Swampbubblers that don't agree with AnonymousCoward's ideology. Alert.....

Alert to all swamp bubblers that don't agree with AnonymousCoward ideology. AnonymousCoward will try and silence you by looking for copy right infringements with your posts and reporting you, especially if you talk against his Obama. Make sure you are attributing your articles with links. We don't know what else he might do, so make sure you have all your i's dotted and t's crossed pertaining to internet etiquette.

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Here is an example of AC breaking someones's copywrite. http://swampbubbles.com/20140222/drugs-gangs-and-guns-are-problems-jeep-... He stole it off of 4chan. He copied a work 100% and posted it here without attributing it.

Also Loosenut recently posted a full post from Toledo Talk breaking the copywrite of JR and Hockeyfan by stealing their intellectual property.

Paul Wolfarth routinely posts letters to the editor without citation.

AC's false indignation here is just an attempt to silence DTOM because he's been very annoyed at DTOM's posts recently. He did the same to me when he didn't like my posts, he tried to claim I had broken the law. I inquired where exactly I broke the law and he mysteriously did not respond.

AC's tactic is a typical tactic of the left. When you can't out-think your opponent you need to have them silenced. He is a facist pure and simple.


"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Why is DTOM's post signed MikeyA?


I think AC might be a bitter old man.


He's a young punk. Got picked on in high school for being smart, so he jacked up his grades on purpose to get into the in crowd but couldn't because he had his same personality. Then when he graduated, he couldn't get any tuition bucks because his grades were jacked up. So now he's grown but still lives with his mom ~ and its all the conservatives' fault, and we all owe him the life he isn't leading because of his inability to figure out at a young age that action has consequence.

Got this all from his own postings on the site that finally had their fill of him. Its actually pretty pathetic.

AC is fairly skilled in tossing tempests into the tiniest of teapots. Everyone serves a purpose, even just as a bad example.

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