The cancer industry (part II)

The following link is regarding the late Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse. There is some explanatory preface, and then an "Interview with Dr. Glum", a chiropractor who wrote a book about nurse Caisse and an old Ojibway remedy she used (under supervision) for late stage cancer victims who had been told they were terminal and untreatable by doctors.

The story is fascinating whether an individual is interested in alternative treatments or not. Because this remedy has been known since approximately the 1930's, but suppressed by 2 governments. In 1992, Dr. Glum granted the above-linked interview to an avante garde magazine that had the "guts" to print it. Since then, knowledge of "essiac" has grown exponentially. But you still won't hear about it on the evening news. I don't have cancer, but have a bottle of this in my fridge as I type. It is available from several vendors on the internet, and also over the counter. It is one of the remedies mentioned in the article at Dr. Makow's site.


A note about personal anecdotes. I often wonder when I see those heart-wrenching short films of children with cancer at St. Jude's Hospital, whether the parents of the truly terminal ones are ever told about ANY alternative treatments. I believe the St. Jude's staffers - doctors, nurses, everybody there, are sincere and caring.

BUT - MANY of those children DO NOT make it. I am VERY happy for any cancer victims, children or adults, who survive standard therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation. But not everyone can either tolerate those therapies, or get any remission from them. I believe firmly that ALL possibilities should be explored or at least available to those suffering, particularly cancer's littlest victims, the children.

Read Dr. Glum's interview in the above-linked article. It's from back in 1992, but still an eye-opener today.

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If you really believe that health care professionals would rather have patients die unnecessarily than be cured, you're a sad person indeed. I have a cousin who practices oncology and hematology. She would do anything to save every patient she sees.

Fallacious stories about "secret" cancer cures often lead innocent victims to waste invaluable time and money. Some of these victims could be saved by conventional treatments, but waste too much time, not to mention the money, until their cancers have advanced beyond the point where conventional treatments could have possibly cured them. This could have been the case with Steve Jobs.

Please desist from feeding this type of false information to some desperate, vulnerable people. There is a cancer money grab here, and it's by those who provide these virtual cures! And you really have more faith in these quacks than in health care professionals? Really? How naïve and cynical are you?

I will be posting more on this topic in future.

First of all, Dale, you obviously didn't read the linked article. No surprise there. Most liberal minds are very tightly closed. There is nothing "fallacious" about the Nurse Caisse story, and essiac is not a secret. I've seen it mentioned in an article from the National Institutes of Health. This cover-up was exposed decades ago.

But then you claimed that I would " rather have patients die unnecessarily than be cured," You, of course, can't quote anything I have posted that would back up that accusation. You have a really bad habit, Dale, for an individual your age, of putting words in people's mouths, and then telling them what they may and may not do.

Furthermore, I think people who are so invested in being "right" about anything and everything [whether or not they are] - are much closer in word and action to being those who would " rather have patients die unnecessarily than be cured,"

As we argue, right now, medical doctors - I said MEDICAL DOCTORS - who treat lyme disease with a simple antibiotic - Doxycycline - are being persecuted and driven out of their profession - by insurance company lackeys and flunkies and state regulators who, as a matter of pure fact "would rather have patients die unnecessarily than be cured."

[See the documentary "Under Our Skin" in PBS archives]

me of putting words in your mouth! I stated, "If you really believe that HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS [emphasis added] would rather have patients die unnecessarily than be cured, you are a sad person indeed." I also believe that, as misguided as you are, you truly believe that you are doing a service by bringing this hokum to this site.

The problem is, too many naïve people might go down the road of Steve Jobs and follow him to an early grave, perhaps unnecessarily so, by wasting valuable time trying unconventional therapies. Are you aware that some cancers disappear spontaneously, too?

I feel your outrage is misplaced. Instead of believing the conspiracy theories that somehow health care professionals who treat cancer make more money when their patients die, a fiscally foolish argument to begin with, your anger in this area should be directed toward the quacks who promise miracle cures to desperate victims of cancers which are often quite treatable conventionally. My wife is far from the only person who is alive 30 years after her initial diagnosis of cancer. Hasn't it been better for the "cancer industry" to make money by keeping her alive? She still gets regular checkups this way $$$. She is alive to take more prescription drugs for problems older people face $$$. If she had died 30 years ago, all that $$$ would have stopped accruing to the health care providers. Your entire premise makes no economic sense.

The bottom line is:
I trust mainstream health care professionals, and you trust fringe practitioners and outright quacks.

I mean, really. Your entire position in this area is one of attack. Mine is one of defense.

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