Should We Petition TT To Take AC Back?

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I saw what you said before editing it, guess who is gonna be next on the ban list for negative attacks on posters right on the front page?

Later Byron.

If that's what you think my name is, then good. Enjoy your ban.

still here....

I personally don't mind if AC chooses to stay here. When he's not blatantly pissed he makes good points and debates well. There are times where his emotion gets the best of him. It happens to me at times too. There are posters here who've crossed way worse lines than that which AC does. At least AC has the guts to keep the same username when he does it.


I wouldn't say he debates well. Debate skills must necessarily include the ability to follow logic and the ability to admit facts. AC's militant Liberalism doesn't allow him those abilities. Really, his points largely follow the format of one long emotional outburst, which mature people get over in grade school.

And one more thing: His momma dresses him funny. And he's ugly! And a big dummy! LOL!

For a second there, it occurred to me that I was taking myself too seriously.

There are three choices missing here:
Hell No
I don't give a f**k

I think if AC apologized to JR for his bad behavior and promised not to do it again, JR would reactivate his account - on a 90 day trial. Otherwise his absence is duly noted and appreciated by the rest of the sane community at TT.

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