No Chris -- Reply function not working -- for ME


That's why I know this is caused by a hacker who has access to this site. I am apparently the only one not able to "reply" to any post.

UNLESS -- I am on a different device at a different location. I have already tested this out a few times since this started. You know from your end which public location I post from. So does the hacker. He has been able to block my replies from this location.

First - you see that other posters can reply to posts.

What happens for me is that if -- from this my regular posting location -- if I type a "reply", and then go to save it, the only button available is "preview". Makes no difference if I click this button once and wait several minutes, or click it several times. IT DOES NOT WORK. Up to today, after a while, an official looking message would finally appear, saying "site temporarily unavailable" and then I would be booted out of swampbubbles altogether. I knew it was hacking, as I could see everybody else could do "replies".

Then I discovered that hacker-boy hadn't been able to block me from original posts. So that is what I will now use to do any replies I want to post (until or if this can be fixed). I skip "preview" altogether on original posts now, and go directly to "save", and I am, so far, able to do original posts.

I've been doing this for 14 years, and have seen most variations that a hacker and/or troll will try. When J. Farah's WorldNetDaily was relatively new, and back then when most posting boards did not have the safeguards and protections they do now.... one hacker at that site was above to read posts as they were being typed, and actually had the ability to stop any typing mid-sentence. That didn't last long, because there was an easy way to circumvent that. But these guys are ingenious. This "reply block" is specific to me. Other posters are not having this problem, apparently.

One other significant note. Just now I tried to reply to a couple posts, including your "is it fixed?" post -- from my usual posting location -- but on a different device. Couldn't do it. Which means the hacker is able to block me at this location. But not others (I tested this out recently one time).

(This, by the way, is why I don't do any public message board posting on my computer at home -- hackers can way too easily identify one's IP address, and then proceed to cause all kinds of damage.)

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probably a system error.

No, it's me. I'm a hacker extraordinaire. I can hack in my sleep.

Patience is a great virtue.

first suspect - better watch your back Donwert

If the hacker steps up and emails me with proof I will buy them a case of beer of their choice.

FG is off her rocker. Others have already stated they have had the same problem. I doubt anyone finds her important enough to block.


3 MINUTES later, there you pop up -- WOW, the statistical odds of that happening are like a ZILLION TO ONE.

As they say: "Ooops a daisy". Like I said - been doing this for 14 years & don't miss much.

I happen upon your post and decide to poke fun at your paranoia. It appears I only worsened your condition. Seek help, Gal. By the way, I use Swampbubbles as a pathway toward accessing users' bank accounts.

Patience is a great virtue.


log out then back in and try it again. I think the problem is with the preview not necessarily with the post or the comment itself Be sure to log out and log back in!

Chris, I didn't know SB got hacked. When did this happen? How many people know about it?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

It's a claim that, as far as I am aware, only I am making. For a couple weeks, unless I was at a different online location from my usual one, I was blocked from doing any "replies" here. While I could see that all other posters could make replies. I WAS able to do original posts.

Chris has fixed it. It may have been a system error, but then why would it have only applied to me (?) is the question that lingers in my mind. I notified Chris of the problem, for the same reason I used to flag all of trollie wollie's porn posts. If this type of thing is not reported & remedied, it just grows and gets worse over time.

I see. Well, it sounds like a hack to me, and it wouldn't be the first time a well-known Toledo message board got hacked.

So tell me, FarmerGal, who is trollie wollie? What were the porn posts?

I've never seen any porn on SB, although, quite frankly, a few select pics would likely improve the traffic. Just a thought.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

It is cache gone haywire. If you experience such things in the future, log out and log back in first and see if that helps.

I've never had it happen to me, and I've been on SwambBubbles since its inception. Of course if I ever do have a problem like that, I'll do as you suggest - log out and log back in again. Nice to know it was only the cache, and only FarmerGirl's cache that was the problem.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

WRONG! It apparently was DTOM's as well, either that or he really has no excuse for the front-page posts going after me at all.

and lo and behold, both the "save" and "preview" buttons appear beneath this reply typing box [first time in 2 weeks that has been the case].

I think I will try "save" first, and if that works, will come back in and try another reply with the "preview" button.

and see if that works properly. If this reply posts, then the problem is fixed for now.

Ah - worked like a charm. Thanks Chris!

Don Wert was a bit of a hacker during the 1968 season.

Seems to be working now for me.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Good one. Thanks for my daily chuckle.

Patience is a great virtue.

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