toledo in top ten of most obese cities

Could we be any prouder of Toledo? According to Gallup, Toledo is the 7th most obese city in the Country.

The problem with Toledoans is not that we're fat, it's that we're too truthful. The Gallup rankings were based on telephone interviews. Honestly, when Gallup asked, "How much do you weigh?" you couldn't have knocked off 15 or 20 pounds?!

I don't think we should be ashamed that we rank above the beer-guzzling, brat and cheese-eating residents of Green Bay--their winters are typically colder and keeping warm burns-off a lot more calories.

If each of us could double-up on our Packo's hot dog, Schmucker's cream pie, Shorty's ribs, Stanley's kielbasa, and Gino's pizza consumption--well, let me just say that Richard Simmons wouldn't have enough hours in the day to extract all of the 700 pound Toledoans from their special reinforced beds.

Here's a link to the delicious article:

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Obesity results from inactivity. Yet another reason to get those City pools open (we may need to invest in installing more)!

Many of us gather weekly at Hometown Buffet to celebrate our Top Ten status. We promise to do what it takes to reach No. 1.

Patience is a great virtue.

"Toledo is the 7th most obese city in the Country."

Why is this so hard to believe? Look around Toledo. Use your eyes. Econcat88 should make a video about it, called "Fatoledo" or "Toledobesity".

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