand that you deleted these accounts at USERREDACTED request, and that your comment to USERREDACTED was that he should be worried about the email addresses used to create these bogus accounts, but that you refused to provide USERREDACTED with the email addresses.

Since USERREDACTED is a notorious troll, deleting the accounts was the right thing to do. Because this involves USERREDACTED, a user with a long and colorful history who has been involved in harassment cases on more than one occasion, and because in your own best judgement USERREDACTED should be worried about the account source email addresses, I think it's quite correct to send the email addresses to USERREDACTED. While this is likely a violation of the normal privacy policy at SB, there is nothing normal or usual about USERREDACTED and his harassment techniques.

To reiterate, please send any and all email addresses you think USERREDACTED should be worried about to USERREDACTED


My response:


If you think that I have a malleable policy based upon who asks and your or my opinion of any user, then you are *dead wrong.* I did the most that I could do about the user in question given my concern and what was most responsible.

It has *never* happened in the past and will *never* happen in the future. You want the e-mails in question? Then you get a judge to make me hand it over.

I am utterly shocked that *you* would think that I would even *consider* your request.

I paid a lawyer to defend users on my site before and will do so in the future and if you look up the story, you will see I did not agree with that user.

Don't ever make this request to me again and don't ever think that I would do such a thing without a judge's order.


I hope that is clear enough for you.



Hi Kiddies of this site.

Here is a lesson to learn - if you are stupid enough to think I would do such a thing, don’t post on this site and never send me an e-mail like that. I am going to amend my admin edit and time out policy to include requests like these in the future.

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It's best to assume a site admin won't hand over private information unless compelled to via court order. It's a better world when everyone understands that.

Chris shouldn't have to hand anything over to any of us. He owes us nothing.

If he chooses tomorrow to allow sock puppets to take over the site it's his choice. I'm thankful he hasn't done that.


I have consistently praised you for maintaining this site and for the fair way you administer this site. While we are all human and none of us is perfect, you do your best, which is better than I could do. And you put in much more time than most people are willing to devote to such a thankless -- and payless-- task.
Great job, Chris!

Chris and you know what for!

Thank you Chris, and you know what for!

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

It's embarrassing to admit I didn't realize there was big-time drama going on over here. And I still have no idea who the lead actors are.

Patience is a great virtue.

For sometime there have been sock puppets on this site. People who open new accounts only to agree with themselves or to attack others. A small contingent of us have spotted them, called them out. Mysteriously when that happens they go away never to be heard from again.

While I noticed the trend slowing here recently, which I attribute to those of us who've called out when there's a suspected sock puppet, apparently one poster feels that it was directed at him/her to harass the offended party. One such is Mike Coon aka Ty Coon aka a million other names, who harassed people on here, Toledo Talk, via the phone, via mai0l, the bland before it went to facebook logins. HistoryMike at TT has a large file on Mr. Coon and I believe has sent Mr. Coon several legal warnings to cease.

When the sock puppets have been directed at me it gives me a positive feeling. I know I've won the debate and that individual has no other recourse than to feign the approval of others.

It's sad on their end, the need to have the approval of others so much that they must create fake accounts.


Don, sometimes the accusations are downright hilarious.

Here is a thread where farmergal accuses me of being BushBlows which makes total sense because I voted for GWB twice and would again if I could. http://swampbubbles.com/20130722/farmergal-oops

She also accuses ZC of being Willard which is equally lunacy.


*scribbles down notes that MikeyA voted for Dubya twice and would vote for him again, but claims to not be a Republican, yeah right*

Oh, um, don't mind me.

I am a Republican. A very proud one. I have been one since I was 18.

I think you're confusing me with GZ.


Keeping notes? This is that important to you? What a sad little man you must be.

But then that's blatantly obvious.

If I'm following you correctly, Mikey, to get myself noticed and really kick a thread into gear, I should randonly select posters and accuse them of being someone else while using really inventive slurs. As Spock might say, "Fascinating."

Patience is a great virtue.

the denizens of the swamp are turning on each other. WoW!

Despite what some here say and do..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

May the Schwartz be with you.

Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz!

May the Schwantz be with both of you, too!

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