Toledo Christian special needs boy kicked out 5 weeks before graduation for failing bible class '100% graduation rate' intact

This is a popular kid. The school and parents are certainly all abuzz about it . He just got back from the out of town school band trip with his friends, I was at McDonalds last night , asked the high school kids there about it . One girl was from TCS . She says several parents are approaching the administration about this . Apparently TCS has a policy of expulsion if you fail a class . And they take on special needs kids who have the potential to fail a class . They work with these kids to a point, but then no more . This has happened over the years . The parents are distraught .
So far , this looks bad for a 'Christian' school.

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TCS is a private school so it can have a policy of expelling students who fail a class.

If you send your special-needs child to this school, you should be aware of the possibility that he/she might fail and be expelled.

Frankly, who cares.

But about failing. I was an A&B student in the 1960's. But math is my weakest area, always has been. I loved Algebra (which makes spreadsheets understandable in this modern world), but could NOT understand geometry. I failed it in 10th grade, and had to repeat in grade 12. I almost failed it again (got a "mercy pass" from a teacher who sympathized). But if I had not passed in grade 12, I would not have graduated, because our (public) high school had a unbreakable policy that required two majors (4 years each) and two minors (2 years each) to graduate, and one of my minors was math.

Now that was a PUBLIC high school.

Having said all that, it's kind of pathetic that you hate Christians so much that you pick something this stupid to highlight.

It does hurt me to see a special needs kid tossed like this. I know this kid, and his family .
They are the nicest folk. I am not judging TCS . But in my life too , the light needs to be shined when I need to make a course correction . TCS needs to consider a course correction, as I see it . If they are going to take on special needs kids , as I hope they will continue to do , they should consider some leeway for them .
My purpose of this post is just to shine a light on what is happening . People will have to make up their own minds about it


A Christian school makes you take classes based on Christianity! Color me shocked.


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